Stonington High School "Wildcats"

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Stonington High School Building 1900 - 1992
Submitted by William Colbrook

Stonington High School

The History of Stonington High School
Stonington (population 960) is located in central Illinios in upper-eastern Christian County.  The town is located about 18 miles southwest of Decatur on Illinois Route 48.  The Buckhart Creek flows through the northwest side of town.  The Norfolk & Western Railroad shadows Route 48 through the heart of Stonington.
The history of the town of Stonington and its former high school are both in need of research. Rick Thomas (Class of 1977) provided the following historical information regarding Stonington High School's beginning:
"According to Venus Holben, born 1881 and died in 1974, she remembered Stonington having classes in 1893-1896 at a building that no longer existed.  I have seen the old photos of the classes of 1895-1900, and these photos once were kept on the third floor of the high school.  I do not know what happened to these photos or if they were archived.  The brick, three-story school was built in 1899-1900, and opened in late summer 1900."
Stonington High School was in session beginning in 1893 at the latest. It served Stonington and the surrounding farm kids for approximately nine decades.  The late 1980s saw a consolidation movement with the schools of the north Christian County area.  The year was 1992 that the residents of Stonington agreed to consolidate their educational efforts with those of Taylorville, their neighbor to the southwest.

Stonington High School Message Board - 2008
Submitted by Dennis Downey

The Stonington High School building has since been razed.
Stonington High School Quick Facts
Year opened:              late 1800s / 1893
Year closed:               1992
Consolidated to:          Taylorville School District
SHS team nickname:   the "Wildcats"
SHS team colors:        Red & White
School Fight Song:      "We're Loyal to You Stonington"
We're loyal to you Stonington
We're red and white, Stonington
We'll back you to stand
'Gainst the best in the land
For we know you have sand, Stonington
Rah! Rah!
So crack out the ball, Stonington
We're backing you all, Stonington
Our team is our fame protector:
On! Boys for we expect a
Victory from you Stonington!

Stonington HS Gymnasium

Gym Inscription

We know through research on the IHSA website ( that Stonington High School competed in the boys sports of baseball, basketball, and track.  The girls later competed in the sports of basketball, volleyball, and track.  Other sports may have been offered such as football and softball.  We are in need of the school team nickname, colors, fight song, and other interesting facts about the Stonington HS athletic program.
Boys Basketball
The folks of Stonington loved their basketball team.  A total of 12 District titles, 7 Regional titles, one Sectional title, and an Elite 8 appearance made for some great Friday night fun during the winters in Stonington. 

Stonington High School Gym Center Circle Mascot
Photo by Julie Solliday, Submitted by Bill Colbrook

