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Tampico High School
Tampico, IL

The History of the Tampico Trojans

Tampico (population 790) sits in the southern end of Whiteside County in northwestern Illinois. It is located on State Highway 172, four miles north of the Whiteside-Bureau County line. Tampico is most noted for the birthplace of the 40th President of the United States, the late Ronald Reagan. Tampico was plotted in 1871 and incorporated in 1875.
Family History Coordinator for the Tampico Area Historical Society Denise McLoughlin provided us with this bit of Tampico School information:
"Ronald Reagan attended school in Tampico through at least fourth grade.  His fourth grade photo at Tampico Grade School can be viewed at: http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com/albums/album_image/359307/89014.htm
This school is where the Tampico Elementary school now stands on W. 2nd Street. We also have the classroom ledger, donated to us from the old Tampico High School. The school in the photo (commonly refered to as "The Reagan School") no longer exists, but was the original "high school" - lower grades downstairs, upper grades upstairs.  Second, The old Tampico High School is now the Tampico Middle School, grades 6, 7, 8."
You can view the Tampico Historical Society website at http://www.tampicohistoricalsociety.citymax.com .  Great work by Denise McLoughlin and the folks of Tampico in preserving their storied history!!
Tampico's most famous high school graduate was J. Mason Reeves, who was at one time the Commander in Chief of the United States Navy. He graduated in 1890 and played football for the Navy. Tampico Township High School did not have a football team at the time. It is noted that Reeves invented a unique football helmet ("the first football helmet worn in a game") that protected him from injury.  Read more about J. Mason Reeves at:
The history of Tampico Schools date back to 1874. Until 1912, the high school only had three grades. The brick building that housed TTHS for 75 years was built in 1921 and had 14 classrooms and a gymnasium. It was located near a railroad junction of the Hooppole, Yorktown & Tampico Railroad and the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy Railroad. The first mentioned was abandoned in 1953. In 1967, there were 153 students enrolled at TTHS. In the 1980's, Tampico lost it's main railroad, the Chicago, Burlington & Quincy route, that was the reason Tampico became a settlement like most other small towns. 
Declining enrollment and financial concerns led to the closing of Tampico High School in 1996.  The 1921 brick building located on Kimball Street (Hanaman Road) housed the Tampico Junior High School (6 - 8) through the 2011-12 school year. A new grade school building was erected on that same site in 2012 and the original Tampico High School building was razed in 2012.
High School students from Tampico now attend Prophetstown High School, eight miles to the northwest.
An nice article regarding the Tampico Alumni attempts to save the old football scoreboard can be viewed at http://www.saukvalley.com/articles/2009/08/29/16262380/index.xml .  Thank you to Mike Gray for this information.

Tampico High School Scoreboard
Track Oval in Background

Tampico High School "Quick Facts":
Year High School opened: 1921
Year High School closed:  1996
Nickname:                       Trojans
School Colors:                 Scarlet, Gray, & White
School Fight Song:          "Tampico High School Loyalty Song"
                                              (Sung to Illinois Loyalty - click play button and sing along!)
                                             We're loyal to you Tampico High,
                                             We're scarlet and grey Tampico High,
                                             We'll ask you to stand,
                                             We're the best in the land,
                                             For we know you can stand Tampico High!
                                             Hoo Rah
                                             So shoot in that ball Tampico High,
                                             We're backing you on Tampico High,
                                             Our team is the fame protector,
                                             On boys for we expect a
                                             Victory from you,
 Tampico High
                                             Hoo Rah!

The Trojans were members of the Two Rivers Conference in the 1940s and 1950s.  Other teams in the conference included Mineral, Annawan, Atkinson, Prophetstown, Erie, Hillsdale, Cordova, Port Byron, and Lyndon.  The athletic program joined the Little 8 Conference in the 1961 where it remained until the Indian Valley Conference was formed in 1976. 
Tampico offered a variety of sports during it's 75 year tenure. The most noticable was the Boys Track and Field team. Don Wallace coached Boys Track for 30 years (1966-1996) and during his tenure, there were eight years that the Trojans went undefeated.
In 1988 Tampico High School's football team co-oped with Manlius while the volleyball, track and basketball were still seperate. Tampico was a member of the Indian Valley Conference in it's latter years and their sports were covered by the local newspaper (Tampico Tornado) until 1966 and the Sterling Daily Gazette until school's closure.

