Piper City High School "Blue Streaks"

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Piper City High School Building From the Side
Taken by RIchard Soseman

Piper City High School - 1907

The History of Piper City High School
Piper City (population 781) is located in upper-eastern Illinois about 25 miles east-southeast of Pontiac. The town was platted in the north-central "panhandle" region of Ford County. U.S. Route 24 intersects with Illinois Route 115 on the "outskirts" of the south and west sides of Piper City, giving a lot of road travel to and from the town. According to Map Quest (www.mapquest.com), the Toledo, Peoria, & Western Railroad is the owner of the railroad tracks that divide Piper City.  A branch of the North Fork of the Vermillion River flows both to the west and to the east of Piper City.

PHS Bell - "In Memory of Dora Hevener - 1969"
Courtesy of Richard Soseman

The history of the town and its former high school are in need of research. We do believe that Piper City began an educational system for its children in the late 1800's. A high school was established by the very late-1800's and certainly by the very early-1900's. The brick high school building pictured above and to the right was built before 1907. Piper City High School served the town and its children for about eight decades. In the early 1970's, consolidation talks arose between Piper City and Roberts-Thawville high schools. In 1974, this effort became a reality, resulting in the creation of the Ford Central School District. The high school for the Ford Central District was located in Piper City.
In 1992 the Ford Central School District was disolved by the state and the students from the Piper City were annexed into the Tri-Point School District (Cullom). The Piper City school building is now used as a grade school for the Tri-Point School District. The football field in Piper City is still used for the Tri-Point HS home games.
Piper City High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                               late 1800s/early 1900s
Year consolidated with R-THS:      1974 (Ford Central School District formed)
Piper City HS Bldg. today:            Grade School for Tri-Point School District
Piper City High School nickname:  the "Blue Streaks" 
Piper City HS team colors:            Blue & White
School Fight Song:                       "Fight 'Em Piper"
                                                           (Sung to "On Wisconsin" tune)
                                                           (Click "play" button below")
                                                 Fight 'em Piper
                                                 Fight 'em Piper
                                                 Break right through that line,
                                                 Send the ball through their defense,
                                                 It's a basket (or touchdown) sure this time.
                                                 Rah! Rah! Rah!
                                                 Fight 'em Piper
                                                 Fight 'em Piper
                                                 Fight 'em for our fame,
                                                 Fight fellows,
                                                 Fight! Fight! Fight!
                                                 We'll win this game.
                                                 Cha  hee
                                                 Cha  hah
                                                 Cha hah hah hah,
                                                 Piper Bluestreaks
                                                 Rah!  Rah!  Rah!
                                                (Submitted by Marilyn Vaughn)

The Blue Streaks of Piper City athletic program definitely offered boys' basketball, football, and track. We believe that baseball was also offered at one time or another. 

Piper City HS Gym 2016
Photo by Bruce Firchau

PiperCity HS Gym 2016
Photo by Bruce Firchau

Piper City HS Gym Bleachers
Photo by Bruce Firchau

Piper City HS Gym Stage 2016
Photo by Bruce Firchau

Boys Basketball 
The Piper City High School Blue Streaks had some real nice seasons in boys basketball. All of the team records and coach's names from 1950 to 1974 are listed. Unfortunately, no IHSA tournament hardware was won. The kids of the school's last three seasons of its solo run left the school with a good feeling, sporting winning records each year! 
1927-28           Ford Co. Tourney Runner-Ups   Coach unknown
1930-31           Ford Co. Tourney Runner-Ups   Coach unknown 
1950-51                                                               Coach Forrest Fritz
1951-53                                                               Coach Russell Moore
1953-54  18-  6                                                    Coach Russell Moore
1954-55  13-12                                                    Coach Arthur Glad
1955-56                                                               Coach Arthur Glad
1956-58                                                               Coach Vance Hamann
1958-59  10-10                                                   Coach Vance Hamann
1959-60                                                              Coach Vance Hamann
1960-63                                                              Coach Duane Lovestrand
1963-68                                                              Coach Don Drake
1968-69                                                              Coach Dave Wilson
1969-70                                                              Coach Ron Robinson
1970-71                                                              Coach John Sullivan
1971-72  16-  8                                                   Coach John Sullivan
1972-73  16-10                                                   Coach John Sullivan
1973-74  17-  8   School's Last Solo Season     Coach John Sullivan

Piper City Football Press box
Photo Taken by Richard Soseman

One of the great football players to roam the gridiron at Piper City HS was Doug Harford. In 1962, Harford scored 222 of his team's season points, and ended up scoring a total of 407 points in his two-year varsity career. His career total ranks in the top 20 in Illinois in that category.
Some of the better Piper City HS grid iron team records are listed below thanks to the research of Tom Sikorski.
1951  1-7  First team in school history -                   Coach Russ Moore 
                        First win was 13-7 over Saybrook-Arrowsmith
1953  5-3  2nd place (tie) Vermillion Valley Conf.    Coach Russ Moore
1954  4-3                                                                  Coach Art Glad
1958  5-3  2nd place (tie) VV Conference                Coach Duane Lovestrand
1961  6-2  3rd place VV Conference                        Coach Duane Lovestrand
1962  8-1  Vermillion Valley Conf. Co-Champs    Coach Duane Lovestrand
1970  4-4                                                                  Coach John Sullivan
1971  5-2-1  2nd place (tie) VV Conference             Coach John Sullivan
Boys Track & Field
One boy's trackster brought home a medal from the IHSA State Track Meet. This was accomplished during the IHSA's one-class system. Great job Doug Harford!
1962-63    Doug Harford    220 Yard Dash          4TH Place
Music / Band
We are certain that the Piper City HS kids were quite well versed in band and chorus as well. The music department may have even won a state competition or two in Class D for band. The band picked up a "Governor's trophy" at the Illinois State Fair one year also for their excellence under the direction of Mr. Paul Pizner.
A Graduate's Memory 
Donna Johnson Rummens speaks of her days at PCHS. "I graduated from PCHS in 1956 and was on the staff of the school newspaper - The Pied Piper. The Choral Music Department had its share of successes. When I was a senior, Elaine Pizner came to PCHS to head the Choral Music department. She was a new U of I(llinois) graduate, and her enthusiasm for vocal music influenced many of us. Elaine has been my sister-in-law for almost 49 years, and never lost her enthusiasm for music. I recently returned to PCHS for my 50th class reunion. In addition to seeing classmates for the first time in many years, I enjoyed visiting the library in Piper City, as well as the museum located upstairs over the library. There are many photos and other interesting bits of history in both places. I would encourage others interested in PCHS and PCCHS to visit those places."
Searching for More Information
We are searching for more information regarding the history and achievements of Piper City High School. If you have any information you would like to share please write us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.. You can also write to us at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.  60631

Piper City High School
Photo Taken in the 1930s