One name defined the program for the last 28 years of the school's existence.  That name was Coach Jack Dettro. From 1957-58 through 1991-92 Coach Dettro led the Stonington boys out onto the hardwood court.  Coach Dettro compiled a record of 646 - 291 in his 36 years at the healm of the Stonington boys basketball program.  This record placed Coach Dettro #21 in all-time victories and #14 all-time for victories at one school.  As you can see, appropriately, the Stonington HS Gymnasium was named in honor of one of Illinois High School's all-time great coaches, Jack Dettro
Several postseason scores from the IHSA Tournament for Stonington High School were located on a website titled "Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores." These scores are listed below as well.
1916-19                                                                        Coach Guy Lowry
1919-20      8 - 3                                                           Coach Guy Lowry
1920-21                                                                       Coach Guy Lowry
1921-22                  Taylorville District Tourney                Coach Guy Lowry
                              1st Rd. Lost to Pleasant Plains 20-7
1922-23                                                                        Coach Guy Lowry
1923-24      9 - 4                                                           Coach Guy Lowry
1924-25    18 - 3                                                           Coach Gladwin Gaumer
1925-26                                                                        Coach Paris Loucks
1926-28                                                                        Coach Lloyd Becker
1928-29                                                                        Coach William White
1929-30    21 - 4                                                           Coach William White
1930-31    16 - 8                                                           Coach George Harper
1931-33                                                                        Coach George Harper
1933-34                Decatur District Tourney                    Coach George Harper
                            1st Rd. Lost to Maroa 25-20
1934-35                Decatur District Tourney                    Coach George Harper
                            1st Rd. Beat Niantic 20-10
                            2nd Rd. Lost to Decatur 55-9
1935-36    14 - 11                                                         Coach Joe Wylder
                             Edinburg District Tourney - 2nd
                             1st Rd. Beat Glenarm 27-8
                             Semi-final Beat Wiiliamsville 36-18
                             Title Game Lost to Riverton 25-22
1936-37    20 - 13                                                         Coach Joe Wylder
                             Taylorville Regional Tourney
                             1st Rd. Lost to Witt 26-24
1937-38    26 - 3    Meridian Conference Champs!   Coach Joe Wylder
1938-39                                                                         Coach Joe Wylder
                              Decatur Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd. lost to Cerro Gordo 29-19
1939-40    19 - 8                                                            Coach Joe Wylder
1940-41    12 - 11                                                          Coach Joe Wylder
1941-42                                                                         Coach Fred Rueter
                              Decatur Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd. lost to Buffalo Tri-City 61-14
1942-43    22 - 7    Meridian Conference Champs!    Coach Vaughn Armer
1943-45                                                                         Coach Vaughn Armer
1945-46    31 - 5    District Champions                       Coach Harley Culberson
                              Niantic District Tournament
                              Title Game Beat Macon 27-22
                              Decatur Regional Tournament
                              1st Rd. Lost to Cerro Gordo 44-38 
1946-47    22 - 10                                                           Coach Harley Culberson
1947-48    17 - 10                                                           Coach Harley Culberson
1948-49                                                                          Coach Harley Culberson
                              Niantic District Touney
                              1st Rd. Lost to Warrensburg 60-29
1949-50    24 - 7    District Champions                        Coach Mike Corby
                              Stonington District Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Mt. Auburn 58-45
                              Title Game Beat Assumption 49-36
                              Taylorville Regional Tourney - 2nd
                              1st Rd. Beat Kincaid 45-34
                              Semi-final Beat Pana 46-42
                              Title game lost to Taylorville 66-42
1950-51    20 - 9                                                               Coach Mike Corby
                              Assumption District Tourney - 2nd
                              1st Rd. Beat Edinburg 61-42
                              Semi-Final Beat Rochester 65-51
                              Title game lost to Blue Mound 44-37
1951-52    20 - 10  District Champions                            Coach Mike Corby
                              Stonington District Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Edinburg 44-33
                              Title Game Beat Moweaqua 54-52
                              Taylorville Regional Tourney 
                              1st Rd. lost to Kincaid 61-51
1952-53                                                                          Coach Dale Fahsbender
1953-55                                                                          Coach Ralph Thompson
1955-57                                                                          Coach Ralph Naylor
1957-58    22 - 7    District Champions                        Coach Jack Dettro
                              Moweaqua District Tournament
                              Title Game Beat Tower Hill 65-50
                              Taylorville Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd. Lost to Pana 74-62
1958-59    19 - 9                                                             Coach Jack Dettro
                              Morrisonville District Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Rochester 72-63
                              Semi-final lost to Morrisonville 83-58
1959-60    16 - 10                                                           Coach Jack Dettro
                              Morrisonville District Tourney
                              1st Rd. Lost to Kincaid 60-55
1960-61    20 - 6                                                             Coach Jack Dettro
1961-62    22 - 6    District Champions                        Coach Jack Dettro
                              Edinburg District Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Edinburg 77-64
                              Title Game Beat Morrisonville 53-49
                              Pana Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Pana 59-48
                              Semi-final lost to Taylorville 69-55 
1962-63    23 - 4    District Champions                        Coach Jack Dettro
                              Meridian Conference Co-Champs!
                              Edinburg District Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Assumption 66-60
                              Title Game Beat Blue Mound 63-61
                              Shelbyville  Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd. Lost to Macon 68-61 
1963-64    24 - 6    District/Regional Champions!!         Coach Jack Dettro
                              Meridian Conference Co-Champs!
                              District Champions!
                              Title Game Beat Blue Mound 57-53
                              Taylorville Regional Champions!
                              1st Rd. Beat Moweaqua 61-42
                              Semi-Final Beat Assumption 52-47
                              Title Game Beat Shelbyville 55-51
                              Vandalia Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-final lost to Hillsboro 62-50
