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Roseville High School
Roseville, Illinois (photo courtesy of Steven Davis)

Roaeville's Original High School
Thank you RIchard Soseman

The History of Roseville High School
Roseville (population 1,083) is located in western Illinois in south central Warren County.  U.S. Route 67 runs through town and intersects with Illinois Route 116.  The Town Branch Creek flows to the east of Roseville.  For location sake Roseville is located 12 miles due south of Monmouth and about 18 miles due north of Macomb.
Roseville was originally settled as New Lancaster in 1838. The town name was changed to Hat Grove in 1843 because of a grove of trees nearby that were shaped like a hat. In 1853 the town name was solidified as Roseville by the construction of the railroad line through town. 
The history and educational past of Roseville schools is in need of research.  It is believed that Roseville High School served the community of Roseville for about 100 or more years.  In the early 2000s the residents of Roseville began consolidation talks with Monmouth High School.  These talks became a reality in 2005 when the Monmouth-Roseville School DIstrict was developed.  This effort officially closed the books on Roseville High School and its storied past.
The Roseville High School building pictured above is currently used as the Monmouth-Roseville Junior High School.  
Roseville High School Quick Facts
Year opened:               early 1900s?
Year closed:                2005
School nickname:        the "Panthers"
School colors:             Purple & White
School Fight Song:     "Roseville Spirit"
                                  "Against the Roseville spirit,
                                  Naught can prevail.......
                                  Stand by your colors
                                  Let not courage fail (for we are with you)
                                  For we are all together,
                                  Going to help you fight! (Fight! Fight!)
                                  Cheer for our Roseville team
                                  They're sure all right!
                                  Go Purple
                                  Go White
                                  Go Team
                                  Fight! Fight!
                                  Go Purple, Go White,
                                  Go Team, Fight!
                                             (Thank you to Pamela Wolf!)     

Roseville HS Original Gymnasium
Richard Soseman Photo

Roseville High School has a very rich and proud athletic tradition.  The boys competed in the sports of football, basketball, and track.  The girls competed in the sports of basketball, volleyball, and track.  These sports are definite. It is not known if any other sports such as baseball or softball were at one time offered.  Roseville High did achieve State Playoff success in all of the above sports, including some incredible runs in football, volleyball, and girls track.  The sports and their successes as could be researched utilizing the IHSA web site ( are listed below.   We are also interested in great team records, conference affiliation and championships, as well as great coach's names. 
We are told as the enrollment at Roseville High became smaller, the athletic program saw the need to stay competitive and entered into a series of coops. Roseville had a short one or two year football coop with AVON HS, let that expire, and entered into a coop with Yorkwood HS and were known as BEARCATS. Roseville and Yorkwood girls had a coop going the last few years of Roseville's existence as well, which aided the girls track team success in particular at state in their 800 medley titles. Girls basketball and volleyball were also  cooping until the Monmouth-Roseville consolidation

