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Wheaton Central High School

Original Wheaton High School

The History of Wheaton High School & Wheaton Central High School
Wheaton (population 55,416) is located in northeastern Illinois in central DuPage County. Wheaton is a western suburb of Chicago and is situated about  miles west of downtown Chicago.  Illinois Route 38 leads you to and from the town of Wheaton.  In addition, Illinois Routes 56 and 64 are located on the south and north sides of Wheaton as well. Interstate Highway 88 runs about 3 miles south of Wheaton which connects to it via Naperville Road.
A brief history of the city of Wheaton can be found on the town's web address of http://www.wheaton.il.us/Community/History-of/index.htm .  In brief, the ara of Wheaton was settled in 1836 by Erastus Gary and Jesse and Warren Wheaton. The group purchased land and allowed the railroad to pass through the area for free. The railroad workers posted a sign at the depot on the land that simply stated "Wheaton Depot". The name has stuck ever since.
Wheaton was incorporated as an Illinois village in 1859.  The town's first president was Warren Wheaton. In 1867 the town of Wheaton was named the county seat of DuPage County. It has continuously grown into being one of the Chicago area's most affluent communities. 
A great history of Wheaton High School and Wheaton Central High School can be viewed at http://www.wwshs.org/school%20history/school.htm. In summary, Wheaton High School was started in 1876. The first graduating class received their diplomas in 1884. A newer school building was built in 1925 and the name was changed to Wheaton Community High School.  Photos of the original Wheaton High School and Wheaton Community High Schools can be viewed above, as shown on the Wheaton Warrenville South High School website.
Growing population in the western suburban area led to the need for two high schools in Wheaton.  This occurred in 1964 with the creation of Wheaton North High School.  The original Wheaton Community High School was renamed Wheaton Central High School.  This arrangement remained until a further school effort resulted in the creation of Wheaton Warrenville South High School in 1992.  The Wheaton Central High School building became a grammar school as a new building was built to house Wheaton Warrenville South High School.
Wheaton High School and Wheaton Central High School have produced some very famous alumni as well.  Among the most well known are Harold "Red" Grange, John Belushi, and John Woodward.
The original Wheaton High School building has been razed to make way for a grammar school.  Wheaton Central High School building is now used as the Hubble Middle School. 
Wheaton / Wheaton Central High School Quick Facts
Year opened as Wheaton High School:      1876
First graduating class:                              1884                          
Year name changed to Wheaton Central:   1964
Year Wheaton Central closed:                   1992
School name changed to:                          Wheaton Warrenville South High School
Wheaton Central HS team nickname:         the "Tigers"       
Wheaton Central HS team colors:              Orange & Black
School Fight Song:                                   "Bring a Victory Home"
                                                                                    Lyrics provided by WILL & MAGGIE GREENE (Class of
                                                                                    To the tune of "The Invincible USA" - provided by Chris Bailey
                                                               Play play boys play
                                                               Let Victory be yours today
                                                               You're the boys from our home town
                                                               So Play play boys play
                                                               You're the boys from our home town
                                                               Bring a victory home today
                                                                           Rah Rah!!
Wheaton High School and Wheaton Central High School had several very successful athletic teams in their long and storied history. Some incredible athletes have also donned the orange and black of the "Tigers".  Below are listed the athletic accomplishments of the Wheaton and Wheaton Central High School "Tigers as listed on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org).
The girls badminton program won a District Title in the 1980-81 season.  Team records and coach's names of this and other great WCHS badminton teams are being sought.
Memories of the 1980-81 District Championship team have been provided by Maria De La Rosa:
"I was part of the 80-81 district badminton team.  I don’t have my yearbooks handy to verify who exactly was teamed up in districts.  Lisa Grubbs, Patti Vivoda, played singles and I, Marcia Sasman played doubles, along with 3 other players.  We had an excellent coach, Mrs. LaBudde, a phys ed  teacher, my first 3 years of the team, but she retired and we had a different “coach” our senior year.  There were only 2 returning players my freshman year, so all those my age played varsity all 4 years. Lisa Grubbs also qualified and played in the state tournament in 79-80 and 80-81 season.  Patti Vivoda also qualified and played in state 80-81."
As Wheaton Central High School
1980-81    District Champions
The Tigers brought home two Regional Championships from the baseball diamond. Coach's names and team records from these and other great baseball teams in WHS and WCHS history are needed.
As Wheaton High School
1959-60         Regional Champions
As Wheaton Central High School
1971-72         Regional Champions

Wheaton Central also competed in summer baseball and had some excellent teams in the late 1960s through the mid-1980s.
1963-64   District Champions     Coach Lyle Morrow
1965-66   District Champions     Coach Lyle Morrow
1968-69   District Champions     Coach Lyle Morrow
1970-71   District Champions     Coach Lyle Morrow
1971-72   District Champions     Coach Lyle Morrow 
                Regional Champions
   District Champions     Coach Lyle Morrow
Total wins/losses from 1963 to 1986       315 wins  and 282 losses
Wheaton Central Summer School Baseball
From 1976 to 1986, the team won 168 games and lost 121
*The Summer Team won the District Tournament 6 times
*The Summer Team won the Regional Tournament 5 times
*The Summer Team won one Sectional Tournament and then
   participated in the 4-team State Finals losing to Rich Central in 1979.
The Wheaton Central High School Lady Tigers faired quite well on the hardwood court in the 1980s.  Seven Regional Championships, two Sectional Championships (back to back), and a SECOND PLACE FINISH in the State Tournament highlighted the Lady Tiger successes. 
As Wheaton Central High School
1980-81              Regional Champions 
1982-83              Regional Champions

