Macon High School "Ironmen"

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Macon High School Building - 2010
Photo Taken by Dennis Downey

Macon High School Inscription
Submitted by Dennis Downey

The History of Macon High School 
Macon (population 1,213) is located in central Illinois about 10 miles south of Decatur.  U.S.Route 51 is the main roadway to and from this south-central Macon County town.  The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad travels through Macon as well.  Several creeks run by the outskirts of town. Macon was platted in 1854 by the Illinois Central Railroad company.
A brief history of the early development of Macon can be read at the following website address of  This site states that the first school in the Macon area was established in 1858.  We can currently only surmise that Macon residents had a high school in place by the late 1800s.  Macon High School served the town's children for about 100 years.  The early 1990s brought about consolidation talks between the folks of Macon and their neighbor to the west, Blue Mound.  The talks were soon finalized and the school districts of Macon and Blue Mound-Boody were combined in 1994.  The result was the formation of the Meridian School District.
Meridian High School was, and remains today, located in the former Macon High School building.
Macon High School Quick Facts
Year first school opened:              1858
Year HS opened:                          late 1800s
Year HS consolidated:                  1994
Consolidated to:                           Meridian High School (Macon)
Macon HS team nickname:           the "Ironmen or Ironladies"
Macon HS team colors:                Purple & White
School Fight Song:                       "Macon High Loyalty"
                                                                   Submitted by LISA PERRY
                                                We're loyal to you Macon High
                                                We're purple and white, Macon High
                                                We'll back you to stand
                                                'Gainst the best in the land
                                                For we know you have sand, Macon High
                                                Rah! Rah!
                                                So crack out the ball, Macon High
                                                We're backing you all, Macon High
                                                Our team is our fame protector:
                                                On! Boys for we expect a
                                                Victory from you Macon High!
                                                Che-he, cha-ha, cha-ha-ha-ha,
                                                Macon, Macon,
                                                Rah, Rah, RAH!
                                                Fling out that dear old flag of
                                                Purple and White,
                                                Lead on your sons and daughters
                                                Fighting for you
                                                Like men of old, on giants.
                                                Placing reliance, shouting defiance
                                                Amid the broad green plains that nourish our land,
                                                For honest Labor and for Learning we stand.
                                                And unto thee we pledge our heart and our hand,
                                                Dear Alma Mater, MACON High!   

The Macon High School Ironmen competed in baseball, basketball, football, and track.  The MHS Ironladies competed in softball, basketball, volleyball, and track (  School team colors, fight song, and interesting facts including missing team records and coach's names are items we are seeking.
Boys Baseball
An IHSA SECOND PLACE FINISH was the highlight of the Macon HS Ironmen baseball program!!  In true "Hoosiers" fashion the Ironmen completed this feat in the original one-class system.  That's right, they had to compete against ALL IHSA schools in order to reach the Championship game.  Just two runs came between Macon High, their Coach L.C. Sweet,  and a State Championship when they lost 4 - 2 to Waukegan HS, a school probably 10 times their size in enrollment!   
1970-71    18 - 4    Team Finished SECOND in IHSA STATE TOURNEY  Coach L.C. Sweet
                            Regional Champions
                            Sectional Champions
                            Super-Sectional Champions
                            Elite 8 Finalist - Beat Nashville 5 - 0
                            Final 4 Finalist - Beat Chicago Lane Tech 6 - 4
                            State Championship Game
                            Lost to Waukegan HS 4 - 2
**Evan Thomas alerted to us that an article regardin the incredible run by this macon Ironmen team was written and published in the nationally recognized Sports Illustrated magazine in June of 2010. To view the article on-line please check out the following web address:
1973-74                 Regional Champions
1979-80                 Regional Champions
The Macon grid iron boys had their moment in the spotlight as well.  The Ironmen of the 1986-87 school year had a magical run to the State Class '1A' Championship game!!  Coach Dennis Gatchel's boy's effort fell short in the title game against Freeport Aquin.  In addition the Ironmen made the State playoffs on eight other occassions. 
1975-76           Team Qualified for IHSA Class 1A Playoffs     Coach Jack Burns
                       Elite 8 Finalist
                       Beat Broadlands ABL 9 - 6
                       Lost To Concord Triopia 24 - 6
                       Triopia eventual State Champs

