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"New" Savanna High School


The History of Savanna High School
Savanna, Illinois (population 3,542) is located along the Mississippi River and on US Rt. 52 and Ill. Rts 64 and 84 in Carroll County in Northwest Illinois. It is home to the Mississippi Palisades Park and the only stoplight in Carroll County. It was also home to the Savanna Army Depot, which employed most of the workers in Carroll County. It opened in 1917 and closed in 2000 and caused a lot of economic troubles around the area.
Savanna High School opened in the mid-1890s, which was the first high school opened in western Carroll County. A 1957 fire consumed the building that is pictured above and a new building was built on the northeast side of town, which is pictured below the first one. For many years, academically and athletically, Savanna High School prospered as one of the most advanced schools in the county.

Savanna High School Building

During the early 2000s as mentioned there were a lot of economic troubles in this area of Carroll County. In turn, the schools in the area were strapped for funds as well. Savanna and fellow schools Thomson and Mount Carroll started co-oping their sports programs (except for Boys and Girls Basketball) in 2004. Finally, a consolidation effort was successful in 2005 with the three schools. Savanna High School is in use as West Carroll High School.

Savanna High School "Quick Facts":
Year opened:                          mid-1890s
Year newer school built:         1957
Year Closed:                           2005
School Colors:                        Red & White (black trim)
School Mascot:                       the "Indians"
School Song:                          "Savanna Loyalty"
                                                               Sung to Illinois Loyalty
                                                               Lyrics Submitted by Jean Ferris
We're loyal to you, Savanna High
We're red and we're white, Savanna High
We'll back you to  stand 'gainst the best in the land
For we know you have sand, Savanna High!
Rah! Rah!
So take what you want, Savanna High
The game's what we want, Savanna High
Our team is our school protector
On boys, for we expect a victory from you, Savanna High
Cha-he! Cha-Ha! Cha-ha-ha-ha!  (Clap, clap, clap, clap)
Cha-he! Cha-Ha! Cha-ha-ha-ha!  (Clap, clap, clap, clap)
Bring out that dear old flag of red and of white
Lead all our sons and daughters into the fight
Like men of old reliance, shouting defiance
Amid the broad green plains that nourish our land
For honest labor and for learning we stand
Unto thee we pledge our heart and hand,
Our Alma Mater, Savanna High!                                        
Savanna High School has always had a rich tradition of high school athletics. Their teams have been at times really good, and there have been some downtimes here and there. However, the support of their athletic programs has always been excellent. The last three conferences Savanna competed in were the Ill-Iowa Conference, the TRAC-8 Conference and later, and finally, the Northwest Upstate Illini.

Savanna High School Gymnasium

The most storied program in Savanna High School and even in the state of Illinois has been their Wrestling program. Take a glance at this ... 6 STATE TITLES!! The wrestling program has always been a strong one and just take a look at these seasonal records posted by teams since 1941 and the dominance posted in the late 1970s and early 1980s:
1941-42  2-5-1                                                   Coach L.M. Gundlach
1956-57  1-8                                                      Coach Robert Lueders
1957-58  10-4                                                    Coach Robert Lueders
1958-59  10-4                                                    Coach Robert Lueders
1959-60  15-2                                                    Coach Robert Lueders
1960-61  15-1     District Champions
                         Sectional Champions             Coach Robert Lueders
1961-62  13-4-1  State THIRD PLACERS            Coach Robert Lueders
1962-63  15-4                                                    Coach Robert Lueders
1963-64  14-3                                                    Coach Donald Robinson
1964-65  9-3-1    District Champions                 Coach Charles Anderson
1965-66  3-13                                                    Coach Charles Anderson
1966-67  6-10-1                                                 Coach Charles Anderson
1967-68  3-13     State FOURTH PLACERS        Coach Charles Anderson
1968-69  5-9       State SIXTH PLACERS           Coach Charles Anderson
1969-70  8-8-1    Sectional Champions             Coach Charles Anderson

1970-71  6-8-1                                                   Coach Charles Anderson
1971-72  7-10                                                    Coach Charles Anderson
1972-73  6-12     District Champions                  Coach Charles Anderson

1973-74  8-15     STATE CHAMPIONS!               Coach Charles Anderson
1974-75  11-13   District Champions
                        Sectional Champions
                        STATE CHAMPIONS!                Coach Charles Anderson

1975-76  20-1-1  District Champions 
                        State FIFTH PLACERS             Coach Charles Anderson