                              Hillsboro lost title game.
1964-65    12 - 11                                                          Coach Jack Dettro
1965-66                                                                         Coach Jack Dettro
1966-67    21 - 8    District Champions                       Coach Jack Dettro
                              District Champions!
                              1st Rd Beat Edinburg 72-44
                              Semi-final Beat Kincaid 59-55
                              Title Game Beat Blue Mound 43-34
                              Taylorville Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd. Beat Taylorville 52-51
                              Semi-final lost to Pana 78-64
                              Pana won Regional title
1967-68    27 - 2    District Champions                          Coach Jack Dettro
                              Meridian Conference Champs!
                              11 - 0 Conference Record 
                              Stonington District Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Edinburg 98-50
                              Semi-final Beat Blue Mound 91-63
                              Title Game Beat Pawnee
                              Pana Regional Tourney - 2nd
                              1st Rd Beat Nokomis 85-65
                              Semi-final Beat Taylorville 73-53
                              Title Game lost to Shelbyville 63-58  
1968-69    28 - 2    District Champions                          Coach Jack Dettro
                              Pawnee District Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Moweaqua 71-58
                              Semi-final Beat Assumption 60-47
                              Title Game Beat Pawnee 72-56
                              Pana Regional Tourney - 2nd
                              1st Rd Beat Shelbyville 66-54
                              Lost to Taylorville 69-60
                              Taylorville won Regional title.
1969-70    24 - 5    District Champions                          Coach Jack Dettro
                              Assumption District Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Mt. Auburn 76-63
                              Semi-final Beat Pawnee 74-40
                              Title Game Beat Edinburg 54-42
                              Taylorville Regional Tourney - 2nd
                              1st Rd lost to Bluye Mound 73-50
                              Blue Mound won Regional title 
1970-71    25 - 6    District Champions                          Coach Jack Dettro
                              Morrisonville District Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Morrisonville 102-64
                              Semi-final Beat Kincaid 84-62
                              Title Game Beat Mt. Auburn 81-62
                              Shelbyville Regional Tourney - 2nd
                              1st Rd Beat Blue Mound 59-54
                              Semi-final Beat Rochester 72-60
                              Title Game lost to Shelbyville 72-55
1971-72    16 - 8                                                               Coach Jack Dettro
                              Rochester Class A Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Edinburg 87-40
                              Semi-final lost to Rochester 85-57
1972-73    21 - 6                                                               Coach Jack Dettro
1973-74                                                                            Coach Jack Dettro
1974-75    14 - 9                                                               Coach Jack Dettro
1975-76    18 - 9    Regional Champions                         Coach Jack Dettro
                              Rochester Regional Champions
                              1st Rd Beat Lincolnwood 71-64
                              Semi-final Beat Pawnee 62-48
                              Title Game Beat Edinburg 78-62
                              Shelbyville Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-final lost to Mt. Pulaski 68-53
                       Mt. Pulaski won State Class A Championship
1976-77    14 - 12                                                             Coach Jack Dettro
1977-78    15 - 11                                                             Coach Jack Dettro
1978-79                                                                            Coach Jack Dettro
1979-80    22 - 7    Regional Champions                       Coach Jack Dettro
                              Blue Mound Regional
                              Semi-Final Beat Morrisonville 94-67
                              Title Game Beat Lincolnwood 71-67
                              Shelbyville Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-Final Beat Pawnee 67-63
                              Title game lost to Mt. Pulaski 82-59
                              Mt. Pulaski lost in Elite 8 round.
1980-81    24 - 5    Regional Champions                       Coach Jack Dettro
                              Raymond Regional Tourney
                              Semi-Final Beat Central A&M 88-66
                              Title Game Beat Lincolnwood 94-75
                              Shelbyville Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-final Beat Riverton 66-61
                              Title Game lost to Pana 83-73
                              Pana lost in Elite 8 round.
1981-82    28 - 2    ELITE 8 FINALISTS!!                          Coach Jack Dettro
                              Regional Champions
                              Stonington Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Bethany 93-63
                              Semi-Final Beat Blue Mound 76-52
                              Title Game Beat Moweaqua 68-59
                              Sectional Champions
                              Shelbyville Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-Final Beat Riverton 70-59
STONINGTON (70): Beck 25, Bollinger 16, Roth 15, Blakeman 8, Myers 6.
RIVERTON (59): Booth 20, Sullivan 10, Planck 9, Watson 8, Canaday 6, Milburn 6.
                              Title Game Beat Mt. Pulaski 77-52
STONINGTON (77): Beck 26, Bollinger 19, Roth 14, Myers 10, Blakeman 8.
MOUNT PULASKI (52): Lowe 15, Merold 12, Kutz 10, Holmes 7, Clements 6, Ollis 2.
                              Super-Sectional Champions
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Beat Tolono Unity  56 - 54
                              Elite 8 Finalist
                              Lost to Monmouth HS 81 - 59
                              Monmouth HS finished 2nd
                              **See below for more info on the
                              1981-82 squad.
1982-83     18 - 9                                                              Coach Jack Dettro
1983-84     19 - 8                                                              Coach Jack Dettro
1984-85     24 - 3   Regional Champions                       Coach Jack Dettro
                              Blue Mound Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Mt. Auburn 60-49
                              Semi-Final Beat Macon 64-62 (O/T)
                              Title Game Beat Niantic-Harristown 50-48
                              Shelbyville Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-final lost to Mt. Pulaski 63-61
                              Mt. Pulaski lost in Sweet 16 Round.
1985-86     18 - 9                                                               Coach Jack Dettro
1986-87     20 - 6   Regional  Champions!                      Coach Jack Dettro
                              Harristown Regional Tourney
                              1st Rd Beat Blue Mound 71-43
                              Semi-Final Beat Mt. Auburn 47-45
                              Title Game Beat Bethany 50-49
                              Shelbyville Sectional Tourney
                              Semi-final lost to Buffalo Tri-City 68-59
                              Tri-City won Sectional title.
                              Tri-City lost in Sweet 16 Round
1987-88     20 - 7                                                              Coach Jack Dettro
1988-1992                                                                        Coach Jack Dettro
**The following information was found in the 1981-82 IHSA Tournament program by our good friend Mark Jurenga regarding the Elite 8 team of the same season:

Stonington High School 1982 Elite 8 Finalists
Courtesy of Chuck Martz

Standing in Rear: Coach Jack Dettro, Mike Beck, David Curtin, Tony Roth, Bruce Brauer, Bob Colbrook, Gerry Myers, Steve Bollinger

Knealing: Brian Burnett, Bruce Olsen, Mike Blakeman, Jim Pollock, Danny Blakeman, Eric Swigert, Michael Johonson.

"When Mike Beck crosses halfcourt, the four-year starter is within range. That may be an overstatement, but Beck is deadly from the 22 to 25 foot mark. He's averaging 21 points per game while running mate Tony Roth, also a four-year regular, adds 12 points per outing. While Roth and Beck take care of the outside, 6-2 center Steve Bollinger handles the inside. Bollinger contributes 18 points and a bushel of rebounds per contest. "We like the running game," Stonington coach Jack Dettro, in his 25th year, said. "We get a lot of baskets off of the transition game." The Wildcat winning streak was 17 games after sectional action. Stonington's enrollment is 133 and this is the first Wildcat showing in the "Sweet Sixteen" 
Some Facts:
Coach Jack Dettro was in his 25th year with a record of 485-193.
In the Super-Sectional and Quarterfinal games, Mike Beck would combine for 44 points, while Tony Roth totaled 21 points. Gerry Myers had 17 rebounds in the two games.
Morrisonville Tournament (2nd Place)
vs. Springfield (Calvary)             W 96-53
vs. Morrisonville                        W 78-57
vs. Mt. Pulaski                          L 67-69
Meridian Conference Tournament (Champs)
vs. Blue Mound                         W 54-52
vs. Assumption                         W 73-65
vs. Maroa-Forsyth                     W 69-59
Stoniington Class A Regional (Champs)
vs. Bethany                              W 93-63
vs. Blue Mound                          W 76-52
vs. Moweaqua                           W 68-59
Shelbyville Class A Sectional (Champs)
vs. Riverton                              W 70-59
vs. Mt. Pulaski                           W 77-52
Decatur (Millikin University) Class A Super-Sectional (Champs)
vs. Tolono (Unity)                      W 56-54
IHSA Class A State Tourney (Champaign-Urbana)
vs. Monmouth (H.S.)                  L   59-81
Incredible run of success by the Stonington boys basketball program!!!
The Stonington boys baseball team won a Regional title as well.  Unfortunately the team record of this and other great SHS diamond teams are not currently available.
1981-82           Regional Champions                             Coach Tony DeMichael
Girls Softball
The girls competed in softball as well. Information is needed including coaches names, season records, and individual successes.
Girls Volleyball
The Lady netters of Stonington High had some nice seasons of their own.  The girls won a District and Regional title.  Unfortunately, again, this is the extent of the information we have regarding this program.   
1977-78             District Champions
1988-89             Regional Champions
Boys Golf
The Stonington High School linksters had some great success in the early 1980s.  In fact the team of 1981-82, which has an Elite 8 baskeball appearance and the schol's only Regional title in baseball,  finshed NINTH in IHSA competition in boyus golf as well. Matches for SHS meets were played at the Taylorville golf course.
1981-82            Team Finished NINTH in IHSA STATE Competition!!    Coach Tony DeMichael
                            District Champions
                            Final Team Standings 
                             1)  Elgin (St. Edward)                       660
                             2)  Dunlap                                       663  
                             2)  West Frankfort (Frankfort)            663  
                             4)  Benton                                       671
                             5)  Rochester                                  672  
                             6)  Somonauk                                 676  
                             7)  Petersburg (PORTA)                   677  
                             8)  Elmhurst (Immac.Concep.)          684  
                             9)  STONINGTON HIGH SCHOOL    725  
1984-85             Regional Champions
Boys Track & Field
Five male tracksters from Stonington High won medals at the IHSA State Track Meet over the years.  One, Bernard Livergood, was even crowned STATE CHAMPION in the 'B' Meet Long Jump in 1920!!
1918-19B       Kenneth Boyle             120 Yard High Hurdles         2ND Place
1919-20B       Bernard Livergood       Long Jump                           STATE CHAMPION!!
                                                              50 Yard Dash                      3RD Place
                       Harold Shrout               Discus                                 3RD Place
1950-51          Ben Carpenter             Long Jump                          5TH Place
1966-67          Joe Curtin                   440 Yd Run                          Conf. Champ