Macon HS Football Team of 1975
Submitted by Richard Savage (From IHSA State Playoff Program)

1976-77   6 - 3                                                                         Coach Gerald Temples
1977-78   7 - 4  Team Qualified for IHSA Class 1A Playoffs     Coach Gerald Temples
                       Elite 8 Finalist
                       Beat Auburn 20 - 6
                       Lost to Arcola 21 - 0
                       Arcola eventual State Runner-up
1978-79   7 - 2                                                                         Coach Gerald Temples
1979-80            Team Qualified for IHSA Class 1A Playoffs    Coach Robert Herrmann
                        Lost to Chenoa 8 - 7
                        Chenoa Finished as State Runner-up 
1980-81            Team Qualified for IHSA Class 2A Playoffs    Coach Scott Davis
                        Elite 8 Finalist
                        Beat Williamsville 16 - 14
                        Lost to East St. Louis Assumption 29 - 8
1981-85                                                                                  Coach Scott Davis
1985-86                                                                                  Coach Dennis Gatchel

1986-87   12 - 2  Team Qualified for IHSA Class 1A Playoffs   Coach  Dennis Gatchel
                         TEAM FINISHED SECOND IN STATE!!
                         Beat Bement 14 - 6
                         Beat Arcola 3 - 0  (2 O/T)
                         Beat Greenfield 20 - 6
                         Beat Gilman Iroquois West 18 - 0
                         CHAMPIONSHIP GAME
                         Lost 16 - 0 to Freeport Aquin
1987-88                                                                                   Coach Dennis Gatchel
1988-89   9 - 2    Team Qualified for IHSA Class 2A Playoffs   Coach  Dennis Gatchel
                         Sweet 16 Finalist
                         Beat Virden 74 - 14
                         Lost to Fithian Oakwood 27 - 21                         
1989-90                                                                                   Coach Dennis Gatchel
1990-91             Team Qualified for IHSA Class 1A Playoffs    Coach Tony Klein
                         Lost to Girard 26 - 0 
1991-92             Team Qualified for IHSA Class 2A Playoffs    Coach Tony Klein
                         Lost to Decatur St. Theresa 28 - 6
1992-93             Team Qualified for IHSA Class 1A Playoffs    Coach Tony Klein
                         Sweet 16 Finalist
                         Beat St. Joseph-Ogden  14 - 13
                         Lost to Moweaqua A&M 20 - 7
                         Moweaqua eventual State Runner-up 

Girls Volleyball
The Ironladies volleyball team had some great seasons.  A total of one District title, six Regional titles, and one Sectional title were won by the lady netters.  The 1990-91 Sectional Champs made their appearance in the Sweet 16 before bowing out of rthe tournament.  Coach Mary Dalluge had some real nice seasons including Four Regional titles and an overall record of 168 - 32 in the nine seasons she is listed as coaching at Macon.      
1974-75             District Champions
1979-80  15 - 4                                                   Coach Mary Dalluge
1980-81  11 - 7                                                   Coach Mary Dalluge
1981-82  15 - 6                                                   Coach Mary Dalluge
1982-83  18 - 4                                                   Coach Mary Dalluge
1983-84  19 - 2                                                   Coach Mary Dalluge
1984-85  19 - 2   Regional Champions               Coach Mary Dalluge
1985-86  24 - 2   Regional Champions               Coach Mary Dalluge
1986-87  24 - 2   Regional Champions               Coach Mary Dalluge
1987-88  23 - 3   Regional Champions               Coach Mary Dalluge

1990-91              Sweet 16 Finalists!!              
                          Regional Champions
                          Sectional Champions
                          Super Sectional Finalists
                          Lost in Super Sectional Game 
1992-93              Regional Champions

Boys Basketball
The Ironmen were successful on the basketball court as well.  A total of six District titles and two Regional titles were earned by the boys of the hardwood court.  The Ironmen also enjoyed seven 20-win seasons.  The better season records and coach's names are listed below as found on
1924-25    7 - 6    
1925-26  12 - 2                                                  Coach Harold Horton
1926-27  14 - 5                                                  Coach Harold Horton
1928-29  15 - 2                                                  Coach Doc Evans
1929-30  22 - 5    District Champions                 Coach Doc Evans