1976-77  20-5    STATE CHAMPIONS!                Coach Charles Anderson
1977-78  20-4    Sectional Champions
                        State THIRD PLACERS              Coach Charles Anderson
1978-79  14-6     District Champions 
                        STATE CHAMPIONS!                 Coach Charles Anderson
1979-80  22-1     District Champions 
                         Sectional Champions 
                         STATE CHAMPIONS!               Coach Charles Anderson
1980-81  23-0     Undefeated Record
                         State SEVENTH PLACERS       Coach Charles Anderson
1981-82  19-1     District Champions
                         Sectional Champions
                         STATE CHAMPIONS!               Coach Charles Anderson
1982-83  16-6     State THIRD PLACERS            Coach Charles Anderson
1983-84  13-11    Regional Champions              Coach Charles Anderson
1984-85  13-10-1 Regional Champions              Coach Charles Anderson
1985-86  20-5      Regional Champions              Coach Charles Anderson
1986-87  7-16      Regional Champions              Coach Charles Anderson
1987-88  10-14    Regional Champions              Coach Charles Anderson
1995-96  15-8                                                     Coach Phil Sexton
1996-97  16-7                                                     Coach Phil Sexton
2002-03  N.R.A.   Regional Champions              Coaches name unavailable
Savanna's State Wrestling Tournament appearances at a glance:
From 1974 on, Savanna wrestled in Class A. Up until 1983, the state Wrestling championship was decided through efforts from individual wrestlers. 
1962 Team Standings:
 1.  Burbank Reavis                   62
 2.  Waukegan                           36
 3.  Savanna                            34
 4.  Moline                                 29
 5.  Evanston                             28
 6.  LaGrange Lyons                  18
 7.  Palatine                              16
      Granite City                        16
 9.  Park Forest Rich East         15
      Berwyn Morton West           15
      Winnetka New Trier             15
      Maywood Proviso East)       15
1968 Team Standings:
 1.  DeKalb                               27
 2.  Franklin Park East Leyden   26
 3.  Decatur Stephen Decatur     23
 4.  Savanna                           19
 5.  Sterling                              18
 6.  Normal U-High                    17
 7.  Deerfield                            16
      New Lenox Lincoln-Way      16
 9   North Chicago                    15
      Barrington                          15
1969 Team Standings:
 1.  Moline                                33
 2.  North Chicago                     32
 3.  Maywood Proviso East         28
 4.  Decatur                               24
      Northlake West Leyden        24
 6.  Savanna                            23
 7.  Burbank Reavis                   20
 8.  Franklin Park East Leyden   17
      Fox Lake Grant                   17
      Tinley Park                         17
1974 Team Standings:
 1.  SAVANNA                         36 1/2
 2.  Yorkville                             35
 3.  Stillman Valley                   32
 4.  Harvard                              31
 5.  Port Byron Riverdale           30 1/2
 6.  Normal U-High                    26 1/2
 7.  Erie                                   24 1/2
 8.  St. Jacob Triad                   15
 9.  Minooka                            14
10.  Carrollton                          12
      Fithian Oakwood                12
      Dakota                              12
1975 Team Stanings:
 1.  SAVANNA                               51 1/2
 2.  Normal U-High                          44 1/2
 3.  Maple Park Kaneland                26 1/2
 4.  Georgetown                              26
 5.  Yorkville                                   25 1/2
 6.  Stillman Valley                         24
 7.  Port Byron Riverdale                 14 1/2
 8.  Fulton                                      12 1/2
 9.  Kankakee McNamara                11
10. Mahomet-Seymour                    10
     Sterling Newman                       10
     Palos Heights Chicago Christian 10
     Tolono Unity                              10
1976 Team Standings:
 1.  Yorkville                              90
 2.  Port Byron Riverdale            55
 3.  Normal U-High                     43
 4.  Minooka                              28 1/2
 5.  Savanna                            27
 6.  Stockton                             22 1/2
 7.  Maple Park Kaneland           20
 8.  Sterling Newman                  14
 9.  Delavan                               13 1/2
10. Bismarck-Henning                13
1977 Team Standings:
 1.  SAVANNA                           64
 2.  Yorkville                               59
 3.  New Lenox Providence          42 1/2
      Normal U-High                     42 1/2
 5.  Wilmington                          40
 6.  Sterling Newman                  34
      Stillman Valley                    34
 8.  Port Byron Riverdale             30 1/2
 9.  Delavan                               30
10. Dakota                                23
1978 Team Standings:
 1.  New Lenox Providence         56 1/2
 2.  Yorkville                              53 1/2
 3.  Savanna                            48
 4.  Mt. Pulaski                         47
 5.  Sterling Newman                 41
 6.  Stockton                             35 1/2
 7.  Harvard                               34
      Stillman Valley                    34
 9.  Delavan                               30
10. Mahomet-Seymour               29 1/2
1979 Team Standings:
 1.  SAVANNA                           75 1/2
 2.  Port Byron Riverdale             59
 3.  Yorkville                              53
 4.  Byron                                  40
 5.  Hoopeston-East Lynn           39 1/2
      Mahomet-Seymour               39 1/2
 7.  Dakota                                39
 8.  New Lenox Providence          33
 9.  Wilmington                           31 1/2
10. Fisher                                  29
1980 Team Standings:
 1.  SAVANNA                               101 1/2
 2.  New Lenox Providence              59 1/2
 3.  Mahomet-Seymour                   41 1/2
 4.  Erie                                         40
 5.  Fairbury-Cropsey                      32 1/2
 6.  Dakota                                     32
 7.  Princeton                                  29
 8.  Yorkville                                    28
 9.  London Mills Spoon River Valley 26
10. Westville                                   24
1981 Team Standings:
 1.  New Lenox Providence           88
 2.  Coal City                              53
 3.  Mahomet-Seymour                48
 4.  Dakota                                 46 1/2
 5.  Glasford Illini Bluffs                38
 6.  Stillman Valley                      37
 7.  Savanna                             36
 8.  Harvard                                 32
      Port Byron Riverdale              32
10. Ashton                                  31
1982 Team Standings: 
 1.  SAVANNA                            83
 2.  New Lenox Providence           69
 3.  Glasford Illini Bluffs                56
 4.  Mahomet-Seymour                45 1/2
 5.  Stillman Valley                      43
 6.  Dakota                                  42
 7.  Erie                                      39 1/2
 8.  Polo                                      37
      Maple Park Kaneland             37
10. Pontiac                                 35
1983 Team Standings:
 1.  Mahomet-Seymour                 62 1/2
      Harvard                                  62 1/2
 3.  Savanna                               60
 4.  Pontiac                                  48
 5.  Minooka                                 42
 6.  Kankakee McNamara              41
 7.  Coal City                                33
 8.  Fairfield                                  28
      Eureka                                   28
10. Aurora Waubonsie Valley         24
Individual State Champions
Check out this alphabetical-ordered list of all Savanna High School state wrestling placers! Ninteen State Championships! Fifty-one athletes for 66 state places!
Jeff Acuff                   1977A      132   Fourth Place
Brad Anderson          1980A       98    STATE CHAMPION
Brad Anderson          1982A       119   Fourth Place
