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Site Author Kev Varney shooting hoops in Stanford
(courtesy of Ken Kashian, Illinois Farm Bureau)

Links to Interesting & Informative Web Sites
*Interview with James Taylor of WRMJ Aledo, January 31, 2019:
*The Voice of the Coalers - authored by Donald Phillips and is a great bit of insight to Coal City High School sports. In 2017 Don became only the second announcer in the 55 year history of the Plano Christmas Classic as well! 
*Northern Illinois Sports Beat - authored by IHSGD's own Cody Cutter, this site provides a forum and articles regarding high schools sports in Northern Illinois. (
*Illinois High School Sports Network - authored by IHSGD's own Beau Spencer (the voice of Western Illinois University sports), this site provides information regarding high school sports. (
*Illinois High School Association - The official web site for the Illinois High School Association, filled with historic information regarding high school athletics in Illinois.  (
*Illinois Basketball Coaches Association - The official web site for the Illinois Basketball Coaches Association. (
*Illinois High School Football Coaches Association - the official website of high school football coaches of Illinois. (
Many Bits of Information For This Site Come From: - Great source for layouts of towns and their surrounding land. - Great source for information all over the state of Illinois. To look at information on other states throughout the nation check out - interesting site regarding country schools in McLean County created by Jason Smith. - Good source for information about the Illinois state basketball tournament in most years from 1922-1986, especially in years that include regional scores prior to the two-class system in 1972. - A wonderful source of some of the school photos found on our site. - An incredible source of information regarding the history of the Little Ten Conference in northern Illinois. Brian Hoxsey has done a great job researching the great existence of this conference, still in operation today.  
The History of Catholic Secondary Education in the Archdiocese of Chicago by Sr. Mary Innocenta Montay, Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America, 1953.
The Expansion and Decline of Enrollment and Facilities of Secondary Schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago, 1955-1980: A Historical Study by George V. Fornero, Chicago: Loyola University of Chicago, May 1990. 
(NOTE: both of these books helped provide significant information about some of the former Catholic high schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago, which allowed us to write more pages about certain schools, while posting other tidbits on the Former Archdiocese of Chicago schools page.)
A Livingston County Scrapbook: 1855-1975 by Lucille Goodrich, former county superintendent of schools in Livingston County from 1947-71. This book is an excellent resource of educational histories within a rural setting, giving the earliest known history of schools that were created in the county, then showing how public schools were formed with the 1855 Free School Law and School Code of Illinois all the way to the consolidations of the late 1940's and beyond. Some of the information and photos from the book were used to tell the stories of high schools in Flanagan, Long Point, Saunemin, Cornell, Chatsworth, Forrest, Strawn, Wing, Fairbury, Odell, and Cullom on this site.
Legends of the Gridiron: 120 Years of High School Football in the St. Louis "Metro" Area by Don Greco. This look back at the history of prep football in the St. Louis area from 1887-2008 gives a chronological look at some of the top stories each year on both sides of the Mississippi by the former prep, college, and pro football player who later coached in the St. Louis area. Find out more about his books at - For information regarding mascots, nicknames, and references to high school, college, and professional sports teams. Interesting website developed by Terry Borning of Minnesota. Here is the link:
They've Written About Us!!
The following addresses either are direct links to artlicles about our site or have written about us in the past.
The Princeton Bureau County Republican - Kevin Hieronymous         
The Chicago Tribune - 05-12-08 - Check out this excellent article written by Chicago Tribune reporter Erika Slife (This article hit the AP Wire Service!):,0,5310860.story  

The Kewanee Star Courier - Dave Clarke - Article written 03-28-08

The Bloomington Pantagraph - Jim Barnhart  Article Written 08-16-05
The Arlington Daily Herald - Bob Frisk    Article Written 09-30-05
The Champaign News-Gazette - Bob Asmussen   Article written 12-09-05
The Ottawa Daily Times
Article written 01-10-06 by Charles Stanley
Streator Sports.Com (now known as
Written 01-11-06 by Kevin Missel 
The Southern Illinoisian Newspaper
Written 01-18-06 by Les Winkeler
The Galesburg Register Mail Newspaper
Written 07-01-06 by Jane Carlson
(NOTE: This article was distributed by the Associated Press on 09-01-06 and used by a number of newspapers in Southern Illinois as well as Southeast Missouri, Southwest Indiana, and Eastern Iowa.)
The Jacksonville Journal Courier Newspaper
Article written 08-31-06 by Darrin Burnett
The Springfield State Journal-Register
Written 09-12-06 by Jim Ruppert
The Dekalb Daily Chronicle
Written 09-23-06 by Donna Herra
State School News Service
Written 09-26-06 by Jim Broadway
The Sauk Valley News
Written 10-24-06 by David Holsted
The Quill Newspaper
Letter to the Editor Written 11-02-06 by Jean Dougherty
McDonough County This Week (Eagle Publications)
Article written 11-27-06 by Jonathan Mohr
Journal Gazette / Times Courier Newspaper (Mattoon and Charleston area)
Article written 12-10-06 by Rick Dawson
Kankakee Daily Journal
Article written 01-19-07 by Caleb Benoit
Illinois Farm Bureau "Partners" (quarterly newspaper)
Article written March 2007 by Martin Ross
Chicago Sun-Times
Short mention and link to the site from Steve Tucker on 2-8-08
Comcast Sports Chicago
Taylor Bell talked about our site in 2011 and updated about where we've been since our beginnings in 2005.
They've Talked About Us!
WGCY Radio in Gibson City - Tom Benefiel
Interviews with Kev Varney 10-07-05, 11-19-05, 02-04-06
K100 FM Radio in Macomb -
Beau Spencer and The Morning Show 
Halftime football show - 09-24-06 
WCMY Radio in Ottawa -
"The Sports Guys" with Kev Varney 10-14-05 & 03-03-06
WJBC Radio in Bloomington
Russ Eisenstein Interview with Dave Nanninga 06-16-05
Jim Williams Interview with Kev Varney 01-03-06
WLPO Radio in LaSalle
Lanny Slevin Interview with Kev Varney 11/25-26/05, 5/23/08, John Small Interviews with Kev Varney 12/31/09 and 9/3/2011, and guest appearance on "Chalk Talk" on 01/17/09 (click below to listen--lasts about 55 minutes)

