Chicago Heights Bloom Trail "Trail Blazers"

Closed High Schools Alumni Apparel
IN THE BEGINNING - Where Closed High Schools Consolidated To
*Schools That Start With "A"
*Schools That Start With "B"
*Schools That Start With "C"
*Schools That Start With "D"
*Schools That Start With "E"
*Schools That Start With "F"
*Schools That Start With "G"
*Schools That Start With "H"
*Schools That Start With... "I"
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*Schools That Start With.. "V"
*Schools That Start With "W"
*Schools That Start With.. "X"
*Schools That Start With.. "Y"
*Schools That Start With.. "Z"
*Cabery High School
*Cable Public School
Cahokia Ft. Bowman Ch Ac
Cahokia St. Joseph Inst.
*Cairo Camelot HS
*Cairo St. Joseph HS
*Cairo Sumner H.S.
*Caledonia High School
Calhoun High School
Calumet City Wentworth
*Camargo School
*Cambria High School
Camden High School
Camp Point Maplewood HS
*Campbell Hill Comm. HS
*Capron High School
*Carbondale Attucks HS
*Carbondale University HS
*Carbon Hill High School
*Carlock High School
*Carlyle High School
Carlyle St. Mary HS
*Carmi High School
Carmi East Side HS
*Carpntrsvlle Irving Crown
*Carrier Mills High School
*Carrollton St. John's HS
*Carthage High School
*Casey High School
*Castleton High School
*Cave-In-Rock H.S.
*Cedarville High School
*Chadwick High School
*Chambersburg H. S.
Champaign St. Mary HS
*Chandlerville High School
Channahon High School
*Chapin High School
Charleston Eastern State
*Chatham High School
*Chatsworth High School
*Chatsworth Ss.Peter&Paul
*Chebanse High School
*Chenoa High School
*Cherry High School
Cherry Valley High School
*Chesterfield High School
*Chestnut High School
*Chgo Archdio Schools
*Chgo Acad.of Our Lady
*Chi Acad./Sacred Heart
Chgo Academy of St.James
*Chgo Alvernia Cath. HS
*Chgo Angel Guardian HS
*Chicago Aqunias HS
Chgo Armour Acad. HS
*Chicago Calumet H.S.
*Chi Cardinal Stritch HS
*Chicago Cathedral HS
*Chicago Central HS
Chi Central YMCA HS
*Chicago Cooley HS
*Chi Corpus Christi HS
*Chicago Creiger HS
*Chi DePaul Univ Acad.
Chi DePaul U Loop HS
*Chicago Englewood HS
*Chicago English HS
*Chicago Ephpheta
*Chicago Forrestville HS
*Chgo Good Counsel HS
*Chicago Harrison HS
*Chicago Harvard School
*Chgo Harvard St. George
*Chi Heart of Mary HS
Chgo. Hibbard High School
*Chicago Holy Family Acad
Chgo HSs of Early 1900s
*Chgo Immaculata HS
*Chicago Jefferson HS
Chicago Kinzie High School
Chicago Lake HS
*Chgo Lewis Inst. HS
*Chicage Little Flower HS
*Chgo Loretto(Englewood)
*Chgo Loretto(Woodlawn)
*Chgo Loring HS for Girls
*Chicago Lourdes HS
*Chicago Luther Institute
Chgo Luther South HS
*Chicago Madonna HS
Chicago Manual HS
Chicago Marquette Institute
*Chicago Medill HS
*Chicago Mendel Cath. HS
*Chicago Mercy HS
Chicago Mercy Mission HS
Chicago Metropolitan HS
*Chgo Morgan Pk Mil Acad
*Chicago Near North HS
*Chgo North Park Academy
*Chi N. Division/Waller HS
*Chi NW Division/Tuley
*Chicago Parker HS
*Chicago Providence HS
*Chicago Pullman HS
*Chgo Quigley North HS
Chgo Quigley Prep
*Chgo Quigley South HS
Chgo Sac.Heart (18th St.)
Chgo Sac.Heart (May St.)
*Chgo Sac. Heart (Oakley)
Chicago St. Agatha Acad
Chicago St. Aloysius (Girls)
Chicago St. Ann HS
*Chi St. Augustine
*Chicago St. Barbara HS
*Chicago St. Casimir Acad.
*Chi St. Casimir Comm.
Chicago St. Columbkille
Chicago St. Cyril HS
Chicago St. Dominic HS
*Chicago St. Elizabeth HS
*Chicago St. Gabriel
Chi St. George for Girls
Chicago St. James
*Chgo St. Joseph HS
*Chi St. Louis Academy
Chicago St. Malachy HS
*Chi St Mary of the Lake
Chicago St. Mary HS
*Chi St Martin de Porres HS
*Chgo St. Mary of Per. Help
*Chicago St. Mel HS
*Chicago St. Michael HS
*Chi St. Michael Cent HS
*Chi St. Pat's Girls/West
Chi St. Pat's Girls/SE
Chicago St. Paul HS
Chi Sts. Peter & Paul HS
*Chicago St. Philip HS
Chicago St. Pius Comm HS
Chgo St. Procopius HS
Chgo St. Scholastica Acad.
Chicago St. Sebastian HS
*Chi St. Stanislus Kostka
*Chi St. Thos. Apostle HS
Chi St. Vin de Paul/DePaul
*Chicago St. Xavier Acad.
*Chicago Siena HS
Chicago South Division HS
*Chicago Unity High School
*Chicago Visitation HS
*Chicago Washburne Tech
*Chicago Weber HS
Chgo Westcott HS
*Chgo West Div./McKinley
*Chgo Willibrord Cath. HS
Chgo Yng. Lady's Sem. - SH
Chgo Hts Bloom Trail HS
*Cicero Morton East HS
*Cisco High School
*Claremont High School
*Clayton High School
*Clifton High School
Coalton High School
*Coal Valley High School
Coatsburg High School
*Coffeen High School
*Colchester High School
*Coleta High School
*Colfax High School
*Colfax Octavia H. S.
*Colona High School
*Colp High School
*Colusa High School
*Cooksville High School
Compton High School
*Congerville High School
*Cordova High School
*Cornell High School
*Cornland High School
*Cowden High School
Cowling High School
*Creal Springs H. S.
Crescent City High School
*Crescent-Iroquois HS
*Creston High School
*Crete High School
*Cropsey High School
*Crossville High School
*Crystal Lake Seminary
*Cullom High School
*Cutler High School
*Cypress High School
*Dahlgren High School
*Dakota Interior Academy
*Dallas CIty High School
Dalton City High School
*Dana High School
Danforth High School
*Danvers High School
*Danville St. Mary Acad.
*Davis High School
*Dawson High School
*Decatur High School
*Decatur Lakeview HS
*Decatur-Stephen Decatur
*Deer Creek High School
*DeKalb Notre Dame H.S.
*Delafield High School
*DeLand High School
*Denver High School
DesPlaines Maryville Ac.
*Des Plaines St. Pat. Acad.
*DeSoto High School
*Detroit High School
*DeWitt High School
Dewmaine High School
*Divernon High School
Dix High School
*Dixon North High School
*Dixon Rock River M.A.
*Donnellson High School
*Dorchester High School
*Dover Academy
*Dowell High School
*Downs Kickapoo Union HS
*Du Bois School
Dudley Township HS
Dundas High School
*Dundee Community HS
*Du Quoin Lincoln H.S.
*East Lynn High School
East Pawpaw Seminary