Dan Anderson           1980A       112   Fourth Place
Dan Anderson           1981A       119   STATE CHAMPION
Mark Anderson          1988A      132   Fourth Place
Robbie Bearce          1977A       105   Second Place
Robbie Bearce          1978A       105   Second Place
Ron Brown                1965         112   Fourth Place
Jeremy Castro          1992A        125   Second Place
Jeremy Castro          1993A        130   Second Place
Ryan Castro             1997A        145   STATE CHAMPION
Paul Engaldo            1975A        132   STATE CHAMPION
Mark Ernst               1982A         98    Second Place
Mark Ernst               1983A         98    Second Place
Mike Ernst               1980A         132   Third Place
Richard Ernst           1962           165   Second Place
Paul Evans               1978A         112   STATE CHAMPION
Tom Evans               1979A         112   Third Place
Jerry Ferris              1962            133   Third Place
Joe Fosdick             1974A          155   STATE CHAMPION
Joe Fosdick             1975A          155   Third Place
Joe Fosdick             1976A          167   STATE CHAMPION
Chuck Haas             1979A          185   STATE CHAMPION
Chuck Haas             1980A          185   Second Place
Mike Hergert            1969            112   Fourth Place
Tony Herrell             1998A          145   Fourth Place
Marv Holmes            1974A          167   Third Place
Pat Johnson             1975A         105   Second Place
Pat Johnson             1976A         105   Second Place
Pat Johnson             1977A         119   STATE CHAMPION
Bob Kallemeyn         1993A         160   Fourth Place
Joel Kallenberger      1981A         167   Fourth Place
Joel Kallenberger      1982A         167   Second Place
Dave Kampas           1974A         126   Second Place
Scott Klippert           1971            155   Fourth Place
Brian Knop               1985A         132   Third Place
Jim Kurth                 1982A         155   STATE CHAMPION
Mike Kurth               1983A         155   STATE CHAMPION
Scott Law                1984A          126   Third Place
Mike Lindeman         1980A         167   STATE CHAMPION
Mark Massery          1968            112   STATE CHAMPION
Mark Massery          1969            120   STATE CHAMPION
Michael McIntyre      2003A          140   Fourth Place
Dave Melhus            1975A           98    STATE CHAMPION
Dave Melhus            1977A           126   STATE CHAMPION
Jeff Melhus              1974A           138   Second Place
Mike Melhus            1979A           132   Second Place
Marty Morfey           1982A            185   Second Place
Dick Nally                1961             127   Second Place
William Nehrkorn      1959             154   Third Place
Jack Nickels            1979A           126   STATE CHAMPION
Adam Powers           2000A          119   Second Place
Adam Powers           2001A          125   Second Place
Bob Powers             1968             154   Fourth Place
Kevin Powers           1971             145   Sixth Place
Steve Ramirez          1977A          167   Fourth Place
Larry Rice                1990A          140   Third Place
Lonnie Robinson       1975A          145   STATE CHAMPION
Ron Schafer             1973             167   Fifth Place
David Seward           1962             103   STATE CHAMPION
Mark Shaw              1983A           167   Second Place
Andy Smith             1986A           119   Second Place
Sean Smith             1988A           126   Third Place
Sean Smith             1989A           135   Fourth Place
Chris Stallings          1991A          130   Fourth Place
*Another individual wrestler who had an excellent career at Savanna High was Jack Fosdick.  Jack is said to have set every PIN record in the school, district and state, many of which still hold today. These included fastest pin, most pins in a season, and most pins in a career.  Injuries kept Jack out of the state tournaments, however he was integral to the team reaching the finals.
To view some of the memorabilia of the Savanna High School westling program check out the display Manny's Pizza in Savanna. 
What an INCREDIBLE story and tradition for the Savanna High School wrestling program!
Boys Basketball
Over the course of the past 103 years, Savanna Boys Basketball has enjoyed some great seasons:
1902-03  1-3        First Season                             Coach V.C. Keys
1903-04  6-2                                                       Coach V.C. Keys
1904-05  11-3                                                     Coach Paul Lucas
1905-06  6-2                                                       Coach Paul Lucas
1906-07  5-3                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1907-08  7-1                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1908-09  4-5                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1909-10  5-5                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1910-11  6-7                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1911-12  3-3                                                       Coach Higgins
1912-13  1-3                                                       Coach Higgins
1913-14  4-8                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1914-15  5-10                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1915-16  7-8                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1916-17  3-8                                                       Coach Freude
1917-18  7-5                                                       Coach Allan
1918-19  7-2                                                       Coach Allan
1919-20  6-10                                                     Coach W.F. Hafeman
1920-21  10-6                                                     Coach W.F. Hafeman
1921-22  14-6                                                     Coach W.F. Hafeman
1922-23  16-5                                                     Coach W.F. Hafeman
1923-24  15-8       District Champions                Coach W.F. Hafeman
1924-25  17-6                                                     Coach W.F. Hafeman
1925-26  23-2       District Champions                Coach W.F. McCarthy
1926-27  19-3                                                     Coach W.F. McCarthy
1927-28  17-7                                                     Coach W.F. McCarthy
1928-29  7-15                                                     Coach W.F. McCarthy
1929-30  15-9       District Champions                Coach W.F. McCarthy
1930-31  18-6                                                     Coach W.F. McCarthy
1931-32  18-9       District Champions                Coach W.F. McCarthy
1932-33  19-6       District Champions                Coach W.F. McCarthy
1933-34  9-12                                                     Coach W.F. McCarthy
1934-35  13-8                                                     Coach W.F. McCarthy
1935-36  10-13                                                   Coach Strahecker
1936-37  13-5                                                     Coach Strahecker
1937-38  10-13                                                   Coach Lathrop
1938-39  11-12                                                   Coach W.F. Massey
1939-40  18-6                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
1940-41  14-8                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
1941-42  21-6        Regional Champions            Coach W.F. Massey
1942-43  14-10      Regional Champions            Coach W.F. Massey
1943-44  17-9                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
1944-45  9-13                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
1945-46  10-12                                                   Coach W.F. Massey
1946-47  20-7                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
1947-48  12-14                                                   Coach W.F. Massey
1948-49  4-17                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
1949-50  17-8                                                     Coach W.F. Massey
Joe Parker ended his high school career with a season's total of 367 points for a 15 point average per game.  Richard Adams bagged 329 points for a 13 point average in the team's success.

