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Original Table Grove High School Building
Submitted by John Marshall

Table Grove HS 1926-1958 (Submitted by John Bybee)
"Table Grove--Remember This Place", Table Grove Squares Inc., 1992, Stevens Pub Co, Astoria, Il

Table Grove HS 1888-1926 (Submitted by John Bybee)
"Table Grove--Remember This Place", Table Grove Squares Inc.,1992, Stevens Pub. Co., Astoria

The History of Table Grove High School
Table Grove (population 396) is located in western Illinois in the westeern portion of Fulton County. U.S. Route 136 is the main roadway leading to and from Table Grove and connects it to its well-known neighbor 17 miles to the northwest, Macomb. The BNSF Railroad runs through Table Grove as well.
The town was originally platted in 1837 and incorporated as a village in 1881. Table Grove peaked in population in the 1920s through 1940s at nearly 800 residents.  One article on the history of Table Grove can be found at .
The first school house in the area of Table Grove was established in 1845.  Think about that for a moment, 16 years BEFORE the start of the Civil War!! A high school was started in the late 1880s, with Corneila Cook Wait becoming the first graduate in 1891. A newer community high school was incorporated in 1920. The high school served the children of Table Grove quite nicely through the 1940s.
Consolidation talks arose at that time between Table Grove and the neighboring towns of Ipava and Vermont (both also on this site).  The consolidation effort became a reality in 1948 with the establishment of the Vermont-Ipava-Table Grove School District. The Table Grove HS bldg was used for the VIT HS from 1948 - 1957. An all-encompassing complex was developed in 1958 near Table Grove to house the students of the new district from Kindergarten through Senior year. 
A new school complex for the Table Grove V.I.T. School District was built in a country setting near Table Grove. The Table Grove High School buildings pictured on this page have been razed.
Table Grove High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                        1890? (First Graduating Class - 1891)
Year closed:                         1947
Consolidated to:                    Vermont-Ipava-Table Grove School District
Table Grove HS nickname:     "Tigers"
School colors:                       Purple & White
School Fight Song:                unavailable
                                                            Washington & Lee Swing
                                                            Submitted by Janet Bradford Van Doren
                             (possible lyrics based on other HS fight songs)

                                     And when those TG Tigers fall in line,
                                     Show the Purple and White you're mighty fine,
                                     To trumpet forth your wisdom and your fame,
                                     To fill the air with lots of fight
                                                For ev-er-more!
                                     We work and strive through all sincerity
                                     To bring to our fair school a victory. 
                                     Fly high, the banners of the Purple and White,
                                     To VIC-TOR-Y!!!!   

TGHS Basketball Awards 1939 / 1940
Submitted by Janet Bradford Van Doren (Awards earned by Paul Bradford)

Table Grove High School definitely offered baseball, basketball, football, and track for its boys.  School fight song, conference affiliation, coach's names, and records of the better teams are currently not available.
John Marshall has the Table Grove Yearbooks from ’10, ’12, ’13 and ’37. John writes to us:  "Though the information from those periods is somewhat sketchy, I will provide you with the following data for Table Grove High School. Oddly enough, the yearbook for 1912-13 explains that a new emphasis was to be placed on academics.  Thus the “clubs” will be maintained, but apparently no games were played that year."
An excerpt from the 1922 TGHS yearbook says this about athletics for that school year:
Baseball, Football, Basketball
Don't think because we had no Fall or Winter Athletics that we had no material.  We had the "makin's" of a football team all right, but for lack of backing we failed to organize. Upon requesting for a loan from our superiors we were emphatically told, "nothin stirrin'". You'll excuse us."
Boys Basketball
The boys basketball program at Table Grove High School had some very nice seasons of success.  A District title was won in 1943 to help prove that point!  Unfortunately this is the only mention of the roundballers at TGHS on the IHSA website (  We are searching for the records and coaches names of the better teams that graced the courts of Table Grove High.
1910-11   4 - 3