Jim Moore on the Podium - High Jump 2nd Place 1979
From left toright: Larry Harpman, JIM MOORE, Lonnie Hewitt, Eric Foster

Tampico Boys Track:
The track program at Tampico High School was well-known throughout the area in the 1970s, 80s, and 90s. Coach Don Wallace built a program that other schools in the area marveled. In the 30-year existance of the program, 29 of those years were undefeated seasons. The only sub-.500 year was 1995-96 (1-5).
Although they did not take home any IHSA hardware, the team's accomplishments of defeating rival teams in dual and triangular meets always surmounted the joy of a large Sectional plaque.
1975-76 - 9-0
1977-78 - 12-0
1982-83 - 5-0
1983-84 - 5-0
1984-85 - 5-0
1986-87 - 7-0

Tampico HS Track Team 1987 (7-0 in duel meets)
Submitted by Andy Hinton (left click on photo for larger view)

Photo Above - From l to r, top to bottom
Row 1) Scott Brokaw, David Donnelley, Mike Glassburn, Kyle Kuelpker, Wes Anderson, Tim Stickle, Andy Hinton
Row 2) Gary Phillips, Tom Vanlandult, Ronny Sandrock, Art Romero, Mark Kelly
Row 3) Frank Spooner, Scott Batten, Tom Brokaw, Jay Morthland, Allan Thompson, Eric Anderson, Terry Fergusson, Doug Haney, Steve Cady
Row 4) Shawn Quimby, Victor Monzo, Mark Scuffam, Matt Helms, James Anderson, Trent Hannrahan, & Ron Mozingo.
1991-92 - 9-0
1992-93 - 10-0
Boys Track Medalists:
1975 - - 100-yard dash - Mike Brady (8th)
1975 - - Shotput - Pat Dorathy (6th)
1979 - - High Jump - Jim Moore (2nd)
1982 - - Shotput - Doug Koehler (4th)
1984 - - Triple Jump - Scott Tornow (7th)