1950-51  11-13                                                   Coach W.F. Massey
1951-52  18-8        Regional Champions            Coach E.J. Krumm
This basketball team was one of the best that has ever been turned out from the Savanna Township High School.  In the 1951-52 season, out of 26 games played, the team won 18 and lost 8.  They won the regional tournament at Lanark for the  first time in 10 years and got second at the Sectional in Moline.  Dick McCue broke the record for the school by making 72% of his free-throws.  Jack Hussey made 56% and John Rivera 53%. John Rivera averaged 43% for shooting field goals, and Jack Hussey 40%.  Jack Hussey broke two records for the school, scoring 398 points during the year and the previous two seasons, scored 741 points. John Rivera was  second high point man for the season, scoring 324 points.

1952-53  4-18                                                     Coach E.J. Krumm
1953-54  2-20                                                     Coach E.J. Krumm
Though short on wins the 1953-54 season was not without talent. Don Siedenburg was not the area's tallest player at 5' 03" but he was one of the most talented. Don earned Second Team all-conference honors (the first and second teams each only consisted of five players). Don recalls his high school playings days:
"I graduated in l954 and played on the team.  Unfortunately, back then everyone also played on the football team.  Two of our better players got hurt and we only had a 2-20 record.  The coach was E. J. Krumm who eventually went to Thornton High School in Harvey, Illinois.  I went to two and a half years at Mt. Carroll High School, ten miles away, where I did not get much playing time.  In the finally game against Mt. Carroll I scored 31 points.  I made the second team all conference, which was the Illowa (meaning four teams from Iowa and four teams from Illinois.  In l953 the St Marys of Clinton, Iowa  high school team won the Iowa State Championship.  They beat us by only eight points and I scored 21 points against them.  I was fourth high scorer in the league and broke the free throw shooting record with a 78% shooting. There is an old saying about old high school athletes,"the older we get the better we were!"  I don't want to get in that category. I would like to mention that my height was and is 5'3".
Don has continued to play basketball throughout his adult life and even has a "how to shoot" video on YouTube (