1983-84   24 - 5   Sweet 16 Finalist                                Coach Rich Jarom
                          Regional Champions
                          Sectional Champions
                          Super Sectional Finalist
1984-85   29 - 3    IHSA Class AA SECOND PLACE!!        Coach Rich Jarom
                          Regional Champions
                          Sectional Champions
                          Super-Sectional Champions
                          Elite 8 Finalist
                          Beat Libertyville 58 - 50
                          Final Four Finalist
                          Beat Maine West  30 - 25
                          State Championship Game Finalist
                          Lost to Marshall 63 - 37
1986-87              Regional Champions 
1987-88              Regional Champions
1988-89              Regional Champions
1991-92              Regional Champions

Last season as Wheaton Central
The Tigers made three trips to the state finals in basketball before the school's name change to Wheaton-Warrenville High School. As Wheaton High School the Tigers qualified for the State Tourney Finals on two occassions.  As Wheaton Central the boys of 1965-66 earned a trip to the Sweet 16 round of the state tournament. The team of 1980-81 went one step further, bringing home a Fourth Place Trophy from the Class AA Tournament!! The basketball accomplishments we are able to locate are listed below, as found on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org)  
As Wheaton High School
1907-08   10 - 2    Team Qualified for State Tournament Finals
                           Elite 8 Finalist
                           Lost to Peoria HS  41 - 26
                           Peoria HS eventual State Champs
1924-25               District Champions
1926-27               District Champions

1928-29   20 - 4    Team Qualified for State Tournament Finals    Coach Grant Stenger
                           Elite 8 Finalist 
                           District Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           Lost to Freeport 30 - 28
                           Freeport Finished 3rd
1929-30                District Champions
1942-43                District Champions
1944-45                Regional Champions
1951-52                Regional Champions
1952-53                Regional Champions
1960-61                Regional Champions
As Wheaton Central High School

1965-66   24 - 5     Sweet 16 Finalist                                      Coach Al Duhm
                            Regional Champions
                            Sectional Champions
                            Lost to Harvey Thornton 61 - 57
                            Thornton Won State Championship
                            Thornton won final 3 games be 12 or more pts. 
1967-68     2 - 22
1968-69                Regional Champions 
1971-72                Regional Champions
1973-74                Regional Champions 
1975-76   19 - 8     Regional Champions            Coach Don McGee

1976-77   14 - 13                                                Coach Don McGee
1977-79                                                             Coach Don McGee
1979-80   18 - 9                                                  Coach Don McGee