Tampico Girls Track:
Coach Wallace began coaching the Girls Track and Field Program in 1981 and the success was the same, if not better.
The most decorated athlete in TTHS girls track history is Mindy Bollman. She earned five IHSA medals, including the Championship from the 200-Meter Low Hurdles in Class A in 1982
1981-82    6-0   
1982-83    6-0   
1983-84    4-0-1
1984-85    5-0   
1985-86    5-1 
1986-87    7-0   
1987-88    6-0 
1988-89    7-0 
1989-90    8-0  
1990-91    7-1 
1991-92    7-1-1
1992-93    9-1  
1993-94    6-0  
1994-95    7-0  
1995-96    1-3
Girls Track Medalists:
1982 - - 200 Meter Low Hurdles - Mindy Bollman (8th)
        - - High Jump - Mindy Bollman (4th)
1983 - - 200 Meter Low Hudles  - Mindy Bollman (STATE CHAMPION!)
1983 - - 100 Meter Low Hurdles - Mindy Bollman (3rd)
1984 - - 200 Meter Low Hurdles - Mindy Bollman (2nd)
1985 - - Discus - Renee Greer (7th)
1987 - - 400 Meter Relay team  (7th)
1988 - - 800 Meter Relay team  (6th)
        - - 1600 Meter Relay team (5th)
1989 - - 100 Meter High Hurdles - Jonnette Adamson (7th)
1990 - - 300 Meter Low Hurdles - Jonnette Adamson (3rd)
1993 - - 800 Meter Run - Jeanie Adamson (4th)
1994 - - 800 Meter Run - Jeanie Adamson (7th)
        - - 1600 Meter Relay team (7th)
        - - 3200 Meter Relay team (6th)
Boys Basketball
Tampico also had a solid Boys Basketball program that took home most of the schools IHSA hardware in it's 75 years. The program won FOUR District titles and TWO Regional crowns during its tenure. Some of the District and Regional scores were located at a web site titled "Illinois Post Season Basketball Scores" at the web address of   https://sites.google.com/site/xtmi2000/ .
1933-34                Sterling District Tournament              Coach's name & record needed
                            1st Rd Beat Lee Center 54-12
                            2nd Rd lost to Rock Falls 30-11
                            Rock Falls lost in title game.
1934-35                Dixon District Tournament                 Coach's name & record needed
                            1st Rd Beat Walnut 25-21
                            2nd Rd lost to Dixon 46-19
                            Dison lost in semi-final round.
1935-36                District Champions!!                       Coach's name & record needed 
                           Walnut District Touney
                           Beat Harmon 50 - 18
                           Beat Walnut 29 - 23
                           Beat Prophetstown 20 - 13
                           Sterling Regional Tourney
                           Beat Rock Falls 30 - 20
                           Lost to Erie 29 - 25
                           Erie lost title to Dixon 24 - 23
1936-37 Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1937-38               East Moline District Tournament        Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd Lost to Cordova 33-22
                          Other District scores unavailable
1938-39               East Moline Regional TOurnament     Coach's name & record needed
                           District scores unavailable
                           East Moline Regional Scores
                           1st Rd lost to East Moline 57-10
                           East Moline lost to Moline in title game
1939-40 Postseason scores, records, and coach's name needed.
1940-41 Postseason scores, records, and coach's name needed.
1941-42 Postseason scores, records, and coach's name needed.
1942-43 Postseason scores, records, and coach's name needed.
1943-44 Postseason scores, records, and coach's name needed.
1944-45               Erie District Tournament                    Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd lost to Hillsdale 30-24
                          Hillsdale lost in semi-final round         
1945-46               Atkinson District Tournament             Coach Leland Rudiger
                          (Season record needed)
                          1st Rd Beat Buda 39-34
                          Semi-final lost to Sheffield 66-32
                          Sheffield won Distict title.
1946-47   Postseason scores and record needed.          Coach Leland Rudiger
1947-48    4 - 19  Postseason scores needed                Coach Leland Rudiger
1948-49  15 - 10  LaMoille District Tournament              Coach Leland Rudiger
                         1st Rd Beat Ohio 48-36
                         Semi-final lost to LaMoille 42-41
                         LaMoille lost in title game to Bureau
1949-50  13 - 15    Ohio District Tourney Champs       Coach Leland Rudiger
                            Ohio District Tourney
                            Beat Malden 49 - 35
                            Beat Ohio 40 - 34
                            Beat LaMoille 36 - 34 in title game
                            LaSalle Regional Tourney
                            Lost to Princeton 54 - 37
                            Princeton lost in semi-final round
1950-51    6 - 17    LaMoille District Tournament             Coach's name needed
                            1st Rd lost to Ohio 62-47
                            Ohio lost in semi-final round.   
1951-52                Tiskilwa District Tournament              Coach's name & record needed
                            Lost to Bureau Township 58-37
                            Bureau lost in semi-final round
1952-53  12 - 11    Postseason scores needed                Coach Specht
1953-54  20 - 7      Postseason scores needed                Coach Specht 
1954-55    9 - 16    Postseason scores needed                Coach Specht
1955-56  17 - 11    Postseason scores needed                Coach Lovett 
1956-57  10 - 14    District Champions!!                        Coach Phlam