Articles About Savanna HS on Don Siedenburf
Left click on photo for larger version.

Savanna HS Article on Don Siedenburg
Left click on photo for larger view.

1954-55  9-12                                                     Coach E.J. Krumm
1955-56  9-12                                                     Coach E.J. Krumm
1956-57  14-10                                                   Coach Jerry Gray
1957-58  8-14        First year in new gym              Coach Jerry Gray
1958-59  16-13                                                   Coach Jerry Gray
1959-60  23-5        Regional Champions               Coach Jerry Gray
1960-61  24-3                                                     Coach Jerry Gray
1961-62  10-15                                                   Coach Loren Moen
1962-63  12-11                                                   Coach Loren Moen
1963-64  3-18                                                     Coach Loren Moen
1964-65  8-14                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1965-66  8-12                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1966-67  10-12                                                   Coach Ron McCready
1967-68  3-20                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1968-69  10-14                                                   Coach Ron McCready
1969-70  6-16                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1970-71  3-19                                                     Coach Dewayne Wherer
1971-72  7-15                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1972-73  4-20                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1973-74  5-21                                                     Coach Ron McCready
1974-75  0-24                                                     Coach Anril Guilinger
1975-76  2-21                                                     Coach Anril Guilinger
1976-77  2-20                                                     Coach Anril Guilinger
1977-78  3-20                                                     Coach Mike Dergo
1978-79  5-20                                                     Coach Mike Dergo
1979-80  5-20                                                     Coach Mike Dergo
1980-81  6-19                                                     Coach Larry Halverson
1981-82  11-14                                                   Coach Larry Halverson
1982-83  12-14                                                   Coach Larry Halverson
1983-84  21-5                                                     Coach Larry Halverson
1984-85  10-16                                                   Coach Larry Halverson
1985-86  3-22                                                     Coach Rich Grossi
1986-87  0-25                                                     Coach Jeff Herkelman
1987-88  7-19                                                     Coach Jeff Herkelman
1988-89  10-16                                                   Coaches name unavailable
1989-90  7-18                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1990-91  11-14                                                   Coaches name unavailable
1991-92  21-5                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1992-93  18-7                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1993-94  8-17                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1994-95  12-14                                                   Coaches name unavailable
1995-96  7-18                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1996-97  1-24                                                     Coaches name unavailable
1997-98  5-21                                                     Coach Chris Buikema
1998-99  N.R.A.                                                  Coach Chris Buikema
1999-00  N.R.A.                                                  Coach Brian McCormack
2000-01  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
2001-02  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
2002-03  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
2003-04  22-7                                                      Coach Josh Knuth
2004-05  N.R.A.                                                  Coach Josh Knuth
Savanna started their football program in 1919. Over the course of the past 85 years, Savanna Boys Basketball has enjoyed some great seasons, including undefeated seasons in 1922, back-to-back in 1941 and 1942, 1947 and 1950:

1919-20  4-5                                                       Coach W.F. Hafeman
1920-21  3-7                                                       Coach W.F. Hafeman
1921-22  3-3-1                                                    Coach W.F. Hafeman
1922-23  8-0                                                       Coach W.F. Hafeman
1923-24  7-2                                                       Coach W.F. Hafeman
1924-25  5-2-1                                                    Coach W.F. Hafeman
1925-26  7-2                                                       Coach W.F. McCarthy
1926-27  5-2-1                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1927-28  5-3                                                       Coach W.F. McCarthy
1928-29  4-2-2                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1929-30  5-2-2                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1930-31  1-6-2                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1931-32  4-2-2                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1932-33  4-3-1                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1933-34  3-6                                                       Coach W.F. McCarthy
1934-35  3-5                                                       Coach W.F. McCarthy
1935-36  1-6-1                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1936-37  5-5-1                                                    Coach W.F. McCarthy
1937-38  6-2                                                       Coach W.F. McCarthy
1938-39  6-2                                                       Coach Adolph Stefani
1939-40  4-3-1                                                    Coach Adolph Stefani
1940-41  3-4-1                                                    Coach Adolph Stefani
1941-42  8-0                                                       Coach Adolph Stefani
1942-43  8-0                                                       Coach Adolph Stefani
1943-44  6-2                                                       Coach Leonard Matz
1944-45  3-4-1                                                    Coach Horst Rickert
1945-46  5-4                                                       Coach Horst Rickert
1946-47  5-3                                                       Coach Horst Rickert
1947-48  8-0-1                                                    Coach Horst Rickert
1948-49  7-1-1                                                    Coach Horst Rickert
Two team members chosen for All-Conference.....Mike Ramirez, high scoring half back, and Jack Ferris, who had been on the All-American conference for two years before.
1949-50  3-3-2                                                    Coach Horst Rickert
Indians finished third in the Illowa conference.  Mike Ramirez, speedy halfback, was named to the All-Conference team and received All-State honorable mention.  Gordon Fowler and Wayne Bousman were given honorable mention on the All-Conference team.
1950-51  8-0                                                       Coach Horst Rickert
Undefeated and untied in eight straight games, the Indians finished the first undefeated, untied season Mr. Rickert had the opportunity of coaching.  The Indians were well represented on the Illowa All-Conference Team when they placed three on the first eleven.  The three chosen were Wayne Bousman, guard; Jason Truninger, fullback; and Keith Thayer, end.  Jason Truninger was elected to the second team all-state for small schools and received special mention on the regular all-state team.

1951-52  2-5-1                                                    Coach Horst Rickert
1952-53  4-5                                                       Coach John Shimp
1953-54  3-5                                                       Coach John Shimp
1954-55  2-7                                                       Coach John Shimp
1955-56  1-7                                                       Coach John Shimp
1956-57  4-4                                                       Coach John Shimp
1957-58  1-6-1                                                    Coach John Shimp
1958-59  6-2                                                       Coach John Shimp
1959-60  4-3-1                                                    Coach John Shimp
1960-61  4-4                                                       Coach John Shimp
1961-62  3-5                                                       Coach John Shimp
1962-63  3-5                                                       Coach Bob Leuders
1963-64  1-7                                                       Coach Don Robinson
1964-65  6-2                                                       Coach Don Robinson
1965-66  6-2                                                       Coach Carl Stebbins
1966-67  7-1                                                       Coach Carl Stebbins
1967-68  7-1                                                       Coach Carl Stebbins
1968-69  3-5                                                       Coach Dewayne Wehrer
1969-70  5-3                                                       Coach Dewayne Wehrer
1970-71  5-3                                                       Coach Dewayne Wehrer
1971-72  4-4                                                       Coach Dewayne Wehrer
1972-73  4-4                                                       Coach Wayne White
1973-74  4-4                                                       Coach Wayne White
1974-75  0-9                                                       Coach Wayne White
1975-76  0-8-1                                                    Coach Wayne White
1976-77  8-1                                                       Coach Wayne White
1977-78  4-5                                                       Coach Wayne White
1978-79  4-5                                                       Coach Wayne White
1979-80  6-3                                                       Coach Wayne White
1980-81  1-8                                                       Coach Bill Wright
1981-82  4-5                                                       Coach Don Greenfield   
1982-83  1-8                                                       Coach Don Greenfield
1983-84  3-6                                                       Coach Don Greenfield
1984-85  0-9                                                       Coach Don Greenfield
1985-86  0-9                                                       Coach Don Greenfield
1986-87  3-6                                                       Coach Lee Hansen
1987-88  0-9                                                       Coach Lee Hansen
1988-89  1-8                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1989-90  7-3       IHSA Playoff qualifiers            Coach Wayne White
1990-91  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
1991-92  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
1992-93  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
1993-94  N.R.A.                                                  Coaches name unavailable
1994-95  3-6                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1995-96  3-6                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1996-97  0-9                                                       Coach Phil Sexton
1997-98  0-9                                                       Coaches name unavailable
1998-99  0-9                                                       Coach Trent Sellers
1999-00  0-9                                                       Coach Trent Sellers
2000-01  0-9                                                       Coach Dave Baisden
2001-02  0-9                                                       Coach Dave Baisden
2002-03  0-9                                                       Coach Dave Baisden
2003-04  0-9                                                       Coaches name unavailable
2004-05  1-8         Co-op with Mt. Carroll               Coach Brandon Farrell
In week four of the 2004-05 season, the newly formed West Carroll co-op with Mount Carroll and Thomson broke a 74-game losing streak with a 41-14 win against Polo. The losing streak is the longest in state history and was even mentioned in a Sports Illustrated article. Nevertheless, the kids played hard game in and game out.