Table Grove Boys Basketball 1910-11
Submitted by John Marshall - Left Click on Photo for Larger View

The 1910-11 yearbook copy provided to us by John Marshall states the following which serves as an interesting look into the way high school "basket ball" was organized in the early 1900s:
  "The basket ball season of '10-'11 opened with four men of last year's team in school. After a trial of all the material in school, Ralph Hunter and Myles Robinson were picked to fill the two vacant places.
  A new ball was purchased and practice began early in the year and by the time the season opened the team was ready with good team work and signals.
  Walter Pickering was given the rule book and accompanied the team as referee, and his work was very satisfactory to both home and visiting teams.
  There were seven games played, with four victories for us and three defeats, which is a very creditable showing, when some of the difficulties that games were played under are taken into consideration"
1910-11 SCHEDULE
Beat Astoria 47 - 7
Lost to LaHarpe 28-12
Beat Macomb 47 - 7
Lost to Macomb State Normal 35 - 29
Beat to LaHarpe 36 - 11   
Lost to Bushnell 18 - 15
Beat Macomb 19 - 17
1911-12   1 - ?

Table Grove HS Basket Ball Team of 1911-12
C. Fordyce, R. Lance, W. Chandler, P. Fordyce, G. Parks, G. Beatty

From the 1911-12 yearbook sent to us by John Marshall:
"Our boys basket ball team started out with plenty of spirit and material. But we found ourselves at a great disadvantage in not having a building in which to practice. Nevertheless, we managed to play a few games, of which the closest of the season was that with Good Hope. In this we proved victorious, with the score of 12 - 11.
Rippety! Rippety! Lempety! Zell!
We're the team of 1912
Purple and White, Purple and White,
Table Grove Basket Ball they're all right!
Who's all right?
 Table Grove Basket Ball they're all right!
1933-34              Lewistown District Tournament            Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd lost to Vermont 26-22
                            Vermont lost to Fairview in semi-final
                            Fairview lost to Canton in title game
1934-35              Lewistown District Tournament            Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd Beat Smithfield 46-6
                           2nd Rd lost to Canton 42-27
                           Canton beat Fairview in title game
1935-36              London Mills District Runner-Up      Coach's name & record needed
                           Semi-final Beat Ipava 22-21
                           Title Game lost to Fairview 22-19 
1936-37   9 - 7    Canton Regional Tournament               Coach Markel
                            1st Rd lost to Lewistown 19-3
                            Lewistown lost to Canton in title game

TG Junior High Basketball Team of 1936-37
Submitted by Janet Bradford Van Doren

1937-38  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1938-39  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1939-40  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1940-41  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1941-42  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1942-43               IHSA District Champions                   Coach's name & record needed
                            District Scores Needed
                            Rushville Regional Tournament
                            1st Rd Beat Astoria 47-45 (O/T)
                            Semi-final lost to Rushville 53-50
                            Rushville beat Beardstown in title game
1943-44  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1944-45  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1945-46               Browning District Runner-Up           Coach's name & record needed
                            Early Rd scores needed
                            Title Game lost to Ipava 52-31
1946-47  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.               
Boys Track & Field
One Table Grove High School thinclad let the rest of Illinois know that the kids from his town could run with the best of them.  In 1923 a male trackster named C. Chenoweth placed 4th in the mile run in the IHSA 'B' Track Meet!  
1922-23B        C. Chenoweth       1 Mile Run            4TH Place
From the 1922 Table Grove HS Yearbook:
"The Community Track Meet was held in Vermont on April 21st. Four schools were participants, Vermont, Astoria, Ipava, and Table Grove. With but a few men on our team our boys brought home third place. The individual sores follow:
Lybarger:  Javelin - 1st, 440 Yd Dash - 2nd, 100 Yd Dash - 2nd, 50 Yd Dash - 2nd, Shot Put - 3rd
Abernathy: Discus - 3rd
Clyde Chenowith: Mile Run - 1st
Clair Kirkpatrick: 220 Yd Hurdles - 2nd
Paul Hickenbottom:  Half Mile Run - 2nd
The TGHS boys played football too, and did so very early on in their school history. To view a photo of the boys football team of 1909 check out this web address sent to us by John Bybee - . If you have any further information about the Table Grove High School football program, please contact us at .
Some early records as found in yearbooks located by John Marshall are included below.
1909-10    3 - 0                                   Coach W. Beresford
1910-11    0 - 2