1981-82A       Tony Roth                      200 Meter Dash                   3RD Place

Stonington Track Summary 1967
Submitted by Joe Curtain (left click on photo for larger view)

Stonington Track & Field Team 1967
Courtesy of Joe Curtain (left click on photo for larger view)

Stonington HS Track & Field Team Summary 1968
Submitted by Joe Curtain (left click on photo for larger view)

Stonington HS Track & Field Team 1968
Submitted by Joe Curtain (left click on photo for larger view)

*Bernard Livergood, 1919-20 State Long Jump Champion went on to play for one of college football's more storied programs.  Bernard was a member of the 1922, 1923, and 1924 Notre Dame Fighting Irish football teams.  As you may recall, this was the Knute Rockne era with the infamous "Four Horsemen".  Bernard was a backup fullback for Elmer Leyden!

1924 Notre Dame Fighting Irish National Championship Team(10-0-0)

LE *Chuck Collins, 6-0, 177; *Clem Crowe, 5-9, 169; Joe Rigali, 5-9, 147

LT *Joe Bach, 5-11, 186; *Joe Boland, 6-0, 215; *John McMullan, 6-0, 204

LG *John Weibel, 5-9, 165; *Charles Glueckert, 5-11, 185; *Vince Harrington, 5-8, 175

C *Adam Walsh, 6-0, 187 (Captain); *Joe Harmon, 5-9, 165; *Joe Maxwell, 6-1, 180

RG *Noble Kizer, 5-8, 165; *Dick Hanousek, 5-10, 177

RT *Edgar (Rip) Miller, 5-11, 180; *John Wallace, 6-0, 178; *John McManmon, 6-2, 202

RE *Ed Hunsinger, 5-11, 172; *Wilbur Eaton, 5-8, 165

QB *Harry Stuhldreher, 5-7, 151; *Eddie Scharer, 5-8, 145; *Gene (Red) Edwards, 6-1, 160;

*Frank Reese, 5-10, 152

LH *Jim Crowley, 5-11, 162; *Max Houser, 6-1, 170; *Harry O’Boyle, 5-9, 160

RH *Don Miller, 5-11, 160; *Ward (Doc) Connell, 5-10, 168;

FB *Elmer Layden, 6-0, 162; *Bill Cerney, 5-9, 165; *Bernie Livergood, 5-10, 175; *Tom

Hearden, 5-9, 156; *John Roach, 6-0, 139



Event                         Name                  Record                     Year


100-yard Dash             S. Younker           10.25 seconds (sec.)   1965


220-yard Dash             S. Younker           22.6 sec.                     1965


440-yard Dash             D. Robinson          52.2 sec.                     1938


880-yard Run               J. Curtin                2:04.7 minutes (min.)   1968


Mile Run                      D. Lahue               4:48.0 min.                  1962


2-mile Run                   P. Marucco           11:06.5 min.                 1968