Boys Track and Field
The Indians offered Track and Field to their students and in two seasons they placed at the State Tournament For four straight seasons (1982-1985), Savanna placed athletes at the state tournament.
**1896-97      Team Finished NINTH at the State Meet!!
                     Individual Medalists   
                     George Pulford                 800 Yard walk                STATE CHAMPION!!
                      Final Team Standings 
                       1.  Chicago Englewood       22  
                       2.  DuQuoin                       20   
                       3.  Chicago Hyde Park       17  
                       4.  Peoria Central               16  
                       5.  Aurora East                  14  
                       6.  Chicago Lake View       13  
                       7.  Aurora West                 10  
                       8.  Lewistown                     8  
                       9.  Pontiac                         5   
                           LaGrange Lyons             5   
                           Savanna                       5   Coaches name unavailable

1948-49 - Savanna broke the Illowa League record in the shot put with V. Tracey throwing forty-four feet three and five-eights inches.  This established a new school record for Savanna.  Vic Tracey was awarded the trophy for the most outstanding track and field athlete of the season.
1951-52 - One outstanding athlete this year....Jason Truninger, setting two records, one at Davenport (49'1 1/2") and one at the Illowa League (47'9").  He placed third in the District Meet and traveled to the State Meet.
**1984-85    Team Finished SECOND at the State Meet!! Also won Sectional Championship!  Coach Greg Stott
                     Individual Medalists  
                     Ron Arb                                 High Jump               Third place
                     LeRoy Young                         100 Meter dash        Fifth Place
                                                                   200 Meter dash        Fourth Place
                                                                   400 Meter dash        Third Place
                                                                   Long jump               Fifth Place
                     Final Team Standings 
                     1.  Cairo                                         54  
                     2.  Savanna                                  25   Coach Greg Stott
                     3.  Byron                                        19   
                          St. Anne                                   19  
                     5.  Pontiac                                     18   
                          Princeton                                  18   
                          Farmer City                               18  
                     8.  Melrose Park Walther Lutheran   17  
                     9.  Carlinville                                  16   
                          Yorkville                                    16   
                          Beecher                                    16  

Other State Tournament Medalists:
1929-30         Lyle Hutton - One-mile Run (1600M)             Fourth Place
1981-82         Dave Bullock - 400 Meter Dash                    Eighth Place
1982-83         Kevin Zeeryp - Discus                                 Seventh Place   Coach Greg Stott
1983-84         4x200 Meter Relay Team                            Eighth Place      Coach Greg Stott
                    (LeRoy Young, Craig Newcomb, Noel Sy, Mike Pigford)
                    Ron Arb - High Jump                                    Third Place
                    Craig Newcomb - 100 Meter Hurdles            Sixth Place
                    (10 points-  tied for 14th place in team standings)
The 1983-84 team also placed 3rd at the State Meet in in exhibition event (non point scoring) 4x400 meter Weightman's Relay (strictly for season-long non-running field events athletes only) (Antoni Ragunas, David Weidman, Mike Pigford, Ron Arb)
Girls Basketball
1974-75  2-11                                                      Coach Darlene Destival
1975-76  3-8                                                        Coach Darlene Destival
1976-77  3-8                                                        Coach Darlene Destival
1977-78  9-14                                                      Coach Darlene Destival
1978-79  6-16                                                      Coach Darlene Destival
1979-80  3-18                                                      Coach Darlene Destival
1980-81  4-15                                                      Coach Darlene Destival
1981-82  2-18                                                      Coach Dwayne Hartle
1982-83  0-21                                                      Coach Erik Torrison
1983-84  1-21                                                      Coach Erik Torrison
1984-85  0-22                                                      Coach Erik Torrison
1985-86  0-23                                                      Coach Erik Torrison
1986-87  4-18                                                      Coach Erik Torrison
1987-88  N.R.A.                                                   Coach Erik Torrison
2002-03  3-23                                                      Coaches name unavailable

Girls Volleyball
The Savanna Girls Volleyball team was the only girls sport at Savanna to take home an IHSA state tournament series championship, that being a District Championship in 1977.
1977-78  N.R.A.        District Champions               Coaches name unavailable

Individual Events
Let's not forget the activity clubs at Savanna! The SHS Individual events team had wonderful success in the 1940s and 1960s, including a STATE CHAMPIONSHIP team in 1940-41!
1940-41                   IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS    Coaches name unavailable
1948-49                   State 6th Place                    Coaches name unavailable
1966-67                   State 9th Place                    Coaches name unavailable

Great Coach

Charles Anderson will go down in IHSA Wrestling History as one of the most successful coaches of all time. He coached the Indian Wrestling program from 1964-1988. In his 24 year career, Anderson had a record of 289-194-6 (.597). His teams won seven district championships, six regional championships, five sectional championships, and an incredible SIX STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS! Fifty-one of his wrestlers placed at the state tournament and coached individual wrestlers to 19 state championships.