Roseville HS Football Bleachers & Pressbox
Richard Soseman

The Roseville High School Panther football program excelled on the grid iron, especially in the 1980s.  Dating back at least to the 1940s, the boys year-in and year-out provided some exiting Friday Nights in the town of Roseville.  The teams of the 1980s were a force to be reckoned with each year.  Under Coach Galen Noard the Panthers made a Final Four trip into the State Class 1A Playoffs before losing the semi-final game to eventual State Champion  Atwood-Hammond in overtime 35 - 34.  In 1985 the team made it to the Sweet 16 in Class 1a and in 1986 the team advanced to the Elite 8, both seasons again under Galen NoardMike Shepard took the reigns of the head coaching position in 1987 and the Panthers did not miss a beat, making another Elite 8 appearance.  In 1988, a school record was set when the Panthers threw for 390 total passing yards in a game against LaHarpe. The Panthers final IHSA excursion was in 1989 under the leadership of Coach Rick Kirkton, where they lost their first round game.  A Final 4, two Elite 8s, a Sweet 16, and a top 32 finish, excellent work by the Roseville Panther football program.
The records for 1953 - 1979 were researched by Tom Sikorski
1947-48           An excellent year for football at RHS!
1953     7-1-1  Little 6 Conference Co-Champs              Coach Gene Tinker
1954     5-3     3rd place Little 6 conference                      Coach Gene Tinker
1957     4-2-1  3rd place Little 6 conference                      Coach Ron Zalokar
1958     5-2-1  2nd place (tie) Little 6 conference              Coach Ron Zalokar
1965     5-3     Bi-County Conference Champs              Coach Jim Simpson
1967     4-3-1  3rd place (tie) Bi-County conference         Coach Jim Simpson
1968     5-2-1  3rd place Bi-County conference                Coach Jim Simpson
1969     6-2     2nd place Bi-County conference               Coach Jim Simpson
1973     6-1-1  Bi-County Conference Champs             Coach John Wetterling
1975     1-8                                                                        Coach Ron Baker 
1978     5-4                                                                        Coach Galen Noard
1979     8-1     2nd place Bi-County Conference               Coach Galen Noard
1980-81           Class 1A Final Four                                Coach Galen Noard
                      Beat Alexis                   20 - 16
                      Beat Table Grove (VIT) 22 - 0
                      Lost Atwood-Hammond   34 - 35 (O/T)
                      Atwood eventual State Champions
1985-86           Class 1A Sweet 16                                  Coach Galen Noard
                      Beat Carthage              47 - 22
                      Lost to Yorkwood             0 - 34
                      Yorkwood lost in Elite 8 round.
1986-87           Class 1A Elite 8                                       Coach Galen Noard
                      Ranked #1 State-wide for part of Year 
                      Beat Elmwood              29 - 20
                      Beat Warsaw                35 - 0
                      Lost to Annawan              0 - 19
                      Annawan lost in Final 4 round.
1987-88          Class 1A Elite 8                                        Coach Mike Shepard
                      Beat LaHarpe               20 - 0
                      Beat Warren                 43 - 0
                      Lost Bloom.Cent.Cath.     8 - 31
                      BCC eventual State Champions
1989-90          Class 1A State Playoff Qualifier             Coach Rick Kirkton
                      Lost to Carthage           19 - 44
                      Carthage lost in Sweet 16 round.
From Mike Hennenfent (Class of 1946):
"Coach Gene Tinker came to Roseville during our years there.  One year we and Carthage were undefeated in football. Mr. Tinker challenged Carthage to a play off and Roseville beat them on their home field."
*From Steve Killey:
"Coach Rick Kirkton took the 1992 Avon-Roseville Cougars to the second round
of the playoffs.  The Cougars defeated the ROWVA Tigers in the first round
and lost to Kewanee Wethersfield in the second round."
**From former assistant coach Jason Bates: 
"I was an assistant coach for Avon-Roseville football coop for one year in the 1994 season while I was attending WIU briefly.  Head Coach was Don Farr and one of the assistants was Chad Carlson. They had just come off back to back conference titles of the Bi-County Conference and I believe you have that info.  I know the co-op lasted for a few years in the 1990's.  I don't know the year it ended but whenever the first year of Avon joining Bushnell Prairie City was, would be the end of the (AR Cougars Co-op).  Colors were Black/Silver/White.  Helmets were black with a big block "A & R" put together and offset.  Home jersey's were black, road jerseys were white with a silver/grey pant.  Home games were split with half in Roseville and half in Avon.  practices were sometimes in Roseville and sometimes in Avon depending on where we played a game that week whether home or away.  So practices and games were split very evenly between the two towns. The Cougars also had a homecoming game in each town."
1990-91  8 - 2   IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!!      Coach James O'Flaherty
                       Top 32 teams in Class 1A
                       1st Rd.- Lost to Alexis 28-6
                       Alexis lost in 2nd round.
1991-92  5 - 4                                                                (Coach's name needed) 

Roseville Football Team 1991-92
Submitted by Cory Yokel

1992-93  8 - 2  Class 1A Sweet 16                               Coach Rick Kirkton
                        Beat ROWVA 14-7
                        Lost to Wethersfield 26-20 (O/T)
                        Wethersfield lost in FInal 4 round.

Avon-Roseville Football 1992-93
Submitted by Cory Yokel

1993-94  8 - 3  Class 1A Sweet 16                               Coach Rick Kirkton
                      Beat Abingdon 35-16
                      Lost to Monmouth Warren 31-0
                      Warren lost in Elite 8 round.