TGHS 1910-11 Boys' Football Team
Submitted by John Marshall - click on photo for larger view

From the yearbook of 1910-11 sent by John Marshall:
"Last fall the boys' football team started out with plenty of good material for a strong and fast team, but owing to the objections of parents, there were only two games played.
  The boys were mostly beginners, so know little about the game, therefore we lost both games played, altho we put up a good fight for them."
1911-12    2 - 2 - 1

Table Grove HS Foot Ball Team of 1911-12
Submitted by John Marshall (Click on photo for larger view)

From the yearbook of 1911-12 submitted by John Marshall:
"The foot ball team of the Fall of 1911 began with practically a new lineup. The encouragement of Wayland Ross, the captain, did much to keep the team together and get good practice. The players were nearly all new and inexperienced, but enthusiasm was started by the winning of the first game with a score of 23 - 0. Altho they were defeated in a few games, good courage was kept up all the time, which showed the grit of old Table Grove High."
1936-37    2 - 6
1940-41    A photo of the 1940-41 football team was provided to us below by John Bybee. The gentleman in the back row, fifth from the left, became a Fighter Pilot for the AAF in World War II. Thank you for your service Evan Hughes!

Table Grove High School Football Team of 1940
Courtesy of John Bybee

Members of the 1940 football team in the photo above:
Front Row, L to R:  Bill Clannin, Dallas Bossort, Virgil Hammond, Jack Yerkes, Joe Wherley Jr.,  Dean Johnson, Bill Cassidy, Keith Heaton (mgr., front and center)
Back Row, L to R:  Ross "Bus" Hulvey Jr., Carrol Armand Hammond, Charles Fawcett, Arno Hahn, Evan Hughes, Jay Clements, Coach Dan Whitmarsh
Not in Photo:  Marlin Smith, Leland Chandler, Eugene Hellew, Clair Dye, Dave Fawcett
Boys Baseball
The Tigers were quite competitive on the baseball diamond as well. The following records were sent to us by John Marshall, as found in TBHS yearsbooks of these particular years.
1908-09    7 - 1
1909-10    6 - 0     Undefeated Season!!
From the 1910-11 yearbook:
"Six games were played with other schools and all were won (in 1909-10) by Table Grove, and when we consider the size of the schools played, this was a good showing."
Beat Avon 9 - 5
Beat Lewistown 10 - 1
Beat Vermont 9 - 4
Beat Avon 6 - 1
Beat Knoxville St. Alban's 8 - 0
Beat Macomb Western Illinois State Normal School 12 - 2
1910-11    Record unavailable

Table Grove HS Base Ball 1910-11
Submitted by John Marshall - left click on photo for larger view

From the 1910-11 Table Grove HS yearbook provided by John Marshall:
"As the Fad was printed too early for the base ball schedule of this year, the last year's schedule was printed. THe season of 1910 opens with a very good team in school and it was organized with Edson Robinson as captain and H.L. Dyar as manager.
 This year there are two vacant places on the team, but there are several good players in school to choose from who will make good by a little practice, and we hope to keep up the good record that has been made before."
1911-12    (record unavailable)

Table Grove HS Base Ball Team of 1911-12
Submitted by John Marshall (Click on photo for larger version)

Girls Basketball
John Marshall provided information about the girls basketball team of 1909-1910.  The ladies won the Fulton County championship and had an incredible record of 7 - 1.  The record and a short write-up is available below.
1909-10     5 - 2         Fulton County Champs!!