1980-81   25 - 6     Team Finished FOURTH in Class AA Tourney  Coach Don McGee
                            Regional Champions
                            Sectional Champions
                            Super-Sectional Champions
                            Beat LaGrange (Lyons Twnshp) 65 - 61
                            Elite 8 Finalist
                            Beat Effingham 38 - 33
                            Final Four Finalist
                            Lost to Quincy 65 - 34
                            Quincy eventual State Champs
                            Quincy's closest game in final 16 was 25pts.!! 
                            Third Place Game Finalist
                            Lost to Chgo Westinghouse 53 - 47
1981-82    9 - 18    Regional Champions            Coach Don McGee
1982-83                                                             Coach Don McGee  
1983-86                                                             Coach Not Available
1986-87                                                             Coach Barry Brennan
1987-88   11 - 15    Regional Champions           Coach Barry Brennan
1988-89   17 - 11                                                Coach Barry Brennan
1989-90   17 - 9      Regional Champions           Coach Barry Brennan
1990-91   16 - 11                                                Coach Barry Brennan
1991-92           Last season as Wheaton Central   Coach Barry Brennan
The Grid Iron stage was set from the "git-go" in Wheaton High School history.  The IHSA website lists Wheaton High School's first football team as having competed in 1912.  That team finished with an undefeated (3-0-1) record.  The Tigers have never looked back.  As Wheaton High School, and then Wheaton Central, the Tigers boasted winning records in all but 13 of the 81 seasons listed.  Undefeated regular seasons (there were no state playoffs until 1974) were accomplished in ten different seasons. 
One of Wheaton High School's most famous sons, and one of America's most famous football players, Harold "Red" Grange, played for the Wheaton HS Tigers in the very early 1920s.   
As Wheaton High School
1912-13    3 - 0 - 1          Coach F.C. Berry
1913-14    7 - 1               Coach F.C. Berry
1914-15                         Coach F.C. Berry
1915-16    5 - 2               Coach F.C. Berry
1916-17    6 - 1 - 1          Coach F.C. Berry
1917-18    5 - 2 - 1          Coach Castle
1918-19                         Coach C.V. Mitchell
1919-20    5 - 0 - 1          Coach C.V. Mitchell
1920-21    7 - 1               Coach Dink Weldon
1921-22    7 - 1               Coach Dink Weldon 
1922-23    9 - 0               Coach Dink Weldon
1923-24    6 - 3               Coach Dink Weldon
1924-25    6 - 1               Coach Dink Weldon
1925-26    6 - 2               Coach Dink Weldon
1926-27    6 - 1 - 1          Coach Dink Weldon
1927-28    6 - 1 - 1          Coach Grant Steger
1928-29    8 - 0               Coach Grant Steger
1929-30    8 - 0               Coach Grant Steger
1930-31    5 - 2               Coach Grant Steger
1931-32    4 - 1 - 2          Coach Grant Steger
1932-33                         Coach Grant Steger
1933-34    4 - 1 - 2          Coach Grant Steger
1934-36                         Coach Grant Steger
1936-37                         Coach Bob Horsley
1937-38    7 - 1               Coach Bob Horsley
1938-39    8 - 1               Coach Bob Horsley
1939-40    5 - 4               Coach Bob Horsley
1940-41    9 - 0               Coach Bob Horsley
1941-42    7 - 2               Coach Bob Horsley
1942-43    5 - 3 - 1          Coach Bud Colin
1943-44    6 - 3               Coach Bud Colin
1944-45    6 - 2 - 1          Coach Bud Colin
1945-46    6 - 1 - 1          Coach Bud Colin
1946-47                         Coach Bud Colin
1947-48    6 - 3 - 1          Coach Bob Horsley
1948-49    8 - 2               Coach Bob Horsley
1949-50    8 - 0 - 1          Coach Bob Horsley
1950-51    6 - 3               Coach Bob Horsley
1951-52    8 - 0 - 1          Coach Bob Horsley
1952-53    6 - 2 - 1          Coach Bob Horsley
1953-54    8 - 0               Coach Bob Horsley
1954-55    9 - 0               Coach Bob Horsley

1955-56    6 - 3               Coach Bud Colin
1956-57    6 - 3               Coach Howard Barnes
1957-58    7 - 1               Coach Howard Barnes
1958-59    3 - 3               Coach Howard Barnes
1959-60    4 - 2 - 1          Coach Howard Barnes
1960-61                         Coach Howard Barnes
1961-62    5 - 2 - 1          Coach Howard Barnes
1962-63    4 - 4               Coach Howard Barnes
1963-64    6 - 3               Coach Howard Barnes
As Wheaton Central High School
1964-65    6 - 3               Coach Howard Barnes
1965-66    8 - 1               Coach Howard Barnes
1966-67    5 - 3 - 1          Coach Rex Sherman
1967-68    7 - 2               Coach Howard Barnes
1968-69    8 - 1               Coach Howard Barnes
1969-70                          Coach Don Arnold
1970-71    5 - 4               Coach Andy Hauptman     
1971-72    5 - 4               Coach Andy Hauptman
1972-73                          Coach Andy Hauptman
1973-74    6 - 4               Coach Andy Hauptman
1974-75    5 - 5               Coach Andy Hauptman
1975-76    5 - 4               Coach Andy Hauptman
1976-77    6 - 2 - 1          Coach Andy Hauptman
1977-78    6 - 3               Coach Andy Hauptman    
1978-80                         Coach Andy Hauptman
1980-81    5 - 4               Coach John Thorne
1981-82                         Coach John Thorne
1982-83    5 - 4               Coach John Thorne
1983-84    6 - 3               Coach John Thorne
1984-85                         Coach John Thorne
1985-86    5 - 4               Coach John Thorne
1986-87    5 - 4               Coach John Thorne
1987-88    5 - 4               Coach John Thorne

1988-89    8 - 4   Team Qualified for Class 5A Playoffs  Coach John Thorne
                         Elite 8 Finalist