Avon-Roseville Football 1993-94
Submitted by Cory Yokel

1994-95  5 - 4                                                                 Coach Don Farr

Avon-Roseville "Cougars" of 1994-95
Submitted by Jason Bates

1995-96  4 - 5                                                                 Coach Don Farr
1996-97  1 - 8                                                                 Coach Don Farr
1997-98  1 - 8                                                                 Coach Ross Richardson
1998-99  2 - 7                                                                 Coach Ross Richardson
We are uncertain when the coop agreement with Avon ended. If you have this information we will be glad to share it on this page.
The Roseville Lady Panthers made some noise of their own in the State Playoffs.  The Lady Netters won a total of 11 Regional titles, 3 Sectional titles, and One Super-Sectional Title.  The Regional success included four in a row from 1993 - 1996 and then seven in a row from 1999 - 2005. 
Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson also had a nice run which included Sweet Sixteen (1991-92) and Elite 8 1999-2000) births!  In fact, prior to Coach's arrival in 1990 the Roseville volleyball team struggled to reach the .500 mark each season. Coach Thompson built her program from the ground up, coaching the junior high school Panthers from 1987-1998.  In 1990 Roseville's seventh grade team placed second in the IESA state volleyball tournament.  They repeated as runners-up in 1991 as eighth graders.  After her initial high school campaign in 1990-91, the Lady Panthers REALLY took off. All totalled, the Lady Panthers won EIGHT Regional titles and TWO Sectional titles under Coach Thompson!!  Coach Thompson's legacy lived on as their are no less than eight former Lady Panthers who continued on to coach the sport of volleyball.  
Coach Kara Harper continued the incredible success begun by Coach Thompson.  Coach Harper's girls had a great run from 2003 to 2005 when her teams sported three straight 30+ -win seasons and an overall record of 95 - 19!
As Chila (Bradshaw) Woychik tells us, volleyball was in place by the 1973-74 school year.  Unfortunately the team records and coach's names of all the teams are not available.
1990-91     4 - 19                                                              Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson 
1991-92   20 - 3      Regional Runner-Up                             Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
1992-93                 Regional/Sectional Champions         Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
                            Class A Sweet 16 Finalist!!
1993-94                Regional Champions                           Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
1994-95                Regional Champions                           Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
1995-96                Regional Champions                           Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
1998-99                Regional Champions                           Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
1999-00                Regional Champions                           Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
2000-01                Regional/Sectional Champions           Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
                           Class A Sweet 16 Finalist!!
2001-02   30 - 7     Regional Champions                            Coach Amy (Stevenson) Thompson
2002-03   30 - 7     Regional Champions                            Coach Kara Harper
2003-04   30 - 7     Regional Champions                            Coach Kara Harper
2004-05   35 - 5     Regional/Sectional Champions            Coach Kara Harper
                            Super Sectional Champions
                            Elite 8 Finalist!!
                            Lost to Mt. Pulaski (eventual State Runner-up)
                            School's Final Season