*East St. Louis Lincoln HS
E. St. Louis St. Teresa
*Easton High School
Eddyville High School
*Edgewood High School
Edwardsville Lincoln HS
*Ela-Vernon HS
*Elburn High School
*El Dara High School
*Eldred High School
Elgin St. Mary Academy
*Elizabeth High School
*Elizabethtown High School
*Elkhart High School
*Elkville High School
Ellis Township High School
*Ellisville High School
*Ellsworth High School
*Elmira High School
*El Paso High School
*Elsah High School
*Elvaston High School
*Emden High School
*Enfield High School
Equality High School
*Etna / Paradise Schools
*Evanston Academy HS
*Evanston Marywood HS
*Evanston St. George HS
*Ewing High School
*Exeter High School
*Fairbury High School
Fairbury-Cropsey HS
*Fairdale High School
*Fairmount High School
*Fairview High School
Farina High School
Farina (LaGrove) H. S.
Farm Ridge Seminary
*Farmer City High School
*Farmer City-Mansfield HS
*Farmersville High School
Ferrin High School
*Ferris High School
*Fillmore High School
*Findlay High School
*Flanagan High School
*Flat Rock High School
*Foosland High School
*Forest City High School
*Forrest Township H. S.
*Forrest-Strawn-Wing HS
*Fountain Green HS
*Franklin Center H.S.
*Franklin Grove HS
*Franklin Pk. East Leyden
*Frederick High School
*Freeport St. Mary HS
*Galena Cath. Academies
*Galesburg Corpus Christi
*Galesburg Costa
Gardner High School
*Gays High School
*Geff High School
*Genoa High School
Georgetown High School
*Gibson City High School
Gifford High School
*Gilman High School
*Gilson High School
*Girard High School
Gladstone High School
*Gladstone / Oquawka H.S.
*Glenarm Ball Twshp HS
*Glen Ellyn High School
Glenwood School for Boys
Godfrey High School
*Golden High School
*Golden Gate High School
*Good Hope High School
*Gorham High School
*Grafton High School
*Grand Chain High School
*Grand Ridge High School
*Grand Tower High School
Grandview High School
Granite City North HS
Granite City South HS
Grantsburg High School
*Granville Hopkins HS
*Greenbush Academy
*Greenup High School
*Greenville High School
*Green Valley High School
*Greenwood High School
*Gridley High School
*Griggsville Academy
*Griggsville High School
Hamburg High School
*Hammond High School
*Hanover High School
Hardin High School
*Harding High School
*Harmon High School
*Hartsburg High School
*Harvel High School
*Hebron High School
*Hennepin High School
*Henning High School
*Henry High School
Herald High School
*Herrick High School
Herrin Catholic HS
*Hersman High School
*Hettick High School
*Highland Pk.Drfield Shlds.
*Highland Pk NW Mil. Ac.
Highland St. Paul HS
*Hillsdale High School
*Hillside Mater Dolorosa
*Hillview High School
*Hinckley High School
*Hindsboro High School
Hinsdale Marian HIlls Sem.
*Homer High School
*Hoopeston High School
Hoopeston-East Lynn HS
*Hoopeston John Greer HS
*Hooppole High School
*Hopedale High School
*Hoyleton High School
*Hudson High School
*Hull High School
Humboldt High School
*Hume High School
Huntsville High School
*Hurst-Bush High School
*Illiopolis High School
*Ina High School
*Indianola High School
*Industry High School
Ingraham High School
Iola High School
*Ipava High School
*Irving High School
Irvington High School
*Irwin Sac. Heart HS
Iuka High School
Jewett High School
*Joliet Catholic HS
*Joliet Central HS
*Joliet DeLaSalle HS
*Joliet East High School
Joliet Guardian Angel HS
*Joliet St. Francis Academy
Joliet St. John/St. Joseph
*Joliet St. Mary Academy
*Joliet West HS
Jonesboro High School
*Joy High School
*Joy Westmer HS
*Kampsville High School
*Kane High School
*Kaneville High School
*Kankakee Eastridge HS
*Kank. St. Joseph's Acad.
*Kankakee St. Patrick HS
Kankakee Westview HS
Kansas Eton Acad. HS
*Karnak High School
*Kasbeer High School
Kaskaskia High School
Kaskaskia Acad/Visitation
Kerens High School
Keensburg High School
*Keithsburg High School
*Kell High School
Kemper High School
*Kempton High School
*Kempton-Cabery H.S.
Kenilworth Rugby HS
*Kenney High School
*Kewanee Visitation
Kewanee/Wetherfield Union
*Keyesport High School
*Kilbourne High School
Kinderhook High School
Kinderhook West Pike HS
*Kings High School
*Kingston High School
*Kinmundy High School
Kinmundy-Alma HS
*Kinsman High School
*Kirkland High School
*Kirkwood High School
*Kishwaukee High School
*Knoxville St. Alban's
La Clede High School
*Lacon High School
*Ladd High School
*LaFayette High School
*LaHarpe High School
*Lake City High School
*Lake Forest Ferry Hall
*Lakewood High School
*Lanark High School
Lancaster High School
Landes High School
*Lane High School
*La Place High School
La Prairie High School
*LaRose High School
*LaSalle St. Patrick (Boys)
*LaSalle St. Patrick (Girls)
*Latham High School
*Leaf River High School
*Lee High School
*Lee Center High School
*Lemont Forn. Inst. of Tech.
*Lemont St. James Acad.
*Lemont St.Vincent dePaul
*Lena High School
Lenzburg High School
*Lerna High School
*Lily Lake High School
Lima High School
*Lisbon HS & Acad.
Lisle Man.Training School
*Lisle Sacred Heart Acad.
Lisle St. Procopius Acad.
*Little York High School
*Littleton High School
*Livingston High School
*Loami High School
*Lockport Lewis Holy Name
*Lockport Sac. Heart Acad.
*Lockpt St Chs. Borromeo
*Lockport West HS
*Loda High School
*Logan (Hanaford) HS
Lomax High School
*London Mills High School
*Long Point High School
*Longview High School
Loraine High School
*Lostant High School
*Lovington High School
*Low Point High School
Ludlow High School
*Lyndon High School
*Macedonia High School
*Mackinaw High School
*Macomb Western HS
*Macon High School
Madison Dunbar HS
*Magnolia High School
Mahomet High School
*Maine Twnshp North HS
Makanda High School
*Malden High School
*Malta High School
*Manchester High School
Manhattan High School
*Manito High School
*Manito Forman HS
*Manlius High School
*Mansfield High School
*Manteno Our Lady Acad.
*Maple Park High School
*Maquon High School