1989-90  11 - 2   Team Qualified for Class 5A Playoffs  Coach John Thorne
                         Final Four Finalist
1990-91  12 - 2   Team Qualified for Class 5A Playoffs  Coach John Thorne
                         IHSA STATE RUNNER-UP!!
1991-92  11 - 3   Team Qualified for Class 5A Playoffs  Coach John Thorne
                         IHSA STATE RUNNER-UP!!
Last season as Wheaton Central HS
Three individual medalists (one WHS, two at WCHS) and a team District Championship were the highlights of the Wheaton "Tigers" program. 
As Wheaton High School
1960-61   Individual Medalist   -   Dave Bartel          8th Place
1961-62   Individual Medalist   -   Dave Bartel          2ND Place
As Wheaton Central High School
1969-70   Individual Medalist   -   Steve Murray        15th Place
1972-73  Team Won District Championship
              Individual Medalist   -    Tom Howell          20th Place
1991-92  Cameron Monti - DuPage Valley Conference Champ!
              Only Wheaton Central harrier to accomplish this feat
              running a 14:26 time for a 3-mile course! 
The Lady Tiger harriers faired well in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Three top-ten team finishes and two individual medalists were the recorded successes of the program on the IHSA website. 
As Wheaton Central High School
1988-89        Team Finished NINTH in IHSA Competition!! 
1989-90        Team Finished EIGHTH in IHSA Competition!! 
1991-92        Team Finished THIRD in IHSA Competition!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Jessica Haremza         17th Place 
                    Amaryllis Seabrooks   18th Place
1992-93         Regional Champions 
The linksters qualified for four IHSA State Match competitions and brought home two top-ten finishes.  Two individuals brought home medals as well.
As Wheaton High School
1920-21     Individual Medalist  -  ?? Dawson      3RD Place
1924-25     Individual Medalist  -  ?? Dawson      6TH Place
1958-59     Team Qualified for IHSA State Competition
1959-60     Team Placed SIXTH in IHSA State Competition!!
                 District Champions
                 Individual Medalist  -  Fred Schultz   9TH Place
1960-61     Team Placed SEVENTH in IHSA State Competition!!
                 District Champions
                 Individual Medalist  -  Fred Schultz   10TH Place

1961-62     Team Qualified for IHSA State Competition
                 District Champions
The ladys had a great season of their own as far as IHSA competitioin is concerned.  The group of 1990-91 brought home an EIGHTH place finish with one individual earning medalist honors. 
As Wheaton Central High School
1990-91        Team Finished EIGHTH in IHSA Competition!!
                    Individual Medalist  -  Kelley Heatherington   14TH Place
The gymnastics program at Wheaton Central proved to be a successful one in the early 1970s. Six boys and one girl medaled in State Meet Competition.  In fact, the boys team of 1969-70 earned a FIFTH place finish in the IHSA team competition.
As Wheaton Central High School
1964-65    Individual Medalist  -  Don Hatch             Rings             STATE CHAMPION!!
1967-68    Individual Medalist  -  Dean Showalter    All-Around     5TH Place
                                                                                Horiz. Bars    5TH Place
                                                                                Rings             5TH Place
1968-69    Individual Medalist  -  Kerry Ruhl             Horiz. Bars    3RD Place
1969-70    Team Finished FIFTH in STATE MEET!!
                District Champions
                Individual Medalists  -  Tim Kessen          Rings            3RD Place
                                                     Kerry Ruhl           Horiz Bars     4TH Place
1970-71     Team Won District Championship
1971-72     Individual Medalist  -  Don Young            Horse            2ND Place
1972-73     Individual Medalist  -  Kelly Harmon       All-Around     3RD Place

As Wheaton Central High School
1979-80     Individual Medalist  -  Melanie Waite      Vault             3RD Place
As Wheaton Central High School
1972-73                  District Champions
1973-74                  District Champions

1974-75  16 - 4 - 3   Team Placed SECOND in IHSA STATE Tourney  Coach Al Duhm
                              Sectional Champions
1976-77  17 - 6 - 1   Team Placed SECOND in IHSA STATE Tourney  Coach Al Duhm
                              Sectional Champions
1977-78  17 - 3 - 5    Team Won Sectional Championship                   Coach Al Duhm
1979-80  20 - 4 - 1    Team Won Sectional Championship                   Coach Al Duhm
1983-84  21 - 2 - 1    Team Placed SECOND in IHSA STATE Tourney  Coach Frank Bucciferro
                               Regional Champions
                               Sectional Champions    
1984-85                   Team Won Regional Championship  
1986-87                   Team Won Regional Championship
1989-90                   Team Won Regional Championship
1990-91                   Team Won Regional Championship
1991-92  12 - 9 - 1    Team Won Regional Championship               Coach Guy Callipari
As Wheaton Central High School
1987-88    8 - 4 - 3       Coach Gary Luckey
Two trips to the IHSA state finals, two Sectional titles, and four Regional titles highlighted the successes of the Lady Tiger softball program.
As Wheaton Central High School
1980-81   29 - 7    Team Qualified for State Finals        Coach Joe Gerace
                           Regional Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           Elite 8 Finalist
                           Beat Machesny Park  5 - 4
                           Final Four Finalist
                           Lost to Herrin  3 - 2
                           Herrin Finished 2nd
1981-82                Regional Champions 
1982-83                Regional Champions

1984-85   24 - 5    Team Qualified for State Finals        Coach Kenneth Olsen
                           Regional Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           Elite 8 Finalist
                           Lost to Rock Island Alleman  2 - 0
                           Alleman won State Championship
One male swimmer had an incredible year at Wheaton Central. Gardner Howland earned three 2ND Place Medals in the late 1970s at the IHSA State Swimming Meet.  
As Wheaton Central High School
1976-77  Individual Medalist  -  Gardner Howland     100 Fly        2ND Place
                                                                                  200 IM         2ND Place

1977-78  Individual Medalist  -  Gardner Howland      200 IM         2ND Place
Courtney Coleman represented the girls swimming program at Wheaton Central quite proudly winning two medals in the 1990-91 State Meet.
As Wheaton Central High School
1990-91  Individual Medalist  -  Courtney Coleman    200 Free       2ND Place
                                                                                  500 Free       3RD Place
A NINTH place state Tourney finish, three District titles, and two individual medals highlighted the boys tennis successes.
As Wheaton High School