1930-31  13 - 9                                                  Coach Doc Evans
1931-32  10 -10                                                  Coach Doc Evans
1932-33  13 - 8                                                   Coach Tom Gardner
1933-34                                                             Coach Tom Gardner
1941-42               District Champions
1946-47               District Champions
1949-50  23 - 4                                                   Coach Harold Snyder
1950-51  22 - 5                                                   Coach Harold Snyder
1951-52                                                              Coach Harold Snyder
1952-53  19 - 9     District Champions                 Coach Harold Snyder
1953-54  25 - 5     District Champions                 Coach Charles Jacobs
1954-55  19 - 9     District Champions                 Coach Charles Jacobs

1955-56  14 - 2                                                    Coach Charles Jacobs
1957-58  18 - 5                                                    Coach Charles Jacobs
1958-59  18 - 10                                                  Coach Charles Jacobs
1959-60  16 - 9                                                    Coach Bob Glass
1960-61  17 - 8                                                    Coach Bob Glass
1961-62  13 - 11                                                  Coach Bob Glass
1962-63  16 - 9     Regional Champions              Coach Bob Glass
1963-64                                                              Coach Bob Glass
1964-65  15 - 9                                                    Coach Ed Madix
1965-66  16 - 8                                                    Coach Tim Cook
1966-67  20 - 6                                                    Coach Tim Cook
1967-71                                                              Coach Phil Sargent
1971-73                                                              Coach Carl Poelker
1973-74                                                              Coach Dennis Schley
1974-75                                                              Coach Don Roberts
1975-76  14 - 10                                                  Coach Don Roberts
1976-77  13 -  9                                                   Coach Don Roberts
1977-78  14 -  8                                                   Coach Don Roberts
1978-81                                                               Coach Pat Ryan
1981-82                                                               Coach Don Dell
1982-83                                                               Coach Chris Hikalis
1983-84  14 - 12                                                   Coach Charles Strasburger
1984-85  18 - 7                                                     Coach Charles Strasburger
1985-87                                                               Coach Paul Carlton
1987-88  20 - 8     Regional Champions               Coach Paul Carlton
1988-89  20 - 7                                                     Coach Paul Carlton
1989-92                                                                CoachPaul Carlton

Girls Track & Field
Two Sectional titles and an Individual State Champion highlighted the Macon High School lady thinclads successes.  Brenda Beatty not only won an individual championship, she also brought home five other top-eight medals in three consecutive trips to the IHSA State Class 'A' Meet!!    
1977-78A        Individual State Medalist
                      Cynthia Hogan       Shot Put                 8TH Place
1981-82A        Individual State Medalist
                      Brenda Beatty        200 Meter Dash      2ND Place
1982-83A        Team Won Sectional Championship                      
                      Individual State Medalist
                      Brenda Beatty        200 Meter Dash      3RD Place
                                                    100 Meter Dash       5TH Place
                                                     Long Jump            6TH Place
1983-84A        Team Won Sectional Championship
                      Individual State Medalist
                      Brenda Beatty         100 Meter Dash     STATE CHAMPION!! 
                                                      200 Meter Dash     3RD Place
Boys Track & Field
The Ironmen tracksters won a total of SIX Individual Medals at the IHSA State Class 'A' Meet!!
1978-79A        RELAY TEAM            880 Yard Relay        4TH Place
1982-83A        Brett Kreger             1600 Meter Run        7TH Place
1983-84A        Brett Creager           1600 Meter Run        3RD Place
1984-85A        Todd Pritts                Triple Jump             6TH Place
1987-88A        Steve Hedges            200 Meter Dash       6TH Place
1988-89A        Jeff Tomlinson          1600 Meter Run       2ND Place
Further Information Being Sought
We are seeking further information regarding other sports and facts you would like to share about Macon High School.  We are especially interested in a photo of the high school building.  If you are interested in providing more information about Macon HS please write to us at .  You can also write us via USPS at the following address:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.      60631

Macon High School
Courtesy of Dennis Downey