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The History of Toulon-LaFayette High School 
Toulon (population 1,400) is located in north-central Illinois in the center portion of Stark County. Illinois Route 17 and Illinois Route 91 intersect in Toulon.  The town of Toulon is located about 25 miles northwest of Peoria and approximately 13 miles south-southeast of Kewanee. Toulon is the county seat of Stark County.
The origin of Toulon High School was made available to us by research conducted by John Ballentine.  John's research showed that Toulon High School was established in 1879, a very early establishment for that time period.  Toulon High School continued under this name until 1912.  At that time Toulon High School became known as Toulon Township High School.  This name continued on for 58 years.
LaFayette (population 227) is located in the northwestern portion of Stark County.  LaFayette sits quietly on  Illinois Route 17 about 2 miles west of Illinois Route 78. The town sits about 12 miles south-southwest of Kewanee.  
The first classes at LaFayette High School were held in 1891 in a building downtown. The high school moved to a location on the southern edge of the town in 1899, where that building still stands today.  LaFayette High School served the students of the town for 79 years.
Toulon-LaFayette High School:  The school districts of Toulon and LaFayette agreed to consolidate their educational resources in the spring of 1970.  This arrangement led to the renaming of Toulon High School to Toulon-LaFayette High School.  The LaFayette school served as a grade school for the district until 1978 when all classes were moved to Toulon.
The Toulon High School building became the Toulon-LaFayette High School building in 1970.  Toulon-LaFayette High School continued to serve the two communities for 22 more years.  It was in 1992 that the school districts of Toulon-LaFayette and nearby Wyoming agreed to consolidate their resources.  This effort resulted in the forming of Stark County High School.  Stark County High School is located in the Toulon-LaFayette High School building.
A nice website to visit dedicated to Toulon-LaFayette High School can be viewed at .
Toulon-LaFayette High School Quick Facts 
Year became Toulon-LaFayette:  1970
Year consolidated:                     1992
Consolidated to:                         Stark County High School (Toulon)
T-LHS team nickname:               the "Trojans"
T-LHS uniform colors:                 Red & Black
School Fight Song:                    "Trojan March"
                                                               (Courtesy of Kathy Clifford & John Ballentine)
                                       Come on you crashing Toulon Trojans,
                                       Come on, and fight to win the game.
                                       You're fighting for the fame of Toulon, 
                                       And all the glory of her name!
                                       All Toulon High School stands behind you.
                                       So do your best on every play.
                                       Come on, you crashing Toulon Trojans,
                                       Win the game tonight!   HEY!
                                                   T-T-TOU, L-L-LON
                                                       TOU -- LON
                                            Toulon, TOULON, TOULON !!
For information on the Blackhawk Conference check out John Ballentine's article on the GREAT CONFERENCES page of this site.
The following information regarding Toulon-LaFayette High School football was provided to us by John Ballentine:
     Toulon-LaFayette High School's football program began in the fall of 1970 and continued through the fall of 1991 for 22 seasons until Stark County High was formed.  Students from LaFayette had in football another sport available to them that LaFayette High had not offered for decades.
     T-L had fourteen winning seasons against 8 losing years.  A State football tournament became available for the first time in the fall of 1974.  In 1985, T-L tied with the Cambridge Vikings for the Lincoln Trail Conference championship, but lost a coin toss to the Eureka Hornets to enter the State tournament that year.  In 1990, the T-L Trojans qualified for the State tournament, but lost 24-16 in the opening round to the Manlius-Tampico Red Warriors.
Year          Record         Head                                     Assistants
1970-71      6-3               Cecil Duffy            Darryl Sturgill, Robert Eden, Jim Simpson
1971-72      4-5                      "                     Mike Minneart,         "         , __?__ Jordan
1972-73      5-3-1            Robert Eden                         Jim Simpson, Al Harland
1973-74      6-4/ 5-4                "                                           "                   "
                 (Illinois State playoffs began with the fall of 1974)
1974-75      7-2                      "                                           "                   "
1975-76      7-2                      "                                           "                   "
                                     Blackhawk Conference membership ended
_______________________________________________________________________                                          Lincoln Trail Conference membership began (8 members)
                                                (*= Conference Champion)
1976-77   4-5/ 3-4            Robert Eden                          Jim Simpson
1977-78   5-4/ 5-2                   "                                            "            , Roger Fox
1978-79   4-5/ 3-4            J. R. Hofman                                "            ,         "
                                   (Sophomores Conference Champs 
                                    beating Wethersfield for title)
1979-80   5-4/ 4-3            Robert Eden                                 "            , John Cromion
1980-81   2-7/ 1-6                   "                                            "
1981-82   5-4/ 5-2                   "                                            "            , Tim Carstens
1982-83   6-3/ 5-2                   "                                            "            ,         "
1983-84   3-6/ 3-4                   "                                            "            ,         "
1984-85   4-5/ 3-4                   "                                            "            ,         "
1985-86   6-3/ 6-1 *                 "                                            "            ,         "                 
(Tied 1st Place w/ Cambridge Vikings: Lost coin toss to Eureka Hornets for playoff spot)
1986-87   5-4/ 4-3            Tim Carstens                                "            , Larry Freeman
1987-88   6-3/ 5-2                   "                                            "            ,         "
1988-89   5-4/ 3-3 (7 members)"                                            "            ,         "
1989-90   4-5/ 2-5                   "                                            "            ,         "
1990-91   7-3/ 5-2   #              "                                            "            ,         "
                            # = (Lost playoff 24-16 to Manlius-Tampico Red Warriors)
1991-92   2-7/ 1-6                   "                                                                    "
Toulon-LaFayette last independently fielded a football team in 1991
Stark County High School began for 1992-93.
John Ballentine provided the following information on the Toulon-LaFayette High School basketball program:
    In 1970-71, Toulon-LaFayette High School continued the tradition of hitting the hardwoods every Tuesday and Friday evening from November to March.  T-L was a combination of 2 separately good teams from both communities who formed an exceptionally strong team in 1970-71.  T-L High brought home the Blackhawk championship trophy for the first time in 10 years with an 11-2 conference record.
     In 1972-73, T-L was co-champion of the Inter County Athletic Conference with Elmsood having both achieved 4-1 records.  T-L once more became co-champion of the ICAC with Brimfield both at 4-1 in T-L's final year (1975-76) in the ICAC and the Blackhawk Conference.  T-L joined the newly formed Lincoln Trail Conference for the 1976-77 school year and competed as Toulon-LaFayette until 1992 when Stark County High was established for the 1992-93 school year.