He is a 2003 inductee of the National High School Hall of Fame - Illinois Chapter (Lifetime Achievement).

Wright F. Massey coached basketball at Savanna from 1938-1951, coming over from Fulton High School. He had a career record of 345-203. He is also believed to be the first coach at Fulton, starting in 1928. He would have two sons who would continue in his footsteps in teaching and education, Mark and Evan.

Notable Alumni

Evan Massey ('70) An athlete at Savanna High, Evan Massey atteneded Knox College, where he lettered in basketball, and Western Illinois University and started teaching at Galesburg High School in 1974. Massey coached cross country, football and is currently the head girls basketball coach. Ever since taking over the girls basketball program in 1978, Massey has accumulated a record of 624-216. Galesburg has a third place finish in 1996, a fourth place finish in 1997, 2000, 2001, an Elite-Eight appearance in 1998 and 2003, to go along 1999's second place finish.

Massey is a 2000 inductee of the Illinois Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame. He was State Coach of the Year in 1997 and 1999 by the Illinois Girls Coaching Association. Also in 1997, Massey was selected as the National Federation of Coaches State Coach of the Year and Regional Coach of the Year. Massey is also an inductee of the Galesburg High School Athletic Hall of Fame and the Knox College Hall of Fame.

Dale Gardner '66 -- was an astronaut for NASA,

Dennis Radabaugh '61 --played basketball at Savanna.graduated in '61.  Held Savanna BB scoring records. Dennis' high point game was a whopping 58 point effort! He went to the U of Kentucky on a basketball scholarship, finished at the U of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  Played on the '60 regional champions & '61 conference champions.

Robert Johnson - '43  Star of TWO undefeated football seasons, as well as TWO Regional Champion basketball teams.  This was Savanna's only two Regionals "back2back", and possibly the only undefeated football "back2back".

Mike Tracey- '70. Currently A.D. at UTHS (East Moline)...  long time successful football coach at Rock Island Alleman High School. Inducted into the Illinois High School Football Coaches Association Hall of Fame in 2004. Also inducted into the Alleman High School Hall of Fame in 2000. Mike Tracey was named Athletic Director of the Year for Class AA District 4, in 2006-2007

The following Savanna High School alumni were awarded the Savanna High School Board of Education's "Most Distinguished Alumni Award" :

Savanna HS's Most Distinguished Alumni Award Recipients

1986: George Goetz

1987: Sherrod McCall

1988: Margaret Lehmann

1989: Jean Mace Ferris

1990: Dale Gardner

1991: Jack Hussey & David Hussey

1992: Robert Endorf

1993: Erik Isgrig

1994: Robert Stretton

1995: Judith Weidman & Alan Weidman

1996: William Ernst

1997: Virgil Mielke

1998: Jon Jungjohann

1999: Joyce Lantz

2001: Lt.Colonel Gordon Geison

            Dr. Gerald Geison

**Information about another great Savanna native son can be found at the Wikipedia address of .


From James Davis:
"Another interesting Savanna team was the 1979-80 Lincoln Jr High Warriors Basketball team (became theSavanna HS class of 1983-84) 22-1 with only loss to Sterling Challand Jr High (a AA school 5 times the size with 2 future collge players)
Sargeant Rice was leading scorer with over 35 points per game, and the team had 3 players who dunked in junior high games (Mike Pigford, transfer due to family coming to the Savanna US Army Depot), Antoni Ragunas (a Lithunian transfer student) and Greg Truninger (Future Illinois All-Stater and son of the legendary Jason Truniger mentioned on your site). 12 times they scored over 100 points in a game, and against Chadwick High School (a team with 2 future Class A all-staters Brian Scheidigger and Ryan Schave) both teams scored over 100 points each, the only time this happened in Carroll County Jr high history)
The nucleus of this of this team formed the 1983-84 Savanna High team that went 21-5. In one of the games, against Fulton and their star player Mike Foster (a 6-5 guard who won numerous dunking competions) the 2 teams combined for 15 dunks, a broken backboard (Mike Pigford), and made the Rockford television news.
The US Army Depot was a source of many great African-American athletes at Savanna throughout the years-Savanna was the only small Illinois school in the area for years with many A-A athletes. Mike Hill, who lived next to Savanna and was one of the stars of  the great Thomson High School 1972 4th place in Class A State baskball team was another. Another great black athlete from the Depot is mentioned on your site, already (Rob Johnson), but what is not listed is that he ran a hand-timed 100 yard dash in 9.4 seconds in 1943 at a home meet on Savanna cinder-track. This unofficially tied the world's record, held by Jesse Ownes at the time."

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