Roseville HS Gymnasium

Boys Basketball
The boys basketball team also garnered its share of IHSA hardware, winning a total of 6 Regional Titles and 4 District titles.  Unfortunately again, the team records and coach's names of these teams are not listed.  Please contact us if you have this information, though we are told the 1970 basketball team was quite good. Several scores involving Roseville High School boys basketball were located on a website titled "Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores." These scores are listed below as well.
1933-34                Roseville District Tournament             Coach's name & record needed.
                             1st Rd Beat Lomax 41-18
                             2nd Rd lost to Keithsburg 21-7
                             Keithsburg lost to Media in title game
1934-35                Roseville District Champions           Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Won - Score Unavailable
                             2nd Rd Beat Gladstone 56-8
                             Semi-final Beat Media 23-13
                             Title Game Beat Stronghurst 20-17
                             Galesburg Sectional Tournament
                             1st Rd lost to Knoxville 27-12
                             Knoxville lost to Galesburg in title game
1935-36                Roseville Regional Tournament          Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Media 30-20
                             Semi-final lost to Macomb 34-27
                             Macomb beat Monmouth in title game
1936-37                Roseville Regional Runner-Up         Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Biggsville 22-20
                             Semi-final Beat Monmouth 25-19
                             Title Game lost to Macomb 19-14
1937-38                Roseville Regional Tournament           Coach's name & record needed
                             Roseville HS Scores Unavailable
                             Macomb beat Monmouth in title game
1938-39                Roseville Regional Tournament          Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Biggsville 26-17
                             Semi-final lost to Monmouth 17-15
                             Monmouth lost to Media in title game
1939-40  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1940-41                IHSA Regional Champions               Coach's name & record needed
                             Regional Scores Needed
                             Galesburg Sectional Tournament
                             1st Rd lost to Galesburg 43-23
                             Galesburg lost to Canton in semi-final
                             Canton beat Lewistown in title game
                             Canton placed 4th in IHSA Tournament
1941-42                Monmouth Regional Champions     Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Bushnell 30-24
                             Semi-final Beat Colchester 39-21
                             Title Game Beat Stronghurst 49-31
                             Peoria Sectional Tournament
                             1st Rd lost to East Peoria 34-32 (O/T)
                             East Peoria lost to Normal HS in title game
1942-43                Roseville Regional Tournament          Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Monmouth 37-25
                             Monmouth beat Colchester in title game
1943-44                IHSA Regional Champions               Coach's name & record needed
                             Early Round Scores Needed
                             Title Game Beat Macomb Western HS 33-25
                             Canton Sectional Tournament
                             Semi-final lost to Dallas City 48-29
                             Dallas City lost to Canton in title game
1944-45                Monmouth Regional Runner-Up      Coach's name & record needed 
                             1st Rd Beat Colchester 44-33
                             Semi-final Beat Media 44-37
                             Title Game lost to Monmouth 60-42
1945-46                Roseville Regional Champions        Coach's name & record needed 
                             1st Rd Beat Good Hope 56-33
                             Semi-final Beat Monmouth 37-34
                             Title Game Beat Macomb 38-25
                             Macomb Sectional Tournament
                             1st Rd lost to Galesburg 46-38
                             Galesburg beat Canton in title game
                             Galesburg lost to Champaign in Sweet 16 Rd.
                             Champaign won state title
1946-47                Macomb Regional Runner-Up          Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Good Hope 35-32
                             Semi-final Beat Monmouth 43-35
                             Title Game lost to Macomb 47-20
1947-48                Monmouth Regional Tournament        Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Macomb 63-39
                             Macomb beat Good Hope in title game
1948-49                Macomb Regional Tournament           Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Good Hope 43-32
                             Semi-final lost to Macomb Western HS 61-54
                             Macomb Western lost to Monmouth in title game
1949-50                Monmouth Regional Tournament        Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Bushnell 51-37
                             Bushnell lost to Monmouth in title game
1950-51                Macomb Regional Tournament           Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Monmouth 63-50
                             Monmouth lost to Macomb in semi-final
                             Macomb lost to Macomb Western in title game