                            District scores needed
                            Kewanee Regional
                            Lost to Wethersfield 82 - 43
                            Wethersfield lost in semi-final round
1957-58    6 - 21    Postseason scores needed                Coach Phlam
1958-59                Annawan District Tournament             Coach Lew Reed
                            Record needed
                           Annawan District Scores 
                           1st Rd Beat Sheffield 80-59
                           Semi-final lost to Annawan 58-50
                           Annawan lost title game to Atkinson
1959-60    6 - 16   Annawan District Tournament             Coach Jack Farnham
                           1st Rd Beat Sheffield 80-66
                           Semi-final lost to Annawan 85-62
                           Annawan beat Mineral for title
1960-61    8 - 14   Postseason scores needed                Coach Jack Farnham
1961-62  11 - 9     Annawan District Tournament             Coach Jack Farnham
                           1st Rd lost to Atkinson 50-48
                           Atkinson lost in semi-final round
1962-63    7 - 14   Buda District Tournament                   Coach Jack Farnham
                           1st Rd lost to Atkinson 69-66
                           Atkinson lost in semi-final round
1963-64    9 - 14   Postseason scores needed                Coach Clint Evans
1964-65  17 - 9     District Champions!!                        Coach: Clint Evans
                           Postseason scores needed!
1965-66               Postseason scores & record needed   Coach Fred Bogott
1966-67    3 - 19   Postseason scores needed                Coach Don Wallace
1967-68    2 - 20   Lyndon District Tournament                Coach Don Wallace  
                           1st Rd lost to Chadwick 78-57
                           Chaddwick won District title.
1968-69    5 - 17   Tampico District Tournament               Coach Don Wallace
                           1st Rd lost to Lyndon 61-54
                           Lyndon won District title
1969-70    4 - 18   Thomson District Tournament              Coach Chuck Brokaw
                           1st Rd lost to Thomson 69-55
                           Thomson won District title.
1970-71    2 - 20   Shannon District Tournament              Coach Chuck Brokaw
                           1st Rd lost to Shannon 67-58
                           Shannon lost in semi-final round
1971-72  11 - 14   Prophetstown Class 'A' Regional         Coach Chuck Brokaw
                           1st Rd lost to Annawan 67-64
                           Annawan lost in semi-final round
1972-73  12 - 14   Postseason scores needed                Coach Chuck Brokaw
1973-74    0 - 21   Postseason scores needed                Coach Chuck Brokaw
1974-75    4 - 21   Postseason scores needed                Coach Chuck Brokaw
1975-76    6 - 16   Postseason scores needed                Coach Chuck Brokaw
1976-77    4 - 19   Postseason scores needed                Coach Bob Megli
1977-78    9 - 15   Postseason scores needed                Coach Bob Megli 
1978-79    7 - 15   Postseason scores needed                Coach Bob Megli 
1979-80    8 - 16   Postseason scores needed                Coach Daryl Smiley
1980-81  12 - 12   Postseason scores needed                Coach Daryl Smiley 
1981-82  17 - 7     Postseason scores needed                Coach Don Wallace
1982-83  19 - 8     Postseason scores needed                Coach Don Wallace
1983-84  21 - 6     Postseason scores needed                Coach Don Wallace
1984-85    5 - 18   Postseason scores needed                Coach Steve Larsen
1985-86  15 - 9     Postseason scores needed                Coach Steve Larsen
1986-87  21 - 6    Regional Champions                       Coach: Steve Larsen
                          Regional scores unavailable
                          Port Byron Sectional Tourney
                          Semi-final lost to Pearl City 74-51
                          Pearl City won Sectional
                          Pearl City lost in Elite 8 Round 
1987-88  10 - 14   Postseason scores needed                Coach Steve Larsen
1988-89  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
              **Tampico's Boys Basketball game with Ohio on February 7th, 1989
              saw the Trojans attempt 25 three-point shots. Coupled with Ohio's 26
              three-point shots, the total is 51 attempts, which ranks
              5th all-time in the state.
1989-90  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1990-91  Postseason scores and record needed.            Coach Robert Prusator
1991-92  Postseason scores and record needed.            Coach Robert Prusator
1992-93  21 - 6     Postseason scores needed                Coach Robert Prusator
1993-94  20 - 6     Regional Champions!!                     Coach: Jim Brandau
                           Postseason scores needed!!
1994-95  Postseason scores and record needed.            Coach Jim Brandau
**1995-96    1 - 21    Postseason scores and coach's name needed 
**Final season as Tampico High School, merged with Prophetstown High School in the fall of 1996.              
**Notable Roundball Athlete
Harlan Christofferson - Helped lead Tampico on the court during the early 1950s. Was named to the Two Rivers All-Conference team in 1952-53.
Girls Basketball
Tampico also offered Girls Basketball, starting with the 1979-80 school year. The team only had one winning season, and that was in 1984-85 when coach Ray Vance's team went 11-10. After 1987, the team co-oped with Manlius.
1984-85    11 - 10      Coach Ray Vance