*Marine High School
*Maroa High School
*Marseilles High School
*Martinton High School
Mason High School
*Mason City High School
Matherville High School
Maunie High School
*Maytown Academy
*Mazon High School
*MazonVeronaKinsman HS
*McClure High School
*McLean High School
*(McNabb) Swaney H.S.
*Mechanicsburg HS
*Media Wever High School
*Medora High School
Melrose Pk. Sac. Hrt. Sem.
*Melvin High School
*Melvin-Sibley High School
Mendon High School
*Mendota East High School
Meredosia High School
*Metcalf High School
*(Metcalf) Young America
*Metropolis Community HS
*Metropolis Dunbar HS
*Middletown High School
*Milan High School
*Millbrook High School
Mill Shoals High School
*Mills Prairie High School
*Millstadt High School
*Milton High School
*Milton East Pike HS
*Mineral High School
*Minier High School
*Minonk High School
*Minonk-Dana-Rutland HS
*Modesto High School
*Mokena High School
*Moline St. Mary's HS
*Momence St. Judes
*Momence St. Patrick
Monee High School
*Monmouth High School
*Monmouth Warren HS
*Monmouth Yorkwood HS
*Monroe Center HS
*Montrose High School
*Morris St. Angela
*Mound City Comm. HS
*Mound City Lovejoy HS
*Mounds High School
*Mounds Douglass H.S.
*Mt. Auburn High School
*Mt. Carroll High School
*Mt. Erie High School
*Mt. Morris High School
Mt. Sterling High School
*Mt. Sterling St. Mary HS
*Moweaqua High School
Murphysboro Douglass HS
*Murrayville High School
Nason High School
*Nauvoo High School
Nauvoo-Colusa H.S.
*Nauvoo St. Mary Academy
Nauvoo Sts. Ptr.&Paul HS
*Nebo High School
*Nelson High School
*Neoga Township H.S.
*Neponset High School
*New Baden High School
*New Boston H.S.
*New Burnside HS
*New Canton High School
*New Columbia H.S.
*New Douglas High School
*New Holland High School
*New Holland-Middletown
*New Milford High School
*New Salem High School
*New Windsor High School
*Newman High School
*Niantic-Harristown HS
*NIles St. Hedwig
*Nilwood High School
Noble High School
*Nora High School
*Norris City High School
Norris City-Omaha HS
North Henderson HS
*(Northfield) Marillac HS
*N'field New Trier West HS
*Northlake West LeydenHS
*Oakdale High School
*Oakford High School
*Oconee High School
*Odell High School
*Odell St. Paul High School
Ogden High School
*Ohio St. Joseph's
Ohlman High School
*Olive Branch High School
Olney High School
Omaha High School
*Onarga High School
*Onarga Grand Prair. Sem.
*Onarga Military Academy
*Oneida High School
*Opdyke High School
*Oquawka High School
*Orland Township HS
*Osceola High School
*Ottawa Catholic HS
*Ottawa Pleasant View
*Ottawa St. Columba HS
*Ottawa St. Xavier Acad.
*Owaneco High School
Palmer High School
*Palmyra High School
*Panama High School
*Parkersburg High School
Patterson High School
Pavilion Long Grv. Acad.
*Paxton High School
*Payson High School
*Pearl High School
*Penfield High School
*Penfield St. Lawrence Ac.
*Peoria Academy of O. L.
*Peoria Bergan HS
*Peoria Spalding
*Peoria Woodruff H.S.
Percy High School
*Peru Acad. of St. Joseph
*Perry High School
*Pesotum High School
*Petersburg High School
*Philo High School
Philo St. Joseph HS
*Piopolis Catholic H.S.
*Piper City High School
*Piper City Ford Central HS
*Pittsburg High School
*Plato Center H.S.
*Plattville High School
*Plymouth High School
*Pocahontas High School
*Poplar Grove High School
*Port Byron High School
*Potomac High School
*Potomac Wescove HS
*Prairie City HS
*Prairieville High School
*(Putnam)Senachwine HS
Quincy Chris. Bro/Cath. HS
Quincy College Acad./Boys
Quincy St.MaryInst./ND
*Rankin High School
Ransom High School
*Rantoul Donovan Mem. HS
Rardin High School
*Ray High School
*Raymond High School
*Reddick R.U.C.E. H. S.
*Redmon High School
Reno High School
*Reynolds High School
Richmond High School
*Ridge Farm High School
*Ridgway High School
Ringwood High School
*Rio High School
*River Forest High School
*RiverGrove Holy Cross HS
*RiverGrove Mother Guerin
*Roanoke Hgh School
*Robbs High School
*Roberts High School
*Roberts-Thawville HS
Rockbridge High School
*Rockford High School
*Rkfd. Bishop Muldoon
*Rockford St. James HS
*Rockford St. Thomas
*Rockford West H S
*R.I. St. Joseph's HS
*R.I. Villa de Chantal
*Rockport High School
*Rolling Meadows SHM HS
*Rollo High School
*Roodhouse High School
*Rosamond High School
Roscoe High School
Rose Hill High School
*Roseville High School
*Rosiclare High School
*Rossville High School
*Rossville-Alvin H.S.
*Royalton High School
*Rushville High School
*Rutland High School
*Sadorus High School
*Sailor Springs H.S.
*St. Anne Academy
St. Anne Cath. Boys Acad.
*St. Charles Mt. St. Mary
*St. Charles Valley Luth.
*St. Francisville HS
St. George HS
*St. Jacob High School
St. James High School
*St. Joseph High School
St. Rose High School
Ste. Marie High School
*Salisbury High School
Sandusky Young HS
*San Jose High School
*Saunemin High School
*Savanna High School
*Saybrook High School
*Saybrook-Arrowsmith HS
Schram City School
*Sciota Northwestern HS
*Scottland High School
*Scottville High School
*Seaton High School
Seatonville High School
*Secor High School
*Sesser High School
*Seward High School
*Seymour High School
*Shabbona High School
*Shannon High School
*Shawneetown H.S.
*Sheffield High School
*Sheldon High School
Sheridan High School
Shields High School
*Shipman High School
*(Shirley) Ben Funk HS
Shumway High School
*Sibley High School
*Sidell High School
Sidney High School
Sigel High School
Silvis High School
*Simpson High School
*Skokie Niles East HS
Smithboro High School
*Smithfield High School
Sorento High School
*South Chicago HS
*Sparland High School
Springerton High School
*Sprngfld Cathed./Griffin HS
*Springfield Converse HS
*Sprinfield Feitshans HS
*Spfld Sacred Heart Acad
*Spgfld. St. James HS
*Spfld. Ursuline Academy
*Stanford High School
*Sterling St. Mary's/C.C.
*Sterling Nazarene
*Steward High School
*Stewardson High School
Stiritz High School
*Stockland High School