1951-52                Monmouth Regional Tournament        Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Bardolph 56-50
                             Semi-final lost to Monmouth 67-26
                             Monmouth lost to Macomb Western in title game
1952-53                Macomb Regional Runner-Up          Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Gladstone 62-48
                             Semi-final Beat Macomb Western 73-68
                             Title Game lost to Monmouth 71-50
1953-54                Macomb Regional Tournament           Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Gladstone-Oquawka 57-47
                             G - O lost to Macomb in semi-final
                             Macomb lost to Monmouth in title game
1954-55                Bushnell Regional Tournament           Coach's name & record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Colchester 70-57
                             Colchester lost to Bushnell-Prairie City in title game
1955-56                Macomb Regional Tournament          Coach Dewayne Davis    
                             Season record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Colchester 81-31
                             Colchester lost to Bushnell-Prairie City semi-final
                             BPC lost to Macomb Western in title game
1956-57                Bushnell Regional Tournament          Coach Dewayne Davis    
                             Season record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Colchester 64-57
                             Colchester beat BPC in title game
1957-58                Macomb Regional Tournament          Coach Dewayne Davis    
                             Season record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Macomb 67-57
                             Macomb lost to Bushnell-Prairie City semi-final
                             BPC beat to Colchester in title game  
1958-59                Media District Champions               Coach Dewayne Davis    
                             Season record needed
                             1st Rd Beat Media 93-43
                             Semi-final Beat Bardolph 80-73
                             Title Game Beat Gladstone-Oquawka 62-55
                             Macomb Regional Runner-Up
                             1st Rd Beat Colchester 88-86 (2 O/Ts)
                             Semi-final Beat Monmouth 46-45
                             Title Game lost to Macomb 63-59
1959-60                Bushnell Regional Tournament          Coach Dewayne Davis    
                             Season record needed
                             1st Rd lost to Table Grove V.I.T. 54-44
                             VIT lost to Monmouth in semi-final
                             Monmouth beat Macomb in title game
1960-61  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1961-62                 Stronghurst District Tournament         Coach's name & record needed.
                               1st Rd lost to Macomb Western 62-53
                               Macomb W. beat Galesburg Corpus Christi in title game
1962-63                 Sciota District Tournament                  Coach's name & record needed.
                              1st Rd lost to Galesburg Corpus Christi 66-41
                              Corpus Christi lost to Macomb Western in title game
1963-64  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1964-65  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1965-66    19- 6     IHSA District Runner-Up                  Coach Jim Simpson
                              1st Rd Beat Biggsville Union 72-58
                              Semi-final Beat Stronghurst 66-59
                              Title Game lost to Macomb Western 76-58
1966-67  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1967-68    11- 10   Stronghurst District Tournament         Coach Jim Simpson
                               1st Rd lost to Sciota NW 61-57
                               Sciota NW lost to Stronghurst in semi-final
                               Stronghurst lost to Macomb Western in title game
1968-69    20 - 5    Sciota District Champions               Coach Jim Simpson
                               1st Rd Beat Media Wever 58-56
                               Semi-final Beat Macomb Western 57-48
                               Title Game Beat Sciota NW 73-55
                               Bushnell Regional Tournament
                               1st Rd Beat Macomb 63-52
                               Semi-final lost to Galesburg 98-33
                               Galesburg Beat Knoxville 83-40 in title game
                               Galesburg lost in Elite 8 Rd.                 
1969-70    25 - 4     Stronghurst District Champions    Coach Dave Darnall
                               Bi-County Conf. Tourney Champs
                               Roseville Holiday Tourney Champs
                               Bi-County Reg. Season Co-Champs
                               District Scores
                               1st Rd Beat Biggsville Union 54-36
                               Semi-final Beat Avon 62-48
                               Title Game Beat Stronghurst 51-49
                               Galesburg Regional Tournament
                               1st Rd Beat Monmouth 70-66
                               Semi-final lost to Galesburg 63-34
                               Galesburg beat Knoxville 78-55 in title game
**Coach Darnall - Future IBCA Hall of Famer
1970-71                 Sciota District Runner-Up                Coach's name & record needed
                              1st Rd Beat Bardolph 83-48
                              Semi-final Beat Galesburg Costa 71-63
                              Title Game lost to Macomb Western 69-51