Back side of Tampico High School
View from under the east end zone goalpost.

The football program was formed in 1922. That year, Tampico's football field was located on a "cow-field" a mile away. Players dressed in the locker room at the high school and then traveled to the field. Their first game ever took place at their homefield against Rock Falls. Although Tampico lost 49-7, the players had fun nonetheless.
In 1973, the Trojans went a perfect 10-0. Ironically, one year later, the IHSA started the state tournament for football, in which the Trojans were one year too early to qualify. They eventually did make the Class 1A playoffs in 1986 and finished with a record of 6-4 under coach Brian Applegate. There have been 12 coaches of the Trojan Football program.  The best seasons of Tampico Trojan football are listed below, included are the co-op teams with Manlius.
Season records and coaches' names from 1922 through 1944 are needed.
1945-46     (record needed)                                    Coach Leland Rudiger
1946-47     (record needed)                                    Coach Leland Rudiger
1947-48     (record needed)                                    Coach Leland Rudiger
1948-49     2 - 6                                                    Coach Leland Rudiger
1949-50     5 - 2                                                    Coach Leland Rudiger

Tampico HS Football Team of 1949-50
Submitted by Jim Stevens

Photo Above  The photo above was provided by Jim Stevens and is of the Trojan grid-iron warriors of 1949-50 of which Stevens was the Captain.  The team was coached by a well respected man in Leland Rudiger.  The Trojans had a nice season defeating the Mineral Leopards twice, Annawan once, and Prophetstown once.  The team consisted of only four seniors, who are pictured in the photo as follows:
Back Row:  #4 - Jerry Brandau, #15 - Jim Stevens, #16 - Harold Wright, #9 - Arlyn Strike. Coach Rudiger is pictured in the back row to the far right.
1950-51     2 - 6                                                    Coach Leland Rudiger
1951-52     Coach's name & record needed.
1952-53     5 - 1                                                    Coach Robert Specht
1953-54     4 - 3                                                    Coach Robert Specht
1954-55     2 - 5                                                    Coach Robert Specht
1955-56     Record needed                                     Coach Loy Lovett
1956-57     Record needed                                     Coach Ken Phlam
1957-58     2 - 3                                                    Coach Ken Phlam
1958-59     1 - 6                                                    Coach Lew Reed
1959-60     1 - 6                                                    Coach Lew Reed
1960-61     1 - 7                                                    Coach Lew Reed
1961-62     3 - 4                                                    Coach Hurst
1962-63     2 - 7                                                    Coach Paul Suverkrup
1963-64     1 - 7                                                    Coach Clint Evans
1964-65     2 - 5                                                    Coach Clint Evans
1965-66     0 - 8                                                    Coach Fred Bogett
1966-67     0 - 7                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1967-68     3 - 5 - 1                                               Coach Don Wallace
1968-69     4 - 4 - 1                                               Coach Don Wallace
1969-70     3 - 6                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1970-71     6 - 1 - 1                                               Coach Don Wallace
1971-72     3 - 4 - 1                                               Coach Don Wallace 
1972-73     7 - 2                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1973-74   10 - 0      Little 8 Conf. Champs!           Coach Don Wallace 