*Stonefort High School
*Stonington High School
*Strasburg High School
*Strasburg High School
*Strawn High School
*Stronghurst High School
*Stronghurst Southern HS
*Sugar Grove HS
*Sumner High School
*Sycamore St. Alban's
*Sycamore Waterman Hall
*Table Grove High School
*Tamaroa High School
*Tallula High School
*Tamms Community HS
*Tampico High School
Techny Bros. Cand. HS
*Tennessee High School
*Terre Haute High School
^T'toplis/W'mont St. Joseph
*Thawville High School
*Thebes High School
Thomasboro High School
*Thomson High School
*Tilden High School
Timewell High School
*Tiskilwa High School
*Toledo High School
*Tolono High School
*Toluca High School
*Toluca St. Ann H.S.
*Toluca St. Joachim H.S.
*Tonica High School
*Toulon Academy H.S.
*Toulon-Lafayette HS
*Toulon Township HS
*Towanda High School
*Tower Hill High School
Trenton High School
*Trivoli High School
*Troy Grove School
*Troy McCray-Dewey HS
*Ullin High School
*Union High School
*Union Hill HS
*Upper Alton High School
Ursa High School
*Valier High School
*Varna High School
*(Varna)Mid-County HS
*Venice High School
*Venice Lincoln H.S.
*Venice Newport HS
*Venice St. Mark's HS
*Vergennes High School
Vermilion High School
*Vermilion Grove Academy
*Vermont High School
Vernon High School
*Versailles High School
*Victoria High School
*Viola High School
*Virden High School
*Waggoner High School
*Walnut High School
Walnut Grove Twnshp HS
*Walpole High School
*Wapella High School
*Warrensburg High School
Wasco High School
*Washburn High School
*Wataga High School
Waterloo Sts. Peter & Paul
*Waterman High School
Watson High School
*Waukegan East HS
*Waukegan Holy Child HS
Waukegan West HS
*Waynesville High School
Wedron High School
*Weldon High School
*Wellington High School
*Wenona High School
*West Brooklyn H.S.
*West Point High School
*West Salem High School
*West Union H.S.
*West York High School
*Westchester IHM
*Westervelt High School
*Westfield High School
*Wheaton Central HS
*Wheaton-Warrenville HS
*White Hall High School
*Willisville High School
Willisville-Percy H.S.
*Willow Hill High School
*Wilmette Mallinckrodt HS
*Wilmette Maria Imm. Acad
*Wing High School
*Winnetka New Trier East
*Winola High School
*Winslow High School
*Witt High School
*Wolf Lake High School
*Woodhull High School
*Woodland High School
Woodson High School
Woodstock St. Mary HS
*Woodstock Seminary
*Worden High School
*Wyanet High School
*Wyoming High School
Xenia High School
Yale High School
*Yates City High School
*Youngstown High School
*Zeigler High School
Zeigler Christ. Acad.
                     The History of Chicago Heights Bloom Trail High School
Chicago Heights (population 32,776) is located in the southern suburban area of Chicago, which is 22 miles to the north. The Indiana border is within 10 miles of Chicago Heights, which can be reached by using Interstate 57, US 30, and Illinois 1.
The community's origin can be traced back to the 1830's when farmer Absalom Wells built his cabin in an area known as Thorn Creek, but it wasn't until the early 1890's that there was a movement to create a community to the south of the "big city" as developer Charles Wacker and others lured Inland Steel to locate there and Chicago Heights started to take off. People of different nationalities relocated there and by 1920, over 19,600 people lived there.
The community was home to around-the-clock plants that produced steel, war, and chemical products during World War II, and the Ford Motor Company decided to locate a plant there in the 1950's. Chicago Heights had over 40,900 residents in 1970, but has declined due to plant closings to its current population and there has been revitalization of urban renewal along with stabilization in the workforce to hold off the decline.
Bloom Trail was started in the 1964-65 school year as the home of freshmen students from Bloom Township High School, then expanded the new school year to house freshmen and sophomores as the population swelled. This forced the school district to institute a split-day schedule for classes at both buildings.
There is a little confusion as to what year Bloom Trail actually became its own school. According to the IHSA website (, two sports are shown to have offered in the 1975-76 school year at the school. But on the Bloom Trail site ( thru Bloom Township High School, it was stated " the fall of 1976, following a successful building bond referendum, Bloom School District had two four-year schools. Bloom Trail was then born." 
The first graduating class from Bloom Trail in 1977 had 348 students, all of which made the choice to graduate from there after being at Bloom Township the year before. There were 27 more graduations with over 10,000 alumni before the school board decided to merge the two schools back together under the name Bloom Township in 2003. Bloom Trail remains open but is considered another campus for the main school in the district that it serves. All athletics and extra-curricular activities are now held under the Bloom Township banner.    
School opened:                          1976
School closed:                           2003
Now part of:                               Bloom Township High School
School colors:                           Navy Blue & Old Gold
School nickname:                      Trail Blazers
School song:                             unknown
Bloom Trail offered numerous sports for its co-ed enrollment. The boys had their choice from football, basketball, baseball, wrestling, track, cross-country, golf, swimming, gymnastics, and soccer. For the girls, they could play volleyball, basketball, badminton, track, cross-country, soccer, gymnastics, swimming, softball, and tennis. According to the IHSA website (, there is no record that shows whether or not the school offered other sports or activities. Anyone who has proof is encouraged to submit the information at



