Casey High School "Warriors"

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Original Casey HS Bldg - Built in late 1800s?
Found at submitted by Gerry Halpin

Casey HS Bldg (on right) From 1917-2007
As viewed at & Submitted by Gerry Halpin

The History of Casey High School
Casey (population 2,942) is located in lower-eastern Illinois in the eastern portion of Clark County.  Interstate Highway 70 runs to the north of town.  U.S. Route 40 and Illinois Route 49 intersect in Casey.  The Conrail Railroad passes through town. There is a small airport on the northwest side of Casey called the Casey Municipal Airport. Birch Creek and Quarry Branch creeks both flow through Casey as well.
According to the web address of the area in which Casey is now situated was first settled in 1854.  It was not incorporated until 1871.  The history of the educational system in town is in need of research.  We are certain a school was established in the 1850s.  Our guess is that a high school was set in place by the late 1800s.  Casey High School served the community on a solo basis for nearly 100 years.
The 1980s brought consolidation talks between the residents of Casey and their neighbor to the north, Westfield.  This effort became a reality in 1986 with the creation of the Casey-Westfield School District.  The high school for the new district remained in Casey. For more history regarding Casey High School check out the web address of .
The Casey High School building built in 1917 served the town of Casey through the year 2006 when it was declared unsafe.  This building, pictured above and to the right, was demolished in December of 2007.  To view information on the Casey-Westfield Alumni Association check out .
Casey High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                       late 1800s
Year consolidated:               1986
Consolidated to:                   Casey-Westfield High School
Casey HS team nickname:    the "Warriors"
Casey HS team colors:         Purple & Gold
School Fight Song:               "Cheer the Team of Dear Old Casey"
                                                         Sung to the tune of "Wave the Flag"
                                                         Lyrics provided by HOWARD D. LOFTIS (Class of 1970)

                                          Cheer the team of dear old Casey,

                                          Battling for her fame,

                                          Wave the flag of gold & purple,

                                          Honor to her name.


                                          With the Warriors out to lead us,

                                          We do not fear our foe, FEAR OUR FOE!

                                          Cheer the team of dear old Casey,

                                          With a mighty "GO TEAM GO!"


                                          Go Casey Go, Go Casey Go,

                                          Smash 'em, bust 'em,

                                          That’s our custom,

                                          Go Casey Go!

The Casey High School athletic program was nothing short of incredible.  STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS were won in girls softball and boys football.  Both sports also earned runner-up finishes as well.  Other sports winning IHSA hardware in tournament action include baseball, boys and girls basketball, and boys track.  In addition trophies were earned in Drama and Speech competitions.
School team nicknames, colors, fight song, and several team records are being sought.

Back to Back, that's how the Casey girls softball team enjoyed their state championships!!  In fact how about the season before the back to back years the ladies almost started the first of a triple by finishing second in 1983-84!!  Coach Denny Throneburg was a great fit for the Casey lady softballers leading them to some incredible finishes, even before there was a two class system!! 
1977-78    8 - 2                                                                 Coach Denny Throneburg

1978-79  10 - 2     Team Qualified for State Finals           Coach Denny Throneburg
                           One-Class System!!!!
                           Regional Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           SWEET 16 Finalist
                           ELITE 8 Finalist
                           Beat Champaign (Central)  6 - 4
                           FINAL 4 Finalist
                           Lost to Cahokia 4 - 1
                           Cahokia Eventual State Champions
1979-80  19 - 2     Regional Champions                            Coach Denny Throneburg
1980-81  22 - 1     Regional Champions                            Coach Denny Throneburg
1981-82  20 - 3                                                                  Coach Denny Throneburg
1982-83  18 - 4                                                                  Coach Denny Throneburg