Undefeated Conference Champs 10 - 0 on Season
1073-74 Tampico High School "Trojans"

1973-74 Football Schedule & Results
Tampico High School "Trojans"

1974-75     2 - 7                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1975-76     3 - 5 - 1                                               Coach Don Wallace
1976-77     4 - 6                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1977-78     5 - 5                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1978-79     3 - 6                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1979-80     4 - 5                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1980-81     3 - 6                                                    Coach Don Wallace
1981-82     4 - 5                                                    Coach Bob Prout
1982-83     5 - 4                                                    Coach Bob Prout   
1983-84     6 - 3                                                    Coach Bob Prout
1984-85     3 - 6                                                    Coach Brian Applegate
1985-86     6 - 3                                                    Coach Brian Applegate
1986-87     6 - 4       1A Playoffs                            Coach Brian Applegate
                              Lost to LaMoille 6 - 0
1987-88     4 - 5                                                    Coach Brian Applegate
1988-89     Record and coach's name needed.
As Part of the Manlius/Tampico (Warriors) Coop:
1989-90     9 - 2       2nd Round of 1A Playoffs      Coach Ken Bourquin
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Beat Prophetstown 10 - 0
                              Lost to Sterling Newman 20 - 9 
1990-91     7 - 4       2nd Round of 1A Playoffs      Coach Ken Bourquin
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Beat Toulon-Lafayette 20-12
                              Lost to Annawan 7 - 0
                              Annawan went to Final 4 Rd. 
1991-92     8 - 3       2nd Round of 1A Playoffs      Coach Ken Bourquin
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Beat Mt. Morris 12 - 0
                              Lost to Annawan 14 - 7
1992-93     9 - 3       Elite Eight Finalist                 Coach Ken Bourquin
                              Beat Mt. Morris 47 - 0
                              Beat Annawan 21 - 8
                              Lost to Poplar Grove N.B. 15-12
                              Poplar Grove Finished 2nd
1993-94     Record needed.                                    Coach Ken Bourquin 
1994-95     9 - 2       2nd Round of 1A Playoffs      Coach Ken Bourquin 
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Beat Mooseheart 34 - 0
                              Lost to Durand 20 - 8
One unforgettable game occured in 1991 in a game against Annawan. The game was tied 0-0 after regulation and stayed that way into the fifth overtime. Annawan scored first and missed their PAT, but Manlius-Tampico tied it back up and made their PAT. The end result was 7-6 in Manlius-Tampico's favor.
In a game against Bradford in 1988, Tampico accumulated 593 total offensive yards (498 rushing and 95 passing) in a victory, which is the most in school history.
Girls Volleyball ...
The Lady Trojan volleyball program ran from 1979-80 until the 1995-96 school year. During that time, the Lady Trojans won two Regional titles, in 1988 and 1994.
1988      Regional Champions
1994      Regional Champions
Great Coaches
If one coach could be mentioned from Tampico High School, the first name to come to mind is Mr. Don Wallace. Wallace coached at Tampico High School from 1966 to 1996. He compiled a 67-78 record in Boys Basketball, 60-69-4 in Football, and a 176-53 in Boys Track and 90-7 in Girls Track!
Wallace continued to coach after the closure of TTHS, steering the ship for the Erie-Prophetstown Panthers until 2002.
From Class of 1950 member Jim Stevens regarding Coach Leland Rudiger:
"We had a very good coach during the years of 1946 thru 1950. His name was Leland Rudiger. As captain of the 1950 football team, we had a very successful year beating Prophetstown for the first time and most of the other conference football teams. Coach Rudiger also took us to the basketball regionals that year losing to Princeton, a much larger school."
Noteable Alumni

Dr. Vaughn Croft - Superintendent of Pima County Schools in Pima County, Ariz. Future Farmers of America honorary American degree recipient for helping to start agriculture programs in Tucson.


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Tampico High School Track & Field
Shot Put / Discus Pit (Track in background)