The Trail Blazers were known in the state as a formidable team, taking home several first place medals and finishing in the top three at the state AA meet twice in a three-year span. Coach John Collet helped bring recognition to the program, which went 33-1 in dual and triangular meets over a five-year period in the first half of the 1980’s. Here are some of the highlights for the oval track stars of Bloom Trail:


1978     5-3   Team Medalist                        Coach John Collet

                        440-yard relay--6th place

                    Individual Medalist

                        Greg Newquist--7th place--High jump


1979             Team Medalists                      Coach John Collet

                        1-mile relay--2nd place

                        880-yard relay--8th place


1980     6-0    Individual Medalist                Coach John Collet

                        Scott Gillespie--6th place--200-meter dash


1981     6-0                                                  Coach John Collet

1982     8-0    District Champions                 Coach John Collet

                    Team Medalists

                       1600-meter relay--3rd place

                         800-meter relay--7th place

                         400-meter relay--8th place

                    Individual Medalists

                        Fred Barnes--7th place--Long Jump

                        Clifton Franklin--6th place--100-meter high hurdles

                        David Neal--8th place--100-meter dash

                        Chico Rigdon--8th place—Discus


1983     7-1    Sectional Champions             Coach John Collet

                      Second in AA State Finals!!!!

                        1  East St. Louis Lincoln               49

                        2  Chicago Heights Bloom Trail  46

                        3  Waukegan East                        30  

                        4  Chicago Kenwood                     29  

                        5  Danville HS                               28  

                        6  Wheaton North                          21  

                            Chicago Tilden                          21

                        8  Oak Park-River Forest               19  

                        9  Arlington Heights St. Viator       16  

                      10  Downers Grove South                15 

                    Team Medalists

                       1600-meter relay---STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

                         800-meter relay---3rd place                         

                         400-meter relay---4th place

                    Individual Medalists

                        Ernest Burr---2nd place—100-meter high hurdles

                                           7th place---triple jump

                        Clifton Franklin---2nd place---300-meter hurdles

                                                 3rd place---100-meter high hurdles

                        Ed Spila---8th place---shotput


1984     6-0   SECTIONAL CHAMPIONS         Coach John Collet

                      Individual Medalist

                        Leonard Vance--5th place--triple jump


1985             SECTIONAL CHAMPIONS        Coach John Collet

                       Third in AA State Finals!!!

                         1  East St. Louis Senior                 40

                         2  Elmhurst York                           39  

                         3  Chicago Heights Bloom Trail   36

                         4  Harvey Thornton                         29  

                         5  Chicago Mt. Carmel                   26  

                         6  Zion-Benton                               25  

                         7  Rock Island HS                         24  

                         8  Peoria Central                           20  

                         9  Danville HS                               18  

                             Oak Park-River Forest               18 

                    Team Medalists

                          400-meter relay---STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

                          800-meter relay---2nd place

                    Individual Medalists

                         Aaron Mayo---STATE CHAMPION!!!---100-meter dash

                                                2nd place---200-meter dash


1986             Individual Medalist                  Coach John Collet  

                         Chris Heidt---6th place---3200-meter run


1987     4-2-1 Individual Medalist                 Coach Bob Stevens

                         Edward Williams---5th place---100-meter hurdles


1988             Team Medalist                        Coach Joe Skowronski

                        400-meter relay---6th place

                    Individual Medalist                  

                        Makeba Wolfe---8th place---triple jump


1989     7-3    Individual Medalist                 Coach Joe Skowronski

                        Cordell Drake---5th place---300-meter hurdles


1990              Individual Medalist                 Coach Joe Skowronski

                        Fletcher Davis---3rd place---triple jump


1991              Individual Medalist                 Coach Joe Skowronski

                        Daniel Wilson---5th place---100-meter high hurdles


1993              Individual Medalist                 Coach Joe Skowronski

                        James Moore—STATE CHAMPION!!!---long jump







In the winter months, Bloom Trail’s grapplers had plenty of success from the first year that the school was open, eventually having a team champion and two individuals win their weight classes at the state meet, along with three second-place finishes.