Year          Record                   Head                                     Assistants
                 Season / Blackhawk Conf. / Inter County Athletic Conf.[ */*= Conf. Champion]

1970-71      17-7/11-2*/4-2     Wayne Jenkins                    Robert Eden, Al Harland
1971-72      16-10/9-4/2-3             "                                          "           , Jim Simpson
1972-73      10-14/5-8/4-1 *           "                                          "           , Gregg Moutoux
                                     {Co-Champion w/ Elmwood}
1973-74       5-19/2-10/1-4        Robert Eden                                              Al Harland
1974-75       9-17/1-8/3-2         Jim Simpson                       Robert Eden
1975-76       9-15/2-7/4-1 *        "                                          "                       
                                     {Co-Champion w/ Brimfield}
  Blackhawk Conference and Inter County Athletic Conference memberships ended
                            Lincoln Trail Conference membership began
1976-77     10-13/ 5-9              Jim Simpson                       Robert Eden
1977-78      7-14/5-9               Gary Blessman                   Jim Howard
1978-79      5-17/4-10                     "                                 J. R. Hofman
1979-80     10-15/ 5-9                     "                                 John Cromion
1980-81      4-19/3-11             Mike Mandele
1981-82      16-9/8-6               Gary Blessman                    Jim Simpson
1982-83      10-16/6-8                     "                                           "
1983-84      8-17/6-8                       "                                           "
1984-85      2-21/1-13                     "                                           "
1985-86      8-17/6-8              John Rumley                       Adam Keenum
1986-87      13-15/7-7            Larry Freeman                              "
1987-88      18-9/10-4                     "                                 Jim Simpson
1988-89       5-17/2-10                    "                                 David Wallace
1989-90       8-15/5-9                      "                                           "
1990-91      10-14/5-9                     "                                           "
1991-92      7-18/2-12            Al Curry                                         "
Stark County High School began for 1992-93
The following individuals won medals at the IHSA State Track Meet:
1974-75    Mark Duncan   440 Yard Dash      8th Place
               Shane Milroy    High Jump           8th Place
               Team Won Blackhawk Conf. Championship
1976-77    Shane Milroy    High Jump           5th Place
The following history of the Toulon-LaFayette High School track program was sent to us by our good friend John Ballentine:
     Toulon-LaFayette High competed in the 10 team Blackhawk Conference from 1971-76.  They won the track & field conference championship in 1971, '73, and '75.  T-L joined the newly formed 8 team Lincoln Trail Conference which also included Alexis, Alwood, Cambridge, Galva, Ro(w)va, Wethersfield, and Winola in 1976-77 competing through 1992.  T-L's best LTC meet occurred in 1983 with a second place finish.  T-L won the Stark County Meet dominating 17 times in 19 years.  T-L became part of Stark County High for the 1992-93 school year, which continued competing in the LTC.