*Thank you to David Cox (Class of 1971) for providing the info on the teams of 1969 and 1970!
1971-72                 Sciota Class 'A' Regional Tourney  Coach's name & record needed
                              1st Rd Beat Biggsville Union 80-66
                              Semi-final Beat London Mills S.R. Valley 62-59 (O/T) 
                              Title Game lost to Bushnell Prairie City 57-43
1972-73  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1973-74  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1974-75                 Postseason scores & record needed  Coach Stephen Mills

1975-76 through 1985-86  Postseason scores, records, and coaches names needed.         
1986-87                 IHSA Regional Champions              Coach's name & record needed
                              Regional Scores Needed
                              Sherrard Sectional Tournament
                              Semi-final lost to Cambridge 53-52
                              Cambridge beat Knoxville in title game
                              Cambridge lost to Pearl City in Sweet 16 Rd.
1987-88 through 1990-91  Postseason scores, records, and coaches' names needed.


Roseville Basketball 1991-92
Submitted by Cory Yokel

1992-93                                                                             Coach Gardner

Roseville Boys Basketball 1992-93
Submitted by Cory Yokel

1993-94    24 - 3    IHSA Regional Champions               Coach Chuck Grant
                              Regional Scores Needed
                              IHSA Sectional Qualifier
                              Sectional Scores Needed

Rosevellie Basketball 1993-94
Submitted by Cory Yokel

1994-95      8 - 16  Postseason scores needed                 Coach Chuck Grant
1995-96      9 - 15  Postseason scores needed                 Coach Chuck Grant
1996-97 Postseason scores, record, and coach's names needed.
1997-98 Postseason scores, record, and coach's names needed.
1998-99 Postseason scores, record, and coach's names needed.
1999-00      5 - 17  Postseason scores needed.                Coach Jeff Parsons
                     Lost in 1st Rd of Regional to Biggsville Union
2000-01    14 - 14  Postseason scores needed.                Coach Jeff Parsons
                     Lost in Reg. semi-final to Stronghurst Southern
2001-02    22 - 8    IHSA Regional Runner-Up                   Coach Jeff Parsons
                     Lost in Reg. Title Game to Stronghurst Southern

Roseville HS "Panthers" of 2001-02
Submitted by Michael Parsons (Left click on photo for larger view)

Roseville HS Basketball Banner 2001-02
Submitted by Michael Parsons (Left click on photo for larger view)

2002-03    19 - 9    Postseason scores needed.                Coach Jeff Parsons
                        Lost in semi-final of Regional to Yorkwood
2003-04              Postseason scores & record needed.     Coach John Hughes
*Final year that Roseville competed as solo school.
2004-05              Co-opted boys basketball with                Coach Steve Kemp
                           Yorkwood High School
                           Postseason scores & record needed.   
*Roseville High School consolidated with Monmouth High School in the summer of 2005 to form the Monmouth-Roseville School District.   
Roseville High School Holiday Tournament Results
Submitted by Howard Rescot

1939 Farmington over Roseville 27-21
         3rd Abington
1940 Roseville over Farmington 31-29
         3rd Monmouth
1941 Monmouth over Roseville 35-27
         3rd Burlington Iowa
1942 Prairie City over Roseville 35-22
         3rd Monmouth
1943 Prairie City over Avon 21-12
         3rd Monmouth
1944 Roseville over Macomb Western 35-32
         3rd Stronghurst
1945 Roseville over Macomb Western 31-17
         3rd Stronghurst
1946 Stronghurst over Roseville 32-30
         3rd Good Hope
1947 Roseville over Stronghurst 39-34  
         3rd Bushnell
1948 Roseville over Bushnell 41-39
         3rd Alexis
1949 Valley vs Colchester (no score found)
         3rd Bushnell over Prairie City
1950 Colchester over Valley 46-42
         3rd Prairie City
1951 Bardolph over Roseville 43-41
         3rd Alexis
1952 Valley over Colchester 51-50
         3rd Cuba
1953 Roseville over Colchester 60-58
         3rd Bardolph
1954 Cuba over Bushnell 65-49
         3rd Colchester
1955 Colchester over Cuba 65-46
         3rd Bushnell-PC
1956 Colchester over Bardolph
         3rd Bushnell-PC
1957 Colchester over Avon 63-56
         3rd Bardolph
1958 Valley over Colchester70-68
         3rd Roseville
1959 Valley over Avon 47-42
         3rd Bardolph
1960 Valley over Colchester 77-62
         3rd Alexis
1961 Roseville over Colchester58-46
         3rd Alexis
1962 Stronghurst over Alexis 53-50
         3rd Colchester
1963 Cuba over Valley 53-50
         3rd Colchester
1964 Valley over Alexis 83-66
         3rd Colchester
1965 Stronghurst over Valley 59-56
         3rd Cuba
1966 Stronghurst over Roseville58-50
         3rd Cuba
1967 Alexis over Stronghurst 65-64 (2 O/Ts)
         3rd Valley
1968 Alexis over Valley 56-54
         3rd Cuba
1969 Roseville over Abingdon 67-52
         3rd Stronghurst
1970 Stronghurst over Roseville 57-54
         3rd Abingdon
1971 Abingdon over Roseville 42-41
         3rd Alexis
1972 Abingdon over Roseville 59-52
         3rd Southern
1973 Nauvoo-Colsa over Alexis (no score)
         3rd Abingdon
1974 Abingdon over Colchester76-74
         3rd Southern
1975 Abingdon over Roseville 65-58
         3rd Alexis
1976 Southern over Roseville67-57
         3rd Valley
1977 Valley over Southern 66-55
         3rd Nauvoo Colusa
1978 Nauvoo over Colusa-DallasCity73-65
         3rd Abingdon
1979 Dallas City over Nauvoo-Colusa
         3rd Valley
1980 Dallas City over Nauvoo-Colusa69-45
         3rd Alexis
1981 Dallas City over Nauvoo-Colusa71-64
         3rd Roseville
1982 Southern over Dallas City 44-41
         3rd Abingdon
1983 Southern over Abingdon 66-53
         3rd Dallas City
         5th Valley
1984 Dallas City over Nauvoo Colusa 66-56
         3rd Southern
         5th Roseville
1985 Dallas City over Southern 61-48
         3rd Roseville
         5th Colchester
1986 Roseville over Dallas City 62-60
         3rd Southern
         5th Valley
1987 Southern over Roseville 67-55
         3rd Colchester
1988 50th Annual Tournament
         1st Southern over Colchester 64-59
         3rd Roseville
         5th Alwood
1989 Southern over Roseville 62-50
         3rd Nauvoo-Colusa
1990 Alexis over Southern 52-45
         3rd Colchester
         5th Aledo
1991 Aledo over Southern 61-35
         3rd Valley
         5th Colchester
1992 Aledo over Roseville 78-72
         3rd ROVWA
         5th Colchester
1993 Aledo over Roseville 76-56
         3rd ROVWA
         5th Colchester
1994 Aledo over Alexis 53-49
         3rd Rockridge
         5th Southern
1995 Alexis over Aledo 56-47
         3rd ROVWA
         5th Colchester
1996 Southern over Westmer 62-61
         3rd Alexis
         5th Colchester