1975-76   10-3-1                                            Coach Mike Fendley

1976-77   14-2     Individual Medalist            Coach Ron Ray

                             Walter Futrell---STATE CHAMPION!!!---119 lbs             

1977-78   12-5     Individual Medalist            Coach Ron Ray

                             Harold Moore---6th Place---145 lbs

1978-79   12-4     District Champions             Coach Ron Ray

1979-80   20-1     District Champions             Coach Ron Ray

                             Sectional Champions

                              Finished Ninth at AA State Finals

                              1  Addison Trail                         62.5

                              2  Maywood Proviso East           61

                              3  Moline                                  58

                              4  Oak Lawn Richards               52

                              5  Rockford Jefferson                 49.5

                              6  Belleville West                      40

                                  Waukegan East                    40   

                              8  Machesney Park Harlem        38

      9  Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail    37

    10  Oak Lawn Community            36.5

  Individual Medalists

   Lenal Brinson---5th place---105 lbs

                         Carl Davis---5th place---167 lbs

1980-81   14-4   District Champions             Coach Ron Ray

                           Sectional Champions

                        Individual Medalist

                            James Irons---2nd place--Heavyweight 


  1981-82   15-4   STATE CHAMPIONS!!!        Coach Ron Ray

                             District Champions

                  Sectional Champions

                     1  Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail        72.5

                     2  Carol Stream Glenbard North      61.5

                     3  Waukegan East                         60.5

                     4  Bethalto Civic Memorial              58.5

                     5  New Lenox Lincoln-Way             52.5

                               6  Wheaton North                          46.5

                     7  Belleville West                          42

                     8  Maywood Proviso East              41

                     9  Hoffman Estates HS                  40

                              10  Joliet West                              39

1982-83   10-8    Individual Medalists           Coach Ron Ray

                             James Irons---STATE CHAMPION!!!—Heavyweight

                             Chris McFarland---2nd place---145 lbs

                             Reginald Wilson---2nd place---155 lbs


1983-84              Regional Champions         Coach Ron Ray

1987-88     9-1                                               Coach Gabe Damiani

1988-89   11-5                                               Coach Tom Tong

1989-90   10-8    Regional Champions          Coach Tom Tong

                            Individual Medalist

                             Stanley Johnson---6th place---189 lbs

1990-91   12-7                                               Coach Tom Tong

1991-92   11-8                                               Coach Tom Tong

1992-93   11-7                                               Coach Tom Tong







Not to be outdone by their male counterparts, the Lady Trail Blazers were in the top 10 AA teams four consecutive years from 1980-83, three of them were in the top four with a second place finish in 1982 along with five of the six first places recorded by Bloom Trail female track athletes at the state finals.


1976           First season                                 Coach Marsha Ulmer

                   State AA Meet Medalists

                     1 mile relay                                  4th place

                     880 yard relay                              6th place

                     Diane Emmons--220 yard dash     7th place


1977    8-0                                                     Coach Marsha Ulmer

                   State AA Meet Medalists

                    880 yard medley relay                   6th place
                    Diane Emmons--220 yard dash      STATE CHAMPION!!!


1978    8-0                                                     Coach Marsha Ulmer

                   State AA Meet Medalist

                    Kathy Vicari--880 yard run             3rd place


1979    5-1                                                     Coach Joyce Feleky

                   State AA Meet Medalist

                    880 yard relay                                  7th place

                    Sherry Giarusso--220 yard hurdles   6th place

                    Dorthea Brown--long jump              4th place 


1980    4-1   Took 7TH @ State AA meet       Coach Joyce Feleky

                     1 East St. Louis Lincoln         61.5

                     2 Chicago South Shore           45

                     3 East St. Lous Senior           35.5 

                     4 Joliet West                         29

                     5 North Chicago                     25

                     6 Evanston                            23

                     7 Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail  22

                     8 Downers Grove North           18

                        Wheaton North                   18

                   10 Oak Lawn                           15.5            

                   State AA Meet Medalists

                    400 meter relay                                2nd place

                    800 meter relay                                3rd place

                    Dorthea Brown--long jump               2nd place

                    Pam Brown---100 high hurdles         4th place


1981   6-1   4th in AA State Meet                   Coach Sue Carr

                    1 Chicago South Shore          52

                    2 East St. Louis Lincoln         48

                    3 East St. Louis Senior          44 

                    4 Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail  35

                    5 Blue Island Eisenhower       29

                    6 Country Club Hills Hillcrest  24 

                    7 Addison Trail                      23  

                    8 Park Ridge Maine East       18 

                    9 Harvey Thornton                 17

                  10 Glen Ellyn Glenbard West   16 

                      Joliet West                         16

                      Moline HS                          16

                     State AA Meet Medalists

                      800 relay---STATE CHAMPIONS!!! 

                      Dorthea Brown--long jump            STATE CHAMPION!!!
                                                100 meter dash    4th Place

                      Sharon Green--100 meter dash      5th Place

                                                200 meter dash    3rd Place

                      Pam Hall--100 meter high hurdles  6th Place

                      Kathy Vicari--800 meter run           STATE CHAMPION!!!