1959-60     Team Finished NINTH in State Tournament
                 Individual Medalists
                 Tom Powell             Doubles        5TH Place
                 Tim Wright              Doubles         5TH Place
As Wheaton Central High School
1970-71      Team Won District Championship 
1978-79      Team Won District Championship
1979-80      Team Won District Championship
The Lady Tigers won three Sectional Championships, two District Championships, and one individual medal.
As Wheaton Central High School
1973-74      Team Won District Championship
1976-77      Team Won District Championship
1987-88      Team Won Sectional Championship

1988-89      Team Won Sectional Championship
                  Individual Medalist
                  Breda Dean         Singles        5TH Place

1991-92      Team Won Sectional Championship

The Tiger boys thinclads of Wheaton High placed in the top-ten of the IHSA State Meet on TEN different occassions, coming close to winning the whole thing in 1929-30.  In addtion, 12 individuals won gold medals, including the legendary Harold "Red" Grange who earned four Gold Medals of the seven that he won for WHS.  Wheaton HS boys teams won two District titles as well.
Some excellent information on the Tigers first State Champ in Track, Edwin Hubble, was provided to us by our long time fan Mark Jurenga:
"1906 State Champion High Jump Edwin Hubble. Here are some facts about him.
*At the time, Hubble set the state record for high jump.
*Edwin Hubble once won seven firsts and one third in ONE HS track meet!
*He was a Major in the Army in World War I.
*He was a high school basketball coach in New Albany, Indiana where he also taught Science.
*He was a graduate of the University of Chicago.
*Hubble was a Rhoads Scholar at Oxford University in England
*Hubble was a world reknowned Astronomer.
*The Hubble Space Telescope is named after him.
*He won the Catherine Wolfe Bruce Gold Medal is awarded every year by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific for outstanding lifetime contributions to the field of astronomy.
*Hubble also earned the Gold Medal of the Royal Astronomical Society in 1940.
*Edwin Hubble won the Medal of Merit for outstanding contribution to ballistics research in 1946."
Incredible accomplishments for any individual!!
Here are the highlights of the Wheaton Central High School boys track program:
As Wheaton High School

1905-06        Team Finished FOURTH at IHSA State Meet!! 
                    Individual Medalists
                    *Edwin Hubble             High Jump           STATE CHAMPION!!
                    Ned Welden                 440 Yard Dash     STATE CHAMPION!!
                    Ray Brewster               1 Mile Run           3RD Place
1919-20        Individual Medalist
                    Harold "Red" Grange    High Jump         STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                          100 Yard Dash    3RD Place
                                                          220 Yard Dash    4TH Place
1920-21        Team Finished FOURTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Harold "Red" Grange    100 Yard Dash     STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                          Long Jump         STATE CHAMPION!!
1921-22        Team Finished FIFTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Harold "Red" Grange    220 Yard Dash       STATE CHAMPION!! 
                                                         100 Yard Dash        3RD Place
                    Lawrence "Gob" Plummer   880 Yd. Run    4TH Place           
                    RELAY TEAM                        880 Yd. Relay  4TH Place
1922-23        Team Finished SIXTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    RELAY TEAM                      880 Yard Relay  STATE CHAMPION!!
                    Charles "Huck" Dollinger   440 Yard Dash    4TH Place
                    Garland Grange                 Pole Vault          5TH Place
                    Lowrie Wheaton                220 Yard Dash    4TH Place
1923-24        Team Finished SEVENTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Lowrie Wheaton                220 Yard Dash    3RD Place
                                                              100 Yard Dash    4TH Place
                    Albert Colby                         50 Yard Dash    3RD Place
                    RELAY TEAM                      880 Yard Relay   2ND Place
1924-25        Team Finished FIFTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Lowrie Wheaton                220 Yard Dash     2ND Place
                                                              100 Yard Dash     3RD Place
                    RELAY TEAM                      880 Yard Relay   3RD Place
1926-27        Individual Medalists
                    RELAY TEAM                      880 Yard Relay   2ND Place
1928-29        Individual Medalist
                    Oliver Olson                       High Jump          2ND Place
1929-30        Team Finished SECOND at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Arthur Jens                        120 Yd Hurdles   STATE CHAMPION!!
                    Oliver Olson                       High Jump         STATE CHAMPION!!
                    Bob Houston                       120 Yd Hurdles  2ND Place
                                                               220 Yd Hurdles  2ND Place
                    Paul Poppelreiter               Discus               3RD Place
1933-34        Individual Medalist   
                    Bill Hughes                         880 Yard Run     2ND Place
1938-39        Team Finished EIGHTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Erwin Soukup                     200 Yd Hurdles  2ND Place
                    Don McAllese                     200 Yd Hurdles   4TH Place
1939-40        Individual Medalist
                    Carl Dries                           1 Mile Run          5TH Place
1940-41        Team Finished TENTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalist
                    Ray Fisher                           Long Jump      STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                                High Jump       5TH Place
1941-42        Team Finished SIXTH at IHSA State Meet!!
                    Individual Medalists
                    Philip Durant                        Discus             2ND Place
                                                                 Shot Put         2ND Place
1944-45        Team Won District Championship 
                    Individual Medalist
                    Tom Callinan                        880 Yard Run  STATE CHAMPION!!
1945-46        Team Won District Championship
                    Individual Medalists
                    Don Brinks                            Discus              3RD Place
                    Tom Callinan                        880 Yard Run   4TH Place
1947-48         Individual Medalist
                     Dudley Hallworth                 880 Yard Run   3RD Place