Table Grove HS Girls Basketball 1909-10
Submitted by John Marshall

TGHS Girls Basket Ball Schedule of 1909-10
Courtesy of John Marshall

1910-11     9 - 1 - 1    Fulton County Champs!!

Table Grove HS Girls Basket Ball Team of 1910-11
Sent by John Marshall - left click on photo for larger view

From the 1910-11 yearbook pages provided by John Marshall:
"This is the fourth year of the existence of girl's basket ball in the Table Grove High School. With the opening of school last September, it was found that only two of the former team players remained to contribute their ability and experience toward making up a team which would hold the record that the former team held. In the beginning things looked rather discouraging and so strong a team was hardly expected.
  However, the girls went to work and came out with surprising success, notwithstanding, the obstacles contended with. With the same good spirit that has always stood forth, a team was developed which, up to the present time, is the champion of Fulton County.
  The success of the team is partly due the good spirit with which the home patrons supported the team. Susannah Barker proved to be an excellent manager and helped the team in many ways."
1910-11 SCHEDULE
Beat Vermont 44 - 4
Lost to Ipava 17 - 15
Beat Ipava 27 - 10
Beat LaHarpe 26 - 8
Beat Vermont 36 - 2
Beat Macomb 40 - 4
Beat Canton 13 - 11
Beat Colchester 81 - 3
TIED Macomb Normal 10 - 10
Beat Macomb 12 - 11
Beat Canton 30 - 5
1911-12     1 - 0         Undefeated Season 
From the 1911-12 yearbook:
"The basket ball season of 1911-12 proved a failure in almost everything attempted. We lost two players who were the equals of any two players on any high school team in the West. Notwithstanding the hardships, we got together a team which did some practicing, but very little playing, for, owing to the rules of the Association to which we belong, we were unable to play more than one interscholastic game, in which one we were victorious. (beating Good Hope HS 30-18)"
Now, girls, all together,
For no matter what's in the weather,
Be it lightning, thunder, or snow;
We're a bunch of sturdy fighters,
And we're simply out of sighters,
And we're ready when the whistle blows.

Girls Basket Ball of 1911-12
S. Barker, M. Lance, M. Hulvey, O. Wetzel, B. Hammond, M. Haist

There was a ton of school spirit at Table Grove High School. Check out these cheers found in the yearbook of 1910.

Table Grove High School Cheers of 1910
Thank you to John Marshall


The Table Grove High School kids were active in many other activities in addition to athletics. FFA, FHA, GAA, student government, choir, band, school dances, and plays were all likely a part of the TGHS experience.

Table Grove HS Band 1938
Submitted by Janet Bradford Van Doren

**From Janet Bradford Van Doren (VIT high school graduate - last class of TG high and first of VIT to graduate.):
"I'm an alumnae of VIT HS - 1950, attending there my sophomore through senior years.  Thus I remember the original Table Grove High School which I attended my freshman year. The school team uniform colors were purple and white.  The school fight song was the "Washington and Lee Swing".   I still play it in a community band today and always think ---  " and when those TG Tigers fall in line" --- as we play the song.

I also started my education in the very old TG school which you picture. We never were allowed to go up to the second floor since it was the original HS rooms and was closed off. As little kids we always wondered what mysterious things they'd find up there.
After the consolidation of three towns I went to high school in the 1920s building.  To have enough room for all they moved in old army barracks from Camp Ellis which was a temporary post nearby.  Shortly after I graduated they built complete complex of schools. All the old buildings are long gone.
A nice page.  Thanks for sharing all that material with us old folks."
Need Your Assistance
If you have any of the information requested, and any information which will help make the Table Grove High School page more complete, please e-mail us at . We are especially interested in a photo of the original TGHS building.  You can also write to us at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.  60631

Table Grove HS Janitor Smith Barker - 1922
From the 1922 Yearbook "The Fad" - provided by John Marshall

Table Grove HS Photo 1920
Submitted by Janet Bradford Van Doren

Table Grove HS Building 1800s
Submitted by Janet Bradford Van Doren