                     * =  Blackhawk Conference Champion / * = ICAC Champion/
                                     # =  Stark County Track Meet winner
Year          Record          Head                                     Assistants
1970-71     #    *             Al Harland                             Cecil Duffy, ___?___ Van Dyke
1971-72     #                          "                                                "
1972-73     #                       "                                                "       , Greg Moutoux
1973-74     #                          "                                                "
1974-75     #    *                    "                                                "
1975-76     #                          "                                                "
                    Blackhawk Conference & ICAC memberships ended
                    Lincoln Trail Conference membership began

1976-77     #                    Al Harland                              Cecil Duffy
1977-78     #                          "
1978-79     #                          "
1979-80     #                          "                                         Robert Eden
1980-81     #                          "
1981-82     #                    Robert Eden
1982-83     #  / (2nd place)     "                                         Tim Carstens
1983-84     #                         "
1984-85                                "                                         Gary Blessman
1985-86     #                         "                                         John Rumley
1986-87     #                    Jim Simpson                           Adam Keenum
1987-88                                "
1988-89     #                         "
----------------------Stark County Track Meet ended-------------------------------------------------------------
1989-90                           Jim Simpson
1990-91                                "
1991-92                           Al Curry
Stark County High School began for 1992-93
In addition to individual accomplishments, the Toulon-LaFayette High School boys won a few Stark County High School Track Meets over the years.  The following information regarding this meet was provided to us by John Ballentine:
   "The Stark County track/field and declamatory meet was a major event for decades.  It was fiercely fought in order to win that particular year and claim county bragging rights.  Businesses and schools, even the grade schools, were closed early in order to attend the afternoon meet.  Main streets resembled ghost towns because a majority of the county's population was at the contest.
     Records were kept and trophies, plaques, ribbons, etc. were awarded.  Yet, in 1990 the county meet could no longer be held.  Castleton High no longer existed, Toulon and LaFayette Highs were consolidated, and Bradford began co-opting with Tiskilwa to form a track team.  Since Tiskilwa was not part of Stark County, this eliminated Bradford's participation leaving only Toulon-LaFayette and Wyoming as the competitors from the original 5 schools.  Therefore, the meet was permanently discontinued after 1989."
Toulon-LaFayette High School boys reigned as champions of this once annual event during the following spring seasons:
1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, 1982, 1983, 1984, 1986, 1987, 1989
If you count the 1970 meet won by Toulon High School, the boys from this school swept the 1970s and won a total of 18 Stark County Boys Track & Field Meet Championships as Toulon-LaFayette High School!!
The Lady Trojans earned some IHSA hardware also.  More information is need regarding the better seasons enjoyed by the Toulon HS Lady Trojan basketball teams.
1980-81   N.R.A.   Regional Champions                       Coach Sharon Wise
                           Lincoln Trail Conference Champs

Girls Basketball Hi-Lites - 1980-81
Submitted by Karmella Reining (Left click on photo for enlarged version)

Regional Champs - 1980-81
Submitted by Karmella Reining (Left click on photo for enlarged version)