1948-49         Individual Medalist
                     Bob Scott                             1 Mile Run        5TH Place
1951-52        Team Won District Championship
                    Individual Medalist
                    Lee McMillion                       100 Yd Dash      3RD Place
                                                                 220 Yd Dash      4TH Place
1952-53         Individual Medalist
                     Dave Radeford                     Shot Put            2ND Place
1959-60         Individual Medalist
                     Rich Taylor                           1 Mile Run        5TH Place

1961-62         Individual Medalists
                     Dave Bartel                           1 Mile Run        4TH Place
                     Jack Hutchinson                    High Jump        5TH Place

1962-63         Individual Medalist
                     Bill Christensen                     Pole Vault         2ND Place
1963-64         Individual Medalist
                     John Wright                          180 Yd Hurdles   STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                                  120 Yd Hurdles   4TH Place
1964-65         Individual Medalist
                     Bruce Ehlers                         220 Yard Dash    4TH Place
As Wheaton Central High School
1965-66         Individual Medalist
                     Steve Fisher                         Long Jump         4TH Place
1970-71         Individual Medalist
                     Floyd Pettaway                     180 Yd Hurdles   4TH Place
1972-73         Individual Medalists
                     Doug Mennis                          Long Jump        2ND Place
                     Scott Williams                        2 Mile Run         4TH Place
1974-75AA     Individual Medalists
                     Tom Slack                               330 Yd Hurdles  6TH Place
                     RELAY TEAM                           1 Mile Relay      7TH Place
1976-77AA     Individual Medalists
                     Ted Carlson                             330 Yd Hurdles  4TH Place
                     Relay Team                             2 Mile Relay      7TH Place
                                                                     440 Yd Relay     6TH Place
1982-83AA     Individual Medalists
                     Zon Thompson                         High Jump         6TH Place
                     Scott Shorney                          Long Jump        7TH Place
1983-84AA     Individual Medalists
                     Scott Shorney                          Long Jump       3RD Place
                     Zon Thompson                         High Jump        8TH Place
                     RELAY TEAM                            4x100m Relay   7TH Place
1985-86AA     Individual Medalist
                     Skip Sterne                              Pole Vault         7TH Place
The Lady Tigers of Wheaton Central won several individual medals as well.  Their efforts are listed below.
As Wheaton Central High School
1972-73AA     Individual Medalist
                     Debbie Knight                          Discus                5TH Place
                     Jill Murray                                1 Mile Run         5TH Place
1973-74AA     Individual Medalist
                     Debbie Knight                          Discus                8TH Place
1979-80AA     Individual Medalist
                     Karen Lackland                        400 Meter Dash  4TH Place
1980-81AA     Individual Medalist
                     Karen Lackland                        400 Meter Dash  STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                                      200 Meter Dash   6TH Place
                      RELAY TEAM                            800 Med Relay    7TH Place
1986-87AA     Individual Medalist
                     Tammy Breighner                     3200 Meter Run   4TH Place
1987-88AA     Individual Medalist
                     RELAY TEAM                             4x800 M Relay     7TH Place
1989-90AA     Individual Medalist
                     Michelle King                            400 Meter Dash    6TH Place
1990-91AA     Individual Medalists
                     RELAY TEAM                             4x800 M Relay      5TH Place
1991-92AA     Individual Medalist
                     RELAY TEAM                             4x800 M Relay      2ND Place
                     Jessica Haremza                       1600 M Run           3RD Place
The lady netters of Wheaton Central won three Regional Championships.  Coach's names and team records are being sought.  
As Wheaton Central High School

1988-89          Regional Champions
1990-91          Regional Champions
1992-93          Regional Champions
A Second Place Finish in the State Tournament, along with four District Titles and two Regional Titles highlighted the team accomplishments of the Wheaton Central HS grapplers.  In addition 12 individuals won medals for Wheaton and Wheat Central high schools. 
As Wheaton High School
1953-54      Individual Medalist
                  Ted Sanchez          145 Lbs. Weight Class    4TH Place
1956-57      Individual Medalist
                  Dick Duncan           145 Lbs Weight Class     4TH Place
As Wheaton Central High School
1964-65      Team Won District Championship
1965-66      Team Finished SECOND in IHSA State Meet!!     Coach Ed Ewoldt
                  Team Won District Championship
                  Individual Medalists
                  Steve Buttrey            133 Lbs. Weight Class     2ND Place
                  Mike Cafferty             112 Lbs. Weight Class     2ND Place
                  Paul Langille            145 Lbs. Weight Class     4TH Place

