Chicago Good Counsel Catholic HS "Chargers"

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Chicago Good Counsel Catholic High School
Now a Chicago Public High School

Good Counsel High School Cross

The History of Good Counsel High School
Chicago (population 2.7 million) is located in northeastern Illinois in eastern Cook County.  Lake Michigan, the Chicago and Illinois Rivers, and the Des Plaines River are the main waterways to and from town. I-90, I-94, I-55, and I-57 will all lead you to the "Windy City." From what started as a small village in the early 1800s, Chicago has grown to the nation's third largest city and one of the most famous places in the world.
As Chicago expanded from its original location at Lake Michigan and the Chicago River, so did the need for creating schools to educate its young people. The Catholic archdiocese also saw for this need and created schools for the children of catholic families as neighborhood populations grew.
Good Counsel High School was established in 1911 in Milwaukee, WI with 12 students under the teaching of members of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Felix of Cantalice. The purpose of the school was to educate candidates that were considering joining the Felician Sisters, using a flexible curriculum that was modeled after that of a Felician seminary in Detroit. 
However in 1927, the school pulled up stakes and transferred their motherhouse to Chicago's northwest side at what is now Peterson Avenue (U.S. Route 14) and Pulaski Street. Good Counsel was a boarding as well as a day high school for girls. This arrangement lasted until 1948 when it was decided that the boarding portion of the school would end. The high school continued on as a day school for girls only.
Good Counsel began construction on new facilities in June 1963, which later were dedicated on May 1, 1966. The school was considered on the cutting edge of education, being one of the first in the nation to use a modified modular system of scheduling, offering film education classes as well as AP (advanced placement) courses that gave college credit, as well as having team teaching, and continual review of its discipline codes & faculty handbooks.

Courtyard & Gazebo of GCHS

 Good Counsel High School was closed, ceremoniously graduating its last class in 2003. Good Counsel was owned and managed by the Felician sisters who made the inevitable but extremely difficult decision to close the high school.  At the time its closing was announced,  the Congregation of Sisters of Saint Felix also offered financial assistance to current students who continued education at another catholic girls' high school, but with a higher tuition than what they were paying at Good Counsel. (Thank you to Annie Baker for this information.)
The Good Counsel High School facility has usefully continued on as a Charter School for the Chicago Publilc School system.     
Good Counsel High School Quick Facts
Year opened in Milwaukee:             1911
Moved to Chicago:                          1927
Year boarding of students ceased:  1948
Year closed:                                     2003
Good Counsel HS team nickname:  the "Chargers"
Good Counsel HS team colors:       Blue & Gold
School Fight Song:                         "Hail, Good Counsel High"
                                                                     Written by Sister Alphonsetta Haneman, C.S.S.F.
                                                    Courtesy of:
                                                                     Katie Suerth Beese
                                                                     G.C.H.S. Class of 1992
                                                                     Kathy Heneghan
                                                                     G.C.H.S. Class of 1985
                                                                     Ann Gilger Knudsvig
                                                                     G.C.H.S. Class of 1984
                                                   Sing for Joy, Sing for Glory!
                                                   Good Counsel High, Good Counsel High.
                                                   Raise your banner, Swing it high!
                                                   Good Counsel, Good Counsel, Good Counsel High!
                                                    Hail, Good Counsel High!
                                                    United, true, firm, loyal we stand.
                                                    In service plighted to you,
                                                    In virtue honoring you -ou-ou -ou!
                                                    Clear name is our trust.
                                                    Sacred, keep it we must.
                                                    Lead on, Good Counsel High,
                                                    To high ideals beyond.

Charger Softball Field

The Good Counsel High School girls had some real nice seasons in athletics.  In addition to many team accomplishments, there were some truly incredible performers and athletes which graced the courts and fields of GCHS as well.  We are in need of the better team records and coach's names for Good Counsel High School of Chicago   
One female athlete carried the Good Counsel High School banner quite proudly in the sport of Track & Field.  Jessica Fouche' earned SIX individual medals at the IHSA State Meet in three different years.  Her efforts were capped by an incredible performance her senior year bringing home THREE GOLD MEDALS!!  Jessica's effort allowed Good Counsel to claim a fourth place finish as a team in 2000-01.  Jessica's incredible day landed her as one of the top times for the three events she participated her senior year.
These great accomplishments are listed below.
1998-99AA      Individual Medalist - Jessica Fouche'     400 Meter Dash    5TH Place
1999-2000AA   Individual Medalist - Jessica Fouche'     400 Meter Dash    2ND Place
                                                                                      200 Meter Dash    8TH Place
2000-01AA   Team Placed FOURTH at IHSA State Track Meet!!
                    Individual Medalist
                    Jessica Fouché         100 Meter Dash         STATE CHAMPION!!
                    (Time of 11.78 is still #24 All-Time in IHSA Girls Track History)
                    Jessica Fouché         200 Meter Dash         STATE CHAMPION!!
                    (Time of 24.06 is still #12 All-Time in IHSA Girls Track History)
                    Jessica Fouché         400 Meter Dash         STATE CHAMPION!!
                    (Time of 55.02 is still #17 All-Time in IHSA Girls Track History)
                     FINAL TEAM STANDINGS
                     1  Chicago (Morgan Park)               77
                     2  Evanston (Twp.)                         48
                     3  Palatine (H.S.)                           43 
                     4  Chicago (Good Counsel)          30   
                     4  Elmhurst (York)                          30 
                     4  East St. Louis (Sr.)                     30

Good Counsel HS Gymnasium

The basketball program at Good Counsel High School won a total of THREE Regional titles.  Team records of these and other great Good Counsel HS teams are needed.
1978-79               Regional Champions  
1983-84               Regional Champions
1984-85               Regional Champions
2000-01  15 - 15                                           Coach Tony Sansone
A Sweet 16 appearance in the IHSA State Tournament in 1985-86 highlighted the GCHS girls season.  Two Regional titles, a Sectional title, and a District title were a few of the great accomplishments of the GCHS volleyball program. 
1981-82              District Champions 
1985-86              IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist
                          Regional Champions
                          Sectional Champions
                          Super-Sectional Finalist
1994-95              Regional Champions
From Ann Peterson Dunklau, Class of '70:
"I have pictures posted on Facebook that I took the last day that GC was open after the liturgy & open house. There are also pictures of the play FUNNY GIRL posted there. I've attached the link to the page at the end of this email.
FYI - regarding GC Sports - I don't know how long it existed, but there WAS a swim team - - - we had no pool, but a team none-the-less. We would walk up to Mather HS after school to practice & participated in swim meets there and at other schools. The facebook address is ."
There are a lot of holes to fill regarding the history of the Good Counsel athletic program and school accomplishments in general. Girls' athletics and the better records and successes of the teams are not even touched upon. If you have any information you can share, ESPECIALLY a photo of the old school building, you can forward them to us at You can also write to us at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.  60631