1983-84  25 - 3     Team Qualified for State Finals            Coach Denny Throneburg
                           One-Class System!!!!
                           Regional Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           SWEET 16 Finalist
                           ELITE 8 Finalist
                           Lost to Oak Lawn Richards 3 - 0
                           Richards finished in 2ND Place
1984-85  24 - 3     TEAM FINISHED 2ND IN STATE!!          Coach Denny Throneburg
                           CLASS 1A Finalist 
                           Regional Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           SWEET 16 Finalist
                           ELITE 8 Finalist
                           Beat St. Joe-Ogden    6 - 1
                           FINAL 4 Finalist
                           Beat Quincy Notre Dame 1 - 0
                           CHAMPIONSHIP GAME FINALIST!
                           Lost to Freeburg 1 - 0  
1985-86  30 - 1     STATE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS      Coach Denny Throneburg
                           CLASS 1A Finalist  
                           Regional Champions
                           Sectional Champions
                           SWEET 16 Finalist
                           ELITE 8 Finalist
                           Beat Pleasant Plains  2 - 0
                           FINAL 4 Finalist
                           Beat Delevan  5 - 0
                           STATE TOURNAMENT CHAMPIONS!!
                           Beat Genoa-Kingston   5 - 0  

Casey High School football has had some incredible moments in its history.  The boys made sure the final solo season for the school went out with a "bang".  The grid iron warriors of 1985-86 won the IHSA Class 2A STATE CHAMPIONSHIP!! Add to this the school's RUNNER-UP Finish in the 1982-83 season and you have a pretty impressive run. Coach Keith Sinclair was the catalyst for these two teams as well as for the program from 1981-82 through the 1985-86 season.  Coach Sinclair continued the Casey tradition when Westfield joined the fold. 
1927-28    8 - 0   
1928-29    8 - 0 - 1 
1969-74                                                                                  Coach Robert Durham

1974-75                Team Qualified for Class 1A Playoffs   Coach Robert Durham
                             ELITE 8 Finalist
                             Beat Broadlands ABL 10 - 7
                             Lost to Villa Grove 18 - 16

Casey Football Team of 1974
Submitted by Richard Savage (From IHSA State Playoff Program)

1975-77                                                                              Coach Robert Durham
1977-78                                                                              Coach John Harland
1978-79    6 - 3                                                                    Coach John Harland
1979-80    5 - 4
1981-82    6 - 3                                                                    Coach Keith Sinclair
1982-83  11 - 2      TEAM PLACED SECOND in CLASS 2A!   Coach Keith Sinclair
                            Beat Eldarado 8 - 6
                            Beat Tuscola 28 - 22 (O/T)
                            Beat East St. Louis Assumption 20 - 3
                            Lost to Blomington Cent. Cath. 38 - 0 
1983-84    7 - 2                                                                    Coach Keith Sinclair
1984-85    8 - 2      Team Qualified for Class 2A Playoffs     Coach Keith Sinclair
                            Lost to Dupo 29 - 16 
1985-86  14 - 0      CLASS 2A STATE CHAMPIONS!!!!!          Coach Keith Sinclair
                            Beat Ziegler-Royalton   22 - 20
                            Beat Dupo   14 - 0
                            Beat Maroa-Forsyth   53 - 20
                            Beat Hamilton   22 - 0
                            Beat Woodstock Marian  34 - 6
                            Class 2A STATE CHAMPS!!!!!!!    
The boys of the baskeball diamond at Casey High had three Regional Championships come their way too.  Unfortunately the coach's names and team records of these and other great Casey High School baseball teams are not currently available.
1979-80         Regional Champions
1980-81         Regional Champions
1985-86         Regional Champions
EIGHT REGIONAL Titles, two District titles, and one Sectional title highlighted the hardwood court success for the boys of CHS. Again, unfortunately the coach's names and team records of these and other great Casey High School basketball teams are not currently available. 
1925-26                 District Champions
1927-28                 District Champions

1939-40   20 - 9     SWEET 16 FINALIST!!          Coach Glen Rose
                            Regional Champions
                            Sectional Champions
                            SWEET 16 Finalist
                            Lost to Moline HS 28 - 23
                            Moline HS Finished 3RD
1959-60                 Regional Champions
1971-72                 Regional Champions
1975-76                 Regional Champions
1976-77                 Regional Champions
1977-78                 Regional Champions
1981-82                 Regional Champions
1983-84                 Regional Champions
Vandalia Holiday Tournament highlights as researched by Mark Jurenga:
1974 - 3rd Place Casey got 4th.
1975 - 2nd Place Dieterich 77 Casey 58
All-Tournament Team
1975 - Al Weaver
**David Collins was named the Decatur Herald & Review Small School Player of the Year in 1978

