Elkville High School "Bluebirds"

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Elkville High School Building 1960s
Submitted by James Horaz

The History of Elkville High School
Elkville (population 1,001) is located in far southern Illinois in the northwest portion of Jackson County.  Carbondale and Southern Illinois University are located just 12 miles south of Elkville.  U.S. Route 51 is the main roadway through Elkville.  The Illinois Central Gulf Railroad travels through Elkville as well.  A branch of the Little Muddy River flows just south of town.  Elkville was officially established in 1861 and named after the elk that roamed the prairie up until the 1830s.  
The history of Elkville's educational efforts is in need of research.  We are confident that Elkville had at least a grade school started by the late 1800s.  We are also confident that Elkville had a high school established by the early 1900s.  Elkville High School served the town quite proudly through the early 1960s.  In the late 1950s and early 1960s consolidation talks were started between the residents of Elkville, Vergennes, and Dowell.  This effort was finalized in 1962 with the creation of the Elverado School District.  The high school was located in Elkville and remains there even today.
Adam Rosoho, a long-time contributor to the Glory Days website, tells us of the fate of the Elkville High School building:
"The old Elkville High school was torn down in the late 90's, early 2000's.  Not sure of the exact year but I will get it for you.  They built the new high school behind the old one, then tore the old school down. Only remaining part is the basketball gym."
Elkville High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                           early 1900s
Year closed:                            1962 
Consolidated to:                       Elverado School District (Elkville)
Elkville HS team nickname:       the "Bluebirds"
Team colors:                            Blue & White
School Fight Song:                   unavailable

Elkville High School Gymnasium - 2010
Photo by James Horaz

Elkville Gymnasium Dedication - 2010
Photo by James Horaz

Elkville High School Athletics
Elkville High School boys competed in basketball for sure (www.ihsa.org).  Football was also a prime sport for the Bluebirds.  We are confident that baseball and track were also offered.  School fight song, team records, and coach's names are being sought.
Boys Basketball
The Elkville Bluebirds were a force to be reckoned with in their neck of the woods.  A total of SIX District titles and one Regional title were won by the Bluebirds during their existence as a solo high school.  To win a Regional title for a small school in the 1930s meant you had to beat high schools from some much larger towns.  If you have any information behind these title years, or any other years of EHS basketball, please write to us via e-mail at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net .  Team records and coach's names, as you can see, are being sought.
Several scores involving Elkville High School participating in the IHSA State Tournament are available on a website titled "Illinois Postseason High School Basketball Scores."
1927-28           IHSA District Champions                    Coach's name & record needed
                        District Scores Needed
                        Benton Sectional Tournament
                        1st Rd Beat Karnak 23-22
                        Semi-final lost to Benton 17-12
                        Benton Beat Carbondale in title game
                        Benton lost to Canton in Elite 8 Rd
                        Canton won IHSA State Tourney

1937-38            Elkville District Champions                Coach's name & record needed
                         Title Game Beat Cambria 44-21
                         IHSA Regional Qualifier
                         Regional Scores Needed
1938-39            IHSA District & Regional Champs     Coach's name & record needed
                         District Scores Needed
                         Herrin Regional Champions
                         1st Rd Beat Carbondale U-High 27-23
                         Semi-final Beat Herrin 24-23
                         Title Game Beat Marion 22-19
                         Mt. Vernon Sectional Qualifier
                         1st Rd Beat Vandalia 33-31
                         Semi-final lost to Centralia 33-29
                         Centralia beat Mt. Vernon in title game
                         Centralia placed 4th in State Tourney
1940-41            Elkville District Champions                Coach's name & record needed
                         1st Rd Beat Valier 40-29
                         Semi-final Beat Royalton 53-16
                         Title Game Beat Hurst-Bush 20-18
                         West Frankfort Regional Tourney
                         1st Rd lost to Benton 34-26
                         West Frankfort beat Ziegler in title game
1941-42            Valier District Champions                   
 Coach's name & record needed
                         Early Rd Scores Needed
                         Title Game Beat Hurst 36-29
                         Benton Regional Tournament
                         1st Rd lost to Benton 34-32
                         West Frankfort beat Johnson City in title game
                         West Frankfort lost to Centralia in Sweet 16 Rd
                         Centralia won IHSA State Title.
1961-62            Elkville District Champions                Coach's name & record needed
                         Semi-final Beat Gorham 76-49
                         Title Game Beat Carbondale Attucks 74-46
                         Murphysboro Regional Tourney
                         1st Rd Beat Carbondale 58-54
                         **Semi-Final lost to Marion 78-72
                         Marion beat Herrin in title game
                         Marion lost to McLeansboro in Sweet 16 Rd
                         McLeansboro finished 4th in IHSA State Tourney.
**Possibly school's last game as Elkville High School.

Elkville Football Field - 2010
Photo by James Horaz

The Elkville Bluebirds won or shared 6 conference championships in a 10 year stretch from 1952 to 1961.  The records and coach's names for these teams are listed below, coutesy of Tom Sikorski!
1952  6-1-1    Black Diamond Conference Champions                Coach Red Moore
1953  6-1-1    Black Diamond Conference Champions                Coach Red Moore
1954  6-2       Black Diamond Conference Champions                Coach Red Moore
1955  5-2       Black Diamond Conference Co-Champs                Coach Red Moore
1958  4-4                                                                                           Coach James Zancha
1960  3-4-1    Black Diamond Conference Champions                Coach Bob Groves 
                         (3-0-1 in the league)
1961  5-4       Black Diamond Conference Co-Champs                Coach Bob Groves
1962 first year as Elkville-Elverado

Sign on Press Box - 2010
Photo by James Horaz

Elkville Football Press Box & Concession Stand
Photo by James Horaz

Always Looking for More Information
If you have ANY more information you would like to share regarding the history and successful accomplishments of Elkville High School we hope you will write to us so we can share it with others.  We are especially interested in a photo of the original Elkville High School building. You can e-mail information and photos to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net or you can write to us via real mail at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.   60631

Elkville Gymnasium 2010
Photo by James Horaz

Elverado High School (Elkville Original Gym)
Submitted by James Horaz