1982   9-6    District Champions                    Coach Sue Carr

                    2ND IN AA STATE MEET           

                     1  East St. Louis Lincoln        67

                     2  Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail 57

                     3  Chicago South Shore         41

                     4  East St. Louis Senior         35

                     5  Harvey Thornton                 23
6  Joliet West                        20

                     7  Crete-Monee                      19

                     8  Rock Island HS                  18

                     9  Chicago Hyde Park            16

                         Evergreen Park                  16

                    State Final AA Medalists

                      400 relay--STATE CHAMPIONS!!!

                      800 relay--6th place

                    1600 relay--5th place

                      Dorthea Brown--long jump                STATE CHAMPION!!!

                                               100 meter dash         3rd place

                      Sharon Brown--100 meter dash         2nd place

                                               200 meter dash         3rd place

                                               long jump                 2nd place

                      Sabrina Harper--200 hurdles              7th place

                      Annette Masselli--800 meters             6th place


1983          4TH @ STATE AA MEET              Coach Sue Carr

                    1  East St. Louis Lincoln            71  

                    2  East St. Louis Senior             53

                    3  Chicago South Shore             51

                    4  Chicago Hts. Bloom Trail    22 

                    5  Harvey Thornton                    20

                        Romeoville                            20 

                        Urbana HS                           20

                       Olympia Fields Rich Central   20 

                    9  Schaumburg HS                   19  

                  10  South Holland Thornwood      18 

                    State Finals AA Medalists

                      800 meter relay--2nd place

                      800 medley relay--7th place

                      Sharon Green--100 dash                    6th place

                                              200 dash                    8th place

                                              long jump                  2nd place


1984                                                             Coach Sue Carr

                    State Finals AA Medalists

                     1600 meter relay                                 4th place

                     Sabrina Harper--100 high hurdles       8th place

                     Annette Masselli--800 meters              7th place


1987                                                             Coach Sue Carr

                    State Finals AA Medalists

                     800 medley relay                                5th place

                     Gail Malone--100 meter dash              3rd place

                                           200 meter dash             3rd place

                     Kim Petty--long jump                          4th place


1991                                                             Coach Dennis Carrabine             

                    State Finals AA Medalist

                     Tameka Gordon--shotput                    4th place 


1995                                                             Coach Jim Hayden

                    State Finals AA Medalist

                     Roslyn Turner--long jump                    4th place                  

Bloom Trail was a respectable team around the nets during the 1980's. Joe Skowronski's Lady Blazers won three AA regional titles and 214 matches during his 15-year tenure on the BT bench.
1976-77    First season                             Coach Penny Chamberlaind
1977-78                                                   Coach Pam Wallace
1979                                                       Coach Sharon LeBrun
1981        11-11                                       Coach Joe Skowronski

1982        16-  7 Regional Champs          Coach Joe Skowronski

1983        24-  3                                       Coach Joe Skowronski
1986        12-11                                       Coach Joe Skowronski
1987        16-10                                       Coach Joe Skowronski
1988        18-  4 Regional Champs          Coach Joe Skowronski
1989        27-11 Regional Champs          Coach Joe Skowronski
1991        25-11                                       Coach Joe Skowronski
1994-95                                                   Coach Linda Connor-Bolden




The Trail Blazers played a good game of hoops while being a member of the SICA (Suburban Inter-Conference Association), taking on the likes of Bloom, Rich Central, Rich East, Rich South, and Crete-Monee. One team even made it to the Elite Eight of the state AA tournament before bowing out. Here's a look at some of the better teams in school history:


1976-77  14-12   (first season)                        Coach Don Roux

1977-78  14-13                                              Coach Don Roux

1979-80  15-12                                              Coach Pete McGuire

1983-84  17-  9                                              Coach Gary Meyer

1984-85  24-  5   Regional Champs               Coach Gary Meyer

1985-86  24-  4   Regional Champs               Coach Gary Meyer

1986-87  17-10                                              Coach Gary Meyer

1987-88  21-10   ELITE 8 IN AA STATE          Coach Gary Meyer

                         REGIONAL CHAMPS

                          SECTIONAL CHAMPS

                           Beat Joliet Catholic 58-56 in Aurora East Supersectional

                            Lost to Rock Island 69-52 in AA quarterfinals 

1988-89  14-12                                              Coach Gary Meyer

2002-03  24-  5                                              Coach Gary Meyer




Throughout the history of the school. Bloom Trail’s girls could hoop it up. Even though there were no trophies in IHSA state tournament play, the school was competitive on the hardwood. The best seasons in school history are highlighted below.


1976-77               First season                       Coach Pam Wallace

1977-78   11-  7                                             Coach Ray Thornton

1978-79   13-  7                                             Coach Ray Thornton

1979-80   21-  2                                             Coach Ray Thornton

1980-81                                                        Coach Otis Watkins

1981-82   13-10                                             Coach Tony Kennedy

1982-83   15-  8                                             Coach Tony Kennedy

1983-84                                                        Coach Tony Kennedy

1984-85   13-  6                                             Coach Tony Kennedy

1985-90                                                        Coach Tony Kennedy

1990-92                                                        Coach Willie Wraggs

1992-93   12-12                                             Coach Willie Wraggs

1993-94   17-10                                             Coach Willie Wraggs

1994-95   14-12                                             Coach Willie Wraggs

2002-03               Final season                      Coach Sean Bean


One Lady Blazer was named All-State during her career. Oteria Stampley was a second-team All-State pick of the Chicago Tribune in 1978.




Two boys from Bloom Trail earned All-State honors by placing in the top 25 at the IHSA State Meet.


1985AA     Chris Heldt          4TH Place
1992AA     Tim Sauceda      25TH Place




The Lady Trail Blazers were competitive on the parallel bars, vault, rings, and in floor exercises with some success after starting out slow.


1975-78               First seasons                     Coach Alexis Kneeland

1978-79    9- 3                                              Coach Pat Moore

1979-80                                                        Coach Del Mach

1980-81    8- 3                                              Coach Del Mach

1981-82  13- 3    (outstanding record!)          Coach Del Mach

1982-83    9- 3                                              Coach Del Mach

1984-85    8- 4                                              Coach Del Mach

1985-86  11- 4                                              Coach Del Mach 

1986-88                                                        Coach Del Mach





The Lady Trail Blazers had several successful seasons on the diamonds with several winning records and a AA regional title to boot. Their best seasons are listed below.