1969-70       Individual Medalist
                  George Murray          137 Lbs. Weight Class     3RD Place
1972-73       Team Won District Championship

1973-74       Team Won District Championship
1974-75AA   Individual Medalist
                   Ralph McCausland     132 Lbs. Weight Class     4TH Place
1977-78AA   Individual Medalist 
                   Doug Kryder               155 Lbs. Weight Class     4TH Place
1979-80AA   Individual Medalist 
                   Dave Tomek               167 Lbs. Weight Class     3RD Place
1980-81AA   Individual Medalist
                   Al Sears                      HWT. Weight Class         3RD Place
1982-83AA   Individual Medalist 
                   Andre Gordon             HWT. Weight Class         6TH Place
1983-84AA   Team Won Regional Championship
1986-87AA   Individual Medalist
                   Phil Tomek                 185 Lbs. Weight Class     6TH Place  
1991-92AA   Team Won Regional Championship
                   Individual Medalist
                   Jamie Lee                  189 Lbs. Weight Class     4TH Place
The Wheaton High School Debate Team won a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP in the 1940-41 school year!!!!  More information about this event and the members of the Tiger debate team of 1940-41 is being sought.
As Wheaton High School
1940-41        IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!
Wheaton Central's Drama Team won Sectional Championships in 1970 and 1972, qualifying for the State Finals both years.  The team of 1971-72 placed FIFTH at the State Meet Competition!!
As Wheaton Central High School
1969-70        Team Won Sectional Championship
                    Qualified for State Finals Competition

1971-72        Team Finish FIFTH in IHSA State Competition!!
                    Team Won Sectional Championship     
"SAVING THE BEST FOR LAST" certainly holds true here!!  How about this for a resume' in Speech Individual Events Competition:
3   - Second Place Team Finishes
7   - Sectional Team Titles
8   - Regional Team Titles
9   - District Team Titles 
20 - Top-Ten Team Finishes
25 - Individual GOLD Medals won
95 - Total Individual Medals won
The individual medals and team accomplishments for the students of the Speech Program at Wheaton HS and Wheaton Central HS are listed below. 
As Wheaton High School
1941-42     Individual Medalist
                 Carol Carlson          Serious             5TH Place
1963-64     Individual Medalist
                 Steve McMillian       Orat Declam    3RD Place
As Wheaton Central High School
1964-65        Team Finished EIGHTH at State Finals
                    Individual Medalists
                    Steve McMillan     Orat Declam   STATE CHAMPION!
                    George Eisele       Radio              5TH Place
1965-66        Team Won District Championship  
1966-67        Team Finished SIXTH at State Finals
                    District Champions
                    Individual Medalists 
                    Alan Lowry           After Dinner    2ND Place
                    Sharon Engel        Prose              3RD Place
1967-68        Team Finished SEVENTH at State Finals
                    District Champions
                    Individual Medalist 
                    Michael Rasfeld    Comedy          STATE CHAMPION!
1968-69        Team Won STATE CHAMPIONSHIP at State Finals!!
                    District Champions
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Sharon Engel        Verse              2ND Place
                    Greg Taylor           Extemp           3RD Place
                    Scott Wilson          Orat Declam   4TH Place
                    Ron Blome            Radio              5TH Place

1969-70        Team Finished SECOND at State Finals
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Sharon Engel         Prose             STATE CHAMPION!
                    Greg Taylor            Extemp          2ND Place
                    Carol Reed             Serious          5TH Place

1970-71        Team Won District Championship
                    Individual Medalists
                    Joan Ferguson       Prose             5TH Place
                    Bettell                    Duet               5TH Place
                    Willyard                 Duet               5TH Place