Girls Basketball
The Roseville High School Lady Panthers won two Regional Championships as well.  One of the years has information available, the other does not.
2001-02              Regional Champions
2002-03   19 - 9   Regional Champions                  Coach Fred Lucas
Boys Track & Field
The Roseville thinclads enjoyed success as well.  A total of 13 medals were earned at the State Track Meet and two Sectional Titles were won as well.  Coach's names are not available.
1941-42    R. Hoyt                120 Yard High Hurdles     5TH Place
1980-81    Relay Team         4 X 100 Meter Relay        6TH Place
               Mike Turley         100 Meter Dash                4TH Place
               Tim Gibbs            300 Meter Hurdles           8TH Place
1982-83   Mike Stevenson   200 Meter Dash                4TH Place
                                           100 Meter Dash                8TH Place
1987-88   Chris Adkinsson  Shot Put                            6TH Place
2000-01   Team Won Sectional Championship
               Bryan Pratt          110 Meter High Hurdles   6TH Place
               *Zach Barr           3200 Meter Run                9TH Place
2002-03   Team Won Sectional Championship
               Bryan Pratt           110 Meter High Hurdles  2ND Place 
               *Zach Barr            3200 Meter Run               3RD Place
2002-03   Alex Stuart           Long Jump                     9TH Place
                                           Triple Jump                    9TH Place
*Bryan Pratt continued his success on the oval track at the University of Illinois!
*From A.D. Roger Haynes of Monmouth College:
"Zach Barr was the 2005 NCAA Division III National Champion (track and field) in the 3000 meter steeplechase event.  Barr was also a  cross country all-american during the 2004 season. Refer to the Monmouth college website for more specific information ."
**From Charles Ramer (Class of 1966):

"Two popular track and field relays were the Roseville Relays and the Avon Relays. An interesting anecdote about the Avon Relays: my senior year we set the 1600 relay record (I was a member of the relay team) that lasted until the relays ceased to exist. On the bus going home our coach, Russell Lober, disclosed to us the official timer misread his stop watch by 10 seconds. We had won our heat, but not the race. We didn't actually break the record either. 

Russell Lober was Roseville's track coach during that era ('50's and '60's). He was a well known and popular track coach."