Coach Denny Throneburg showed his diverse coaching abilites by guiding the ladies of the hardwood court to two Sweet 16 appearances in the early 1980s!! 
1979-80    17 - 7       SWEET 16 FINALIST                        Coach Denny Throneburg
                               Regional Champions
                               Sectional Champions
                               SWEET 16 Finalist
                               Lost to Sidell Jamaica 74 - 64
                               Jamaica Finished 2ND

1981-82                    SWEET 16 FINALIST                        Coach Denny Throneburg
                               Regional Champions
                               Sectional Champions
                               SWEET 16 Finalist
                               Lost to Argenta-Oreana 59 - 46
1982-83                    Regional Champions
1984-85                    Regional Champions

A District Championship and a TOP-FIVE Finish at the State Track Meet highlight the Casey boys track and field program success.  Mike Simpson led the team of 1977-78 to the Fifth Place finish by winning the gold medal in the 100 and 220 Yard Dashes as well as finishing 4TH in the 440 Yard Dash!!  Mike also won the State 100 Yard Dash title in the 1976-77 State Meet!!
1915-16B   Individual Medalists
                 ??  LeMay              Hammer Throw      3RD Place
                 ??  Harrison           100 Yard Dash         3RD Place
1919-20B   Individual Medalist
                 Julian House          440 Yard Dash         2ND Place
1920-21B   Individual Medalists
                 Glen Adams           Long Jump              2ND Place
                 Clarence Chrysler  Shot Put                  3RD Place
1921-22B   Individual Medalist
                 Clarence Chrysler  Shot Put                  4TH Place
1923-24B   Individual Medalist
                 Harold Luckey        High Jump               2ND Place
                 Harry Foster           220 Yard Dash          5TH Place
1924-25B   Individual Medalist
                 Harry Foster           220 Yard Dash          3RD Place
1942-43      Individual Medalist
                 Donald Galey         Discus                      5TH Place
1947-48     Team Won DIstrict Championship!!
1976-77A   Individual Medalist
                 Mike Simpson        100 Yard Dash          STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                220 Yard Dash          4TH Place
                 Individual Medalist
                 Mike Simpson         100 Yard Dash           STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                220 Yard Dash            STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                440 Yard Dash            4TH Place
                 Final Team Standings
                 1)  Robinson                                     35
                 2)  Madison                                      32  
                 3)  St. Anne                                      31  
                 4)  Gibson City                                  28  
                 5)  CASEY HIGH SCHOOL                25  
                 6)  Rushville                                      24  
                 7)  Spring Valley (Hall)                       18  
                 7)  Peru (St. Bede)                            18  
                 7)  Riverton                                       18  
               10)  Highland (St. Paul)                        16
1978-79A   Individual Medalist
                 Toby Simpson         100 Yard Dash          4TH Place
1979-80A   Individual Medalist
                 Toby Simpson         100 Meter Dash        5TH Place
1984-85A   Individual Medalists
                 Relay Team             4X200 Meter Relay   3RD Place
1985-86A   Individual Medalists
                 Relay Team             4X400 Meter Relay   STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                 4X200 Meter Relay   5TH Place
                                                 4x100m relay            7TH Place
1985-86   18 - 6

The Casey High School kids proved to be a well-rounded bunch bringing home both individual and team hardware from State Meet Competition.
1950-51         Team Qualified for State Competition
                     Sectional Champions
1941-42         Individual Medalist - Maxine Perisho      Comedy            5TH Place
1971-72         Individual Medalist - Betsy Dillier            Orig Comedy    4TH Place
1972-73         District Champions
1973-74         District Champions
                     Individual Medalist - Linda Harned         Orig Oratory      6TH Place
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