NOTE: WLPO is one of our big supporters and airs public service announcements about the Glory Days site. Click to open their website and find the LISTEN LIVE section on their home page to see if an announcement plays:

WGFA Radio in Watseka
Bill Yonka interview with Dave Nanninga 11/18/06
WJOL Radio in Joliet
Scott Slocum interview with Kev Varney 8/16/07
We've Even Been On TV--Click on the links to view!
WGN Midday News - Chicago's SuperStation - 03-26-09 - Interview with Dave Nanninga by Steve Sanders!

CBS 31/Fox 43 Televison WMBD/WYZZ Bloomington-Peoria - 01-19-06
Interview & News Segment by Will Koch with our own Kev Varney!
Insight Communications Cable in Bloomington-Normal 12-5-06 "Sports Insight" Interview by Art Kimball & Jill Hutchison with Kev Varney.

WEEK-TV 25 Peoria-Bloomington - 10-16-07 - Interview by Josh Simon with Kev Varney! Click here and also watch the video!


The following are sites that you might be interested in visiting if you enjoy history and nostalgia.
Macomb Radio - for information on happenings in the Macomb area and western Illinois please check out this website:
Havana, Illinois Area - - for information regarding happenings in the Havana, Illinois area. 
The Greater Peoria Sports Hall of Fame - an excellent website covering the great accomplishments in sports for the Peoria area:
*Henson Broom Shop & General Store -  fun place to visit - check it out at 
*State Farm Holiday Classic - one of the top holiday prep basketball tournaments in the nation with 32 boys and 32 girls teams competing in four days of hardwood action in Bloomington-Normal. Visit them at for details.
"Playing with the Enemy"
Author Gary Moore
"Warren Eugene “Gene” Moore attended Sesser High School but dropped out when he was signed by the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1941 at only 15 years old. Gene’s story is told in the award winning and bestselling book, Playing with the Enemy, which is being made into a major motion picture by Academy Award Winning Producer, Gerald Molen. Playing with the Enemy is written by Gene’s son, Gary W. Moore. "
"Remember Westville"
From author James E. Bryant:
"I have published a book regarding Westville High School called "Remember Westville", the story of the 1976 Westville Tigers basketball team, their hopes dreams and the season the town can not forget. The book has received rave reviews and has been publicized in the Danville Commercial-News and the Champaign News-Gazzette. I have also done numerous radio interviews on my work. The book chronicles the 1976 Westville Tigers and their run through the IHSA state tournament. Their season ended with a loss to the eventual state champion Mt.Pulaski 67-65 in the Decatur Super Sectional. My book details the teenager athletes who went through the experience on an individual level and as a team. My book also talks about the now defunct Rossville-Alvin Holiday Tournament, one of the top tournamnets in the state of Illinois at the time. It also details games against schools that are no longer in operation. Ridge Farm, Catlin Jamaica, and Bethany are three that no longer are in existence, or have since gone the co-op direction. It was a golden age in high school basketball. This poignant book relives the extraordinary year for the village of Westville. My book is featured on, Universe Publishing, and on my website
The Complete History of Lexington High School Basketball  1900 - 2004
Truly incredible reading for not only Lexington High School fans but also for basketball fans of small high schools.  Author Rick Stephey includes personal insight, original rules of Dr. Naismith, photos, personal experiences of Lexington athletes, and every statistic involving the Lexington High School basketball program imaginable. The book has 415 pages and is very professionally produced.  The price is $30 which includes the shipping fee.  To order your copy please submit a check made out to Lexington Basketball History and mail it to:
Rick Stephey
307 West Main Street,  
Lexington, Il.  61753
You can also pay by credit card by e-mail at or telephone at (309) 365-8811
Cornjerkers -- This book by David A. Theobald gives a look at Baby Boomers in their high school days in small-town America, struggling thru the turbulent 1960's with sports, first loves, and madcap confrontations with teachers. In a time when questioning instead of accepting became the norm as nightly TV news reports reported on the Vietnam conflict, student protests, and political change, Theobald's work is neither fictional or strictly...instead, it is a blend of fantasy, adolescence memories, and history. Get your copy (available August 16th, 2012) thru Black Rose Writing (, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble (including for Nook & Kindle).