Brooklyn High School "Bullets"

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Brooklyn High School Building 1943
Courtesy of Milly Geisler

Brooklyn School Memorial Marker 2016

 The History of Brooklyn High School

Brooklyn (population 200) is one of three towns in Illinois that has been so named.  This Brooklyn is located in upper-western Illinois in the northwestern portion of Schuyler County.  The town is located along Illinois Route 101 just east of Illinois Route 99.  The county seat of Rushville is about 10 miles to the southeast of Brooklyn (as the crow flies). 
We are told that in its "hey day" Brooklyn had a population of about 500.  Three gas stations and a couple of grocery stores were supported by its residents and surrounding smaller communities and farm people through the 1970s.  As with many small towns, the small businesses eventually closed.  Brooklyn's population has steadied at around 200 residents.
The residents of Brooklyn began an educational system for their children in the early years of its growth.  We believe a grade school was established in the late 1800s.  A high school curriculum likely followed shortly after, possibly not until the early 1900s though.  Brooklyn High School served the town of Brooklyn and the surrounding farm families for many years.  The school building in town housed both the grade school and the high school classes.
The late 1950s and early 1960s brought about consolidation talks with the county seat of Rushville.  We are advised it was in the spring of 1967 that these talks became a reality.  Brooklyn High School closed her doors at that time.  Students were then bussed to Rushville for their educational needs.
The Brooklyn High School building has been torn down. 

Brooklyn School Steps and Gym Building 2016

Brooklyn High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                          late 1800s
Year closed:                           1967
Consolidated to:                      Rushville High School
Brooklyn HS team nickname:   the "Bullets"
Brooklyn HS team colors:        Orange & Black
School Fight Song:                  unavailable

Brooklyn School Gym Building 2016

Brooklyn High School Gymnasium 1943
Courtesy of Milly Geisler

Brooklyn High School Basketball Team of 1942-43
Submitted by Milly Geisler

We have been told there was a basketball program for boys at Brooklyn High.  It is quit possible that baseball and track may have been offered as well.  We are currently in search of the school fight song, team records, and coach's names of the teams that graced the courts and fields of Brooklyn High's storied past.
James Lantz provided us with this bit of information on the Brooklyn High School athletic program:
"Brooklyn High School did in fact have basketball, track, and baseball programs.  I was in Littleton H.S. and we competed with Brooklyn, Camden, Huntsville, Browning, Fredrick, and other three-year high schools."
Girls Basketball
The ladies competed in basketball with other schools in the area, at least in the 1930s for certain. An article in the Macomb Daily Journal, written February 1, 1933, was located by Beau Spencer. It states the following:
"The Brooklyn girls quintet, one of the strongest girls basketball teams in this section, is to meet the Adair girls team in a basketball program at the Industry High School gym tomorrow night.  The Brooklyn team has lost only one game in three seasons.  The Adair team has not lost a game in two years, though the McDonough team has not played as strong opponents as Brooklyn."

Brooklyn High School Band of 1942-43
Thank You to Milly Geisler

Extra-Curricular Activities
We know that sports were not the only "game" in town at Brooklyn High.  It is probable that class plays, FFA, FHA, GAA, Band, and Chorus were all a part of the BHS experience.  If you have ANY information on these or other activities offered at Brooklyn High School please contact us at the address listed below.
From former student Colene Henderson:
"Brooklyn School had very special teachers that taught 3 grades in one room....all
classes.  Memories of this school will always be with me. It was a building of many happy moments. This school is such a pleasure to think about....very nice memories."
From former student Jim Lantz:
" My mother (Edna B. Lantz) taught in the grade school before I was born in 1926, and I attended grade school there through the first four grades.  My teacher was Neva Reeves who later married Jesse Bartlett who was also a teacher and principle."
From former student Milly Geisler:
"I attended Brooklyn High School from 1940-1943 and received a good education.  The principal was Mr. Lawrence Camp, Miss Aletha Linebaugh was English and Math teacher, Miss Woods taught some classes and Mrs. Chestnut was a teacher.
I still have the BHS yearbook, "Echoes of 42-43".  We had parties, picnics, a Christmas program, and a play "Good Gracious Grandma". We also had a band and athletics included baseball, basketball and track."  

BHS Teachers of 1942-43
Submitted by Milly Geisler

**From Donna Hite Young and Polly Lantz Smith:
"The following information was told to me by my uncle, Merle Lantz:
The first Brooklyn Band was organized in 1871.
The photo of the band (below) was taken circa 1904. Dr. J.E. Camp (clarinet) was the director. They practiced in the old town hall. Merle was a small boy, he remembers going with his brother, C.W. Lantz (alto horn), to sit, watch, and listen.
The band stand was two stories high -- the band played on the top floor. Speakers, master of ceremonies, kid's speaking pieces, etc, were on the bottom floor.  A favorite Halloween trick for Brooklyn boys was to tear down a buggy and put it together on the top story.
On Decoration Day the band marched to the cemetery, playing as they marched.
The band performed concerts in other towns.  My grandfather, Thomas Lantz, drove the horses that pulled the band wagon (painted and decorated like a circus wagon).  The band played while they rode through the country, often over muddy roads.
The bass drum for this band is now on display in the Rushville Museum."

Brooklyn Town Band 1904
Submitted by Donna Hite Young / Provided by Polly Lantz Smith

Back Row, L to R:  Frank Reeves, Will Hite, Major Crone, Ed Blackburn, T.D. (Cap) Lewis, Dr. J.E. Camp, Oren Hite, Lawrence Randall
Middle Row:  C.W. (Cy) Lantz, Perry Hite
Front Row:  Ed Chipman, Glandon Lantz, Loren Camp, Paul Bissell, Harry Camp
We Need Your Assistance
If you have any further information regarding the town of Brooklyn and its former High School please contact us at A photo of the former high school building and other activities offered at BHS are welcome.  You can send items to us via real mail at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva Street
Chicago,  Il.  60631

Brooklyn High School Class of 1907 or 1908
Submitted by Donna Hite Young / Provided by Polly Lantz Smith

Back Row, Left to Right:   Ronald Perry Hite
All other names needed.

Brooklyn High School Student Body of 1942-43
Submitted by Milly Geisler

1st row:  Lyle Vail, Bill Chestnut, Edna Downs, Mildred Smith
2nd row: Jeanette Fowler, Milly Downs Geisler, Richard Fogle, Norma Downs, Erma Waymack, Jean Hillyer, Mabel Burton
3rd row:  Miss Linebaugh, Geo. Campbell, Laurel Vail, Iva Ringenberg, William Pieper,  Merle Terry, Kennard Fowler, Norma Brough, John Larkin, Gene Raper, Mr. Camp

Brooklyn Methodist Church
Submitted by Milly Geisler

Terry's Store Building in Brooklyn, Illinois 2016
Operated from 1930 - 1988