1971-72        Team Won District Championship
                    Individual Medalists
                    Becky White           Dram Interp   3RD Place
1972-73         Individual Medalist
                    Julie Renaud          Prose             4TH Place
1973-74        Team Finished SEVENTH at State Finals
                    District Champions
                    Individual Medalist
                    Jim Meza                Orig Comedy   STATE CHAMPION! 
1974-75        Team Finished SEVENTH at State Finals
                    District Champions
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalist
                    Teresa Bland          Extemp             3RD Place
1975-76        Team Finished TENTH at State Finals
                    District Champions
                    Individual Medalist
                    Eric Strom               Verse                STATE CHAMPION!
1976-77        Team Finished SECOND at State Finals
                    Individual Medalists
                    Andy Heaton           Extemp              STATE CHAMPION!
                    Sue Young              Humor Interp     STATE CHAMPION!
                    Diana Williams       Orat Declam       3RD Place
                                                   Prose                  5TH Place
1977-78        Individual Medalist
                    Andy Heaton           Extemp               4TH Place
                    Amy Olson               Verse                 3RD Place
                                                   Orat Declam        6TH Place 
1978-79        Team Finished NINTH at State Finals
                    Individual Medalists 
                    Therese Christenson   Verse              STATE CHAMPION! 
                    Sharon Dennis            Radio              5TH Place
1979-80         Individual Medalist
                     Frank Krulac              Humor Interp   3RD Place
1980-81        Team Finished SIXTH at State Finals
                    Individual Medalists
                    David Filkin                 Orat Declam   STATE CHAMPION!
                    Andy Foster                 Dram Duet      3RD Place
                    John Neisler                Dram Duet      3RD Place
1981-82        Team Won STATE CHAMPIONSHIP at State Finals!! Coach Joe Gerace
                    District Champions
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    John Neisler                Dram Duet      STATE CHAMPION!        
                                                        Humor Duet    STATE CHAMPION!
                    Eric Berg                     Humor Duet    STATE CHAMPION!
                    Denise Blank               Dram Duet      STATE CHAMPION!
                    Eric Berg                     Humor Interp   3RD Place
                    Andy Foster                 Prose               3RD Place
                    Cindy Wilson               Verse               3RD Place
1982-83        Team Won STATE CHAMPIONSHIP at State Finals!! Coach Joe Gerace
                    Regional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Eric Berg                     Dram Duet        STATE CHAMPION!
                                                        Humor Interp    STATE CHAMPION!
                    Andy Foster                 Dram Duet        STATE CHAMPION!
                                                       Orat Declam      2ND Place
                    David Funck                Humor Duet       3RD Place
                    Kevin Spengel            Humor Duet       3RD Place

1983-84        Team Finished SIXTH at State Finals   Coach Joe Gerace
                    Regional Champions
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Kevin Spengel            Humor Duet       3RD Place
                                                       Humor Interp     3RD Place
                    David Funck                Humor Duet       3RD Place
                    Jay Burghardt             Prose                 4TH Place
                    Lisa Savegnago          Dram Interp       5TH Place
1984-85        Team Finished FOURTH at State Finals   Coach Joe Gerace
                    Regional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Fred Krejka                 Dram Interp       2ND Place                 
                                                        Dram Duet         5TH Place
                    Lisa Savegnago          Humor Interp     4TH Place
                                                        Dram Duet         5TH Place
                    Janna Lohmolder        Orat Declam      5TH Place
                    Blake Schomas           Special Occ       6TH Place
1985-86         Individual Medalist
                    Charlie Jensen             Humor Duet       5TH Place
                    Jeff Temple                  Humor Duet       5Th Place
1986-87        Team Finished FOURTH at State Finals 
                    Regional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Charlie Jensen             Dram Duet         2ND Place
                                                         Verse                3RD Place
                    Jerusha Matsen            Dram Duet         2ND Place
                    Rekha Rao                    Orig Oratory      3RD Place
                    Keith Spengel               Humor Interp    3RD Place
                    Chris Mancini                Humor Duet      5TH Place
                    Sessie Schomas           Humor Duet       5TH Place

1987-88        Team Finished FOURTH at State Finals
                    Regional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Keith Spengel               Orig Comedy    STATE CHAMPION!
                                                          Humor Interp    2ND Place
                    Jerusha Matsen             Verse                3RD Place 
                                                          Dram Interp      6TH Place
1988-89         Team Finished SECOND at State Finals 
                    Regional Champions
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Bridgett Kubin               Dram Duet        STATE CHAMPION! 
                    Jerusha Matsen             Dram Duet        STATE CHAMPION!
                    Beth Woodruff               Verse                STATE CHAMPION!
                    Jerusha Matsen             Dram Interp      3RD Place
                    Chris Snowbeck            Extemp             5TH Place
1989-90        Team Won STATE CHAMPIONSHIP at State Finals!! 
                    Regional Champions
                    Individual Medalists 
                    Jerusha Matsen             Dram Duet        STATE CHAMPION!
                                                          Prose                STATE CHAMPION!
                    Jen Dede                       Dram Duet        STATE CHAMPION!
                    Dan Ray                         Humor Interp    STATE CHAMPION!
                    Chris Snowbeck             Extemp            STATE CHAMPION!
                    Dan Ray                         Humor Duet      2ND Place
                    Rob Westra                    Humor Duet      2ND Place
                    Josh Hines                     Orig Comedy    4TH Place
                    Jen Dede                       Dram Interp       5TH Place
1990-91        Individual Medalists
                    Kevin McPhillip              Humor Duet      3RD Place
                    Suzanne Spinosa           Humor Duet      3RD Place
                    Luke Anderson               Verse                5TH Place
1991-92        Team Finished FIFTH at State Finals  
                    Regional Champions
                    Sectional Champions
                    Individual Medalists
                    Nathan Wiard                Humor Duet       2ND Place
                    Suzanne Spinosa          Humor Duet       2ND Place
                    Jen Dede                       Dram Duet         3RD Place
                                                          Dram Interp       4TH Place
                    Kevin McKillup              Dram Duet         3RD Place
                    Theresa Ellis                 Orig Oratory       5TH Place
As Wheaton Central
1966-67         Team Finished NINTH in State Finals 
1968-69         Team Finished FOURTH in State Finals
1969-70         Team Finished THIRD in State Finals
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