1976                    First season                          Coach Pam Wallace

1977         7-  7                                                 Coach Pam Wallace

1979       12-  2                                                 Coach Pam Wallace

1980       11-  5                                                 Coach Pam Wallace

1983       11-10                                                 Coach Ernest Turner

1985       16-  8                                                 Coach Ernest Turner

1986       13-12                                                 Coach Ernest Turner

1987       15-12                                                 Coach Ernest Turner

1989       15-12                                                 Coach Ernest Turner

1991        27- 5                                                 Coach Ernest Turner

1992        26- 5    AA Regional Champions      Coach Ernest Turner

1994        17-10                                                Coach Linda Connor-Bolden

2003        22-12-1                                             Coach Mark Anderson





Bloom Trail “blazed” it’s way across hill and dale in the fall as a competitive entity to ready its long-distance types for track & field. As you can probably tell, some of the same names that coached the track teams also coached cross-country for the school.


1977                    First season                         Coach Bob Stevens

1978-81                                                          Coach John Collet

1982         6- 6                                                Coach Bob Stevens

1983-88                                                          Coach Bob Stevens

1989-92                                                          Coach Jim Hayden

1993         4- 3                                                Coach Jim Hayden

1994                                                               Coach Jim Hayden





The Lady Blazers began offering their net program from the first fall that the school was offered with some success. The most wins the program had as a team was five during the 1977 season under coach Emily Means-Willis, and four under Terri Lacy in 1979 along with Ralph Kwilosz' team in 1993.


1976-78                                                          Coach Emily Means-Willis

1979                                                              Coach Terri Lacy 

1980-83                                                          Coach Myrna Hill

1984-94                                                          Coach Ralph Kwilosz





Bloom Trail offered this sport as well in the fall for the girls. Between 1976-95, the IHSA website shows that the program under seven coaches, and had just three team victories.


1976-78                                                            Coach Joan Gamble

1979-82                                                            Coach Larry Loven

1983                                                                 Coach Pete Lira

1984                                                                 Coach Bill Tucker

1985                                                                 Coach Larry Loven

1986-87                                                            Coach Patty Schmipf

1988-95                                                            Coach Lisa Freedman-Hester





The Trail Blazers took to the field each season and competed with other South Suburban schools. No IHSA hardware was won by the school at the state tournament level in baseball while the school was open as Bloom Trail.


1977-79                                                            Coach Ernie Turner

1980       14-14                                                 Coach Ernie Turner

1981-82                                                            Coach Len Motta

1983-84                                                            Coach Pete Lira

1985-88                                                            Coach Bill Tucker

1989-92                                                            Coach Bert Michael

1993-94                                                            Coach Ron Peterson

1995        15-14                                                Coach Ron Peterson

2003        19-16-1                                             Coach Job Gunderson






Even though their records are few, Bloom Trail did offer soccer to its girls. Sue Garcia was coach from 1988-95 and the IHSA website reports that two win-loss records were reported…3-13-1 in 1990 and 3-14 in 1994.





The Trail Blazers took to the links and came home with some success, although there were no medalists or teams that placed at the state AA meets.


1976-79                                                             Coach Al Versypt

1980         7-1-1  (good record)                            Coach Al Versypt

1981         5-4                                                    Coach Al Versypt

1982         9-3     (good record)                            Coach Don Croarkin

1983-87                                                             Coach Don Croarkin

1988         7-7                                                    Coach Don Croarkin

1989         7-5-1                                                 Coach Don Croarkin

1990-91                                                             Coach Don Croarkin

1992         9-7                                                    Coach Gary Meyer

1993         8-7-1                                                 Coach Gary Meyer

1994       10-7                                                    Coach Gary Meyer





Bloom Trail’s girls were offered the chance to compete with the racket and shuttlecock during the spring, but only three seasons were found on the IHSA website. Don Denham was the head coach from 1975-78 as the Lady Trail Blazers were winless in 27 dual meets.





Even though the Trail Blazers never did qualify for the IHSA playoffs, they were a competitive team in the SICA. The best of Bloom Trail gridiron seasons follow:


1976                   First season                           Coach Angel Velasquez

1977        6-3      (good record)                           Coach Angel Velasquez

1978-80                                                            Coach Angel Velasquez

1981-84                                                            Coach Tom Tong

1985-90                                                            Coach Mike Mecozzi

1991        5-4                                                    Coach Mike Mecozzi

1992                                                                 Coach Mike Mecozzi

1993-94                                                            Coach Anthony Pietrzak


One Trail Blazer went onto play collegiately and at the professional ranks. Rickey Young went on to star as a linebacker at Oklahoma State, and then spent three seasons in the former United States Football League (USFL) with Michigan and Houston from 1983-85.





Bloom Trail offered this winter sport at least from 1977 thru 1994. We have found out that there were three teams won four meets in the winters of 1980-81, 1981-82, & 1990-91. Here's a list of coaches for the Trail Blazer tankmen:


1977-78               First season                           Coach Norm Pounder

1978-81                                                            Coach Larry Loven

1981-82                                                            Coach Dawn Fulsa

1982-83                                                            Coach Pete Lira

1983-85                                                            Coach Bill Tucker

1985-88                                                            Coach Patty Schmipf

1988-94                                                            Coach Lisa Freedman





Bloom Trail was competitive in the spring around the tennis courts, giving its' student body a choice as to what sport they wanted to go out for (along with baseball and track). The IHSA website shows that the Trail Blazers' best win-loss record was 5-8 during the spring of 1990, with a pair of four-win seasons in 1983 and 1984.


1977-78               First seasons                          Coach Ralph Kwilosz

1979-80                                                             Coach Norm Pounder

1981-94                                                             Coach Ralph Kwilosz                                                                                                                          



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