From John Ballentine:
Year          Record            Head                                     Assistants
1975-76                             Gary Jackson
                 Blackhawk Conference membership ended
                 Lincoln Trail Conference membership began
1976-77                             Gary Jackson
1977-78                             Sharon Wise
1978-79                                    "
1979-80                                    "
1980-81                                    "                                     Karen Horman
1981-82                                    "
1982-83                              N. Smith
1983-84                              Sharon Wise                         Donna Henson
1984-85                                    "
1985-86                                    "                                      Donna Henson
1986-87                                    "                                      Nicole Fairman
1987-88                                    "                                               "
1988-89                                    "                                               "
1989-90                              Scott Paxson
1990-91                                    "
1991-92                                    "

More information is being sought about the Toluon Volleyball program. They won the Lincoln Trail Conference championship in 1980.
1980-81   Lincoln Trail Conference Champions     Coach Karen Horman
Year             Record              Head                                     Assistants
1974-75                                  ___?__ Newman
1975-76                                  ___?__ Blair
                    Blackhawk Conference membership ended
                    Lincoln Trail Conference membership began
1976-77                                  Al Harland                            Cecil Duffy
1977-78                                  Sharon Wise
1978-79                                         "
1979-80                                  Karen Horman
1980-81                                         "
1981-82                                  Jean Anthony
1982-83                                         "
1983-84                                  Donna Henson
1984-85                                         "
1985-86                                         "
1986-87                                         "
1987-88                                  Nicole Fairman                      B____  West
1988-89                                         "
1989-90                                  __?___ Harmon
1990-91                                  __?___ Schindel                     __?__  West
1991-92                                  Charles Mueller                      Nancy Zook
The Toulon Lady Trojans, led by standout Brandi Mock, finished in the top-ten of the IHSA Class A State Track Meet three consecutive years.  In 1986, 1987, 1988, and 1989 Brandi Mock established herself as one of the all-time premier performers in Class 'A' history by bringing home a total of NINE individual medals from the IHSA State Meet. Brandi's credentials read as foillows:
1985-86:  400 Meter Dash - 3RD Place
1986-87:  200 Meter Dash - State Champ, 400 M. Dash - 2ND Place
1987-88:  200 Meter Dash - State Champ, 400 M. Dash - State Champ, 100 M. Dash - 5TH Place
1988-89:  400 Meter Dash - State Champ, 200 M. Dash - 2ND Place, 100 M. Dash - 3RD Place 
Brandi Mock's Medal break down:
FOUR    Gold Medals
TWO     2ND Place Medals
TWO     3RD Place Medals
ONE      5TH Place Medal  
In addition, two Relay Teams of the late 1970s earned IHSA medals and the Lady Trojans of 1981 won the Lincoln Trail Conference championship.
1977-78     880 Yard Relay Team       5TH Place
1978-79     880 Yard Relay Team       5TH Place
1980-81     Lincoln Trail Conference Champions
1986-87     Team Finished EIGHTH in IHSA Class A State Meet!!
Final Team Standings
1  Maple Park (Kaneland)       48
2  Chicago (Luther South)       46  
3  Mahomet (M.-Seymour)      41  
4  Hoopeston (H.-East Lynn)   39  
5  Lexington                           34  
6  Madison                            20  
6  Riverton                             20
8  Stanford (Olympia)             18 
8  Arthur                                18  