Roseville Boys Track 1991-92
Submitted by Cory Yokel

Roseville Boys Track 1992-93
Submitted by Cory Yokel

Roseville Boys Track 1993-94
Submitted by Cory Yokel

Girls Track & Field
The Roseville High School Lady Panther tracksters pulled off some State success of their own.  In fact, the Lady Panthers of 2002-03 finished 4th in the STATE Track Meet! They also brought home a total of 15 state medals.
1977-78    Kathy Taylor        440 Yard Dash                  8TH Place  
1978-79    Relay Team         880 Yard Medley              3RD Place
               Kathy Taylor        4o0 Meter Dash                5TH Place
1979-80    Relay Team         800 Meter Medley            3RD Place
               Cynthia Coordes  Long Jump                      5TH Place
               Kathy Taylor        400 Meter Dash                6TH Place
1980-81    Kathy Taylor        400 Meter Dash                2ND Place
1997-98    Chrissey Page     High Jump                       7Th Place
1999-00    Pam Wolf            400 Meter Dash                5TH Place
2001-02    Relay                  800 Meter Medley             STATE CHAMPIONS!
                Pam Wolf           400 Meter Dash                 2ND Place
2002-03    Team Finished FOURTH in the STATE TRACK MEET!
                     Individual Medalists
               Relay                   800 Meter Medlay             STATE CHAMPIONS!
               Pam Wolf            800 Meter Run                   STATE CHAMPION!!
                                          300 Meter Hurdles              STATE CHAMPION!!
                                          100 Meter Hurdles              3RD Place
                Final Team Standings
                1.)  Freeburg                  86.5
                2.)  Eureka                     52
                3.)  Normal U-High          50
                4.)  ROSEVILLE HS       37
                5.)  Princeton                 32
*Pamela Wolf contined her success on the track with the Universtiy of Illinois women's track team! 
Great Coaches
This category is open for additions.  IF you have some good information please send it on.  The following coaches are purely based on the information provided above:
*Galen Noard - Football - 1978-79? through 1986-87
                                        3 State Playoff Appearances
                                        1 FInal Four Finish
                                        1 Elite 8 Finish
                                        1 Sweet 16 Finish
*Kara Harper - Volleyball - 2001-02? through 2004-05
                                          1 Elite 8 Appearance
                                          1 Super Sectional Championship
                                          1 Sectional Championship
                                          4 Regional Championships
                                          4 Straight 30+ games-won seasons 
                                          125 - 26 Overall Record   
Extra-Curricular Activities
Roseville High School offered several opportunities for its students besides athletics. Band, choir, FHA, FFA, student government, dances, and many other activities were a part of the school's extra-curricular offerings.
Future Farmers of America
The Future Farmers of America program was in fact one of the most successful in the state of Illinois. Steve Killey tells us the following about the Roseville HS FFA program:
" The FFA Chapter of Roseville High School was very active with many awards at the local and state level.  I will try and do some research and come up with some of the most memorable.  I do know that we Chartered an State FFA Alumni Chapter in 1990 or 1991 which was for many years the largest Alumni Chapter in the State."

**From Charles Ramer:

"I am a 1966 graduate of Roseville High School. My class was the first to graduate from the building your site has on its page. I read your recap of Roseville on the website. That is an interesting project. 

One highlight of our athletics occurred during the fall 1960 or 1961 football season. Western High School, lab school on the campus of Western IL University, came to played Roseville with the state's longest winning streak at the time - 33 straight wins. Roseville had not won a game at that point of the season. Naturally Western was a heavy favorite. Roseville upset Western and made headlines throughout the area, if not the state. It was a proud moment for our little town.

In track and field I believe a Roseville man medaled in either the long jump or high hurdles or both at the state meet. This would have been 1961/1962. His name was Roger Alleman. Roger was one of the best all around athletes to ever come out of West Central Illinois. He quarterbacked the team that beat Western High, made the starting rotation for the University of IL baseball team his freshmen year. He had an excellent chance to go pro, but an injury his Soph year ended that hope.

Also, Roseville belonged to two conference at the time. One was the Little Six. Abingdon, ROVA, and Alexis were some other members ( I can't recall the other two at the moment). The other conference was the Bi-County Conference. Roseville, Stronghurst and Media were three schools in it, but again my memory fades."
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