120 High Hurdles         C. Graham             16.4 sec.                     1963


180 Low Hurdles         C. Graham             21.3 sec.                     1963


High Jump                    R. Beard                 6 feet (ft.) 1 inch (in.)  1962


Long Jump                   J. Marucco              21 ft. 9 in.                   1965


Pole Vault                    S. Younker              11 ft. 9 in.                   1965


Shot Put                       K. Robinson            49 ft. 5 in.                   1965


Discus                          K. Robinson            152 ft. 11 in.            1965


880 Relay          O. Hemingway, C. Garwood,   1:39.0 min.           1963

                          S. Younker, J. Marucco


Mile Relay         G. Younker, J. Embry,         3:45.9 min.                1968

                         C. Bernard, J. Curtin


                         R. Beard, M. Hodges,          3:45.9 min.                1962

                         C. Graham, D. Zindel


440 Fresh. Rel.  S. Younker, J. Marucco,      50.2 sec.                   1962

                         C. Garwood, G. Tumiati


880 F/S Relay   M. DeMichael, R. Snow        1:45.9 min.               1968

                         C. DeFoor, G. Younker


Boys Football


Rick Thomas tells us that "According to Mr. Tom Doyle who went to high school in the 1930s (football player, pharmacist, and county coroner), Stonington had a football team for about 7 years in the 1930s.  In a game at Stonington against rival Blue Mound in 1939, one of the school's football players died and another was badly hurt, and the experience weighed heavy on the people so the town dropped its team after that season."

Extra-Curricular Activities
We know that band, chorus, and other activities were offered at Stonington High School. It is probable that clubs such as FFA, FHA, student government, and many other opportunities were available for the Stonington High School kids to participate in. 
Rick Thomas tells us:
" Through the 1960s until it closed in 1992, Mr. John Reid led the school band.  Sometimes 60% of a class was in the band.  For a time in the 1970s, there also was a jazz band and a marching band.  The band and marching band earned "first" ratings at statewide contests, parades, and homecomings.  Many students earned "first" ratings in regional and state competitions.  For instance, I earned state/regional "first" ratings for a solo and a duo on a double french horn."
Famous Alumni
*Susan Nolen (1959-2013; Class of 1977; co-valedictorian), received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania (summa cum laude), taught at Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and until January 2013, was a professor and chair of Yale University's Department of Psychology.  Her research focused on depression and mood regulation.  Dr. Nolen-Hoeksema received three major teaching awards and numerous awards for her research on depression, mood regulation, and gender, including the David Shakow Early Career Award from the American Psychological Association, and the the Leadership Award from the Committee on Women of the American Psychological Association.  Her research was funded by grants from private foundations and the National Institute of Mental Health.  Dr. Nolen-Hoeksema published over 100 research articles and 12 books, including scholarly books, textbooks, and three books for the general public on women's mental health.  (Information probided by Rick Thomas)
Super Fan
It is remembered by Brad Besson (Class of 1984) that "Super Fan" Archie Gilmore was a staunch supporter of the school and a great man.
**From Class of 1983 alum Dan Blakeman:
     "The seniors from 1981-82 season won an 8th grade class A basketball championship in 1978.  Tony DeMichael was also the coach of those seniors when they were in the 8th grade.  Some years later after Stonington annexed into the Taylorville school district Tony DeMicheael coached an 8th grade girls AA team that also won a state championship.  Allison Curtin, a name that is familiar in High School AA girls and University of Illinois Women’s Basketball, was on that team. Allison is from Stonington
     I played for both Tony DeMichael and Jack Dettro and was a junior on the 1981-82 basketball and baseball teams.  My grandfather, Florian (nickname Flindy) DeMichael coached Jr. High Basketball at Stonington for roughly 30 years.  When he retired Tony, his nephew, took the helm of the Jr. High basketball program.  Tony also played basketball and baseball in high school for Jack Dettro.   
     Jack was obviously a very successful high school basketball coach.  He also made playing basketball for him very fun.  His motto was that “high school kids go out for sports to have fun.”  After pausing he would add “and winning is more fun than losing”."
From Dan Campbell (Class of 1990):
"I graduated from Stonington HIgh School in the class of 1990 with a graduating class of only 12. Band Teacher John Reid had a great influence upon me.  I believe he taught band and choir right up until the school closing in 1992.  He used to close the school choir concerts with The Lord Bless You And Keep You.  He also taught Jazz band which was a favorite personal music style for him. I was sad to see in the newspaper that the high school building was torn down." 
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