1987-88     Team Finished SIXTH in IHSA Class A State Meet!!
Final Team Standings
1  Maple Park (Kaneland)             41
2  Chicago (Luther South)             36  
3  Stanford (Olympia)                   28
3  Carlinville                                 28  
5  Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm)     25  
6  TOULON HIGH SCHOOL         24  
1988-89     Team Finished SEVENTH in IHSA Class A State Meet!!
Final Team Standings
1  Genoa (G.-Kingston)                39
2  Chicago (Luther South)             37 
3  Manteno                                  36  
4  Gardner (G.-South Wilmington)  33  
5  Riverton                                   30
6  Georgetown (G.-Ridge Farm)     24  
7  TOULON HIGH SCHOOL         23  
7  Coal City                                 23
Year          Record          Head                                     Assistants
1974-75                           __?___ Newman
                   Blackhawk Conference membership ended
                   Lincoln Trail Conference membership began
1976-77                           Peggy Brown
1978-79                           Sharon Wise
1980-81                           Sharon Wise                          Mike Minneart
1981-82                                   "
1983-84                           Sharon Wise
1984-85                                   "                                     Gary Blessman
1985-86                                   "
1986-87                                   "
1987-88                                   "
1988-89                                   "
1989-90                                   "
1990-91                                   "
1991-92                                   "
The following team won the Blackhawk Conference Championship:
1971-72            Blackhawk Conference Co-Champions
The following was provided by our good friend John Ballentine:
Year          Record          Head                                     Assistants
1970-71                           Wayne Jenkins
1971-72         *                         "                      Blackhawk Conference Champions
1972-73                                   "
1973-74                           Robert Eden                         Al Harland
1974-75                                   "                                          "    
               ## Blackhawk Conference membership ended the next school year.
             ### Baseball was discontinued at Toulon-LaFayette High from 1975-76 to 1991-92 when in the Blackhawk and Lincoln Trail Conferences ; Stark County High School reinstated baseball beginning with the 1993-94 school year.
                                               Honor  Students  of  T.L.H.S.
                                                  by  John  A.  Ballentine
     A total of 80 graduation ceremonies were conducted from 1913 to 1992 for Toulon Township and Toulon-LaFayette high schools.  Valedictorians and salutatorians of their class delivered speeches during graduation, as well as the featured speaker.  The principal speaker for TTHS' first and last classes were Dr. Benjamin Otto, pastor of Peoria's Baptist church, who addressed the class and audience in 1913 and James D. Nowlan, a member of the Illinois House of Representatives from Toulon, who spoke to the audience and Class of 1970.
     Research has yet to discover if Toulon High recognized honor students between 1879 and 1912, inclusively.  Beginning in the spring of 1913, The Stark County News recognized the top 2 students of the graduating class each year with a front page item of interest.  In addition to the following lists, Margaret Hazen was the high honor student of the Toulon Academy's final class in 1912.  The Academy merged with Toulon High to form Toulon Township High, beginning with the 1912-13 school year.  In 1971,  the first class of Toulon-LaFayette High graduated and continued through 1992 until Stark County High was formed for 1992-93.
     The 1985 Alumni booklet partially covered the years (1943-1986) and left most years 1913-1942/1987-1992 without the names of the class valedictorian and salutatorian.  Maiden names for the ladies are not listed because of possible name changes since 1985, and the dedication of time required involved with collecting/obtaining the corrected last names.  If you definitely know someones present last name, please contact Mary and Tim Milroy or The Stark County News office at 309-286-4444 or use email -- .

Year     Valedictorian                            Salutatorian
1971     Kay Ingels                            Carol Storey
1972     Amanda Appenheimer           Sylvia Rice
1973     Mary Ingels                          Robert Wilkinson
1974     Cynthia Walker                    Dorothy Wasson
1975     Donna Wasson                    Rebecca Walter
1976     Melinda Huffman                   Lori Mallery
1977     Tamara S.. Wilson                Sue Ingels
1978     Mary Zaehringer                   Linda Herget
1979     Irene Hepner                        Cheryl Parker
1980     Desiree Foutch                    Jane Winter
1981     Courtney W. Marshall          Julie A. Langdon
1982     Tori Marshall                       Karin Collins
1983     Rick Zaehringer                   Tammy Rennick
1984     Kelly Simmons                    Marjorie Fairfield
1985     Kip King                              Shawn Eric Whittaker
1986     Christine A. Taylor                Lisa R. Swedeen
1987     Amy McMillen                      Curt Gustafson
1988     Cathlene L. Krough               Timothy R. Collins
1989     Steve Larson                        Mike Barlow
1990     Camelia A. Andrew               R. Joseph Winans
            Heidi L. Roberts
1991     Carrie L. Taylor                     Miles A. Goins
1992     Amy M. Hatfield                    Margaret A. "Meg" Webster 

            *Stark County High School began for the 1992-93 school year.

We Need Your Assistance... researching the history and accomplishments attained by the students, faculty, and townspeople who supported Toulon-LaFayette High School.  If you have any information you would like to see added to this page, please write to us at You can also send items to us via real mail at:
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