Chesterfield High School "C-Hawks"

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Chesterfield Community High School Building 1934
Photo Submitted by Ray Parker

Chesterfield High School
Photo courtesy of Polly Eldred

The History of Chesterfield High School
Chesterfield (population 223) is located in southwestern Illinois in western Macoupin County.  Illinois Route 111 is the main road passing through Chesterfield which is located between Rockbridge Road and Macoupin Station Road. Towns for reference to locate Chesterfield would be Springfield (40 miles northeast) and Alton (20 miles southwest).  Macoupin Creek flows through Chesterfield, too.
Chesterfield was platted in 1836 by the gentlemen who owned the land, Jesse Peebles and Aaron Tilly. It is believed the town was named after the early settler's home town of Chesterfield, England. A post office was established in 1838.
The history of the school needs some research.  As with all small Illinois towns it is believed Chesterfield began its school system in the late 1800s. Lowell Getz was a sophomore when Chesterfield High School was closed. He adds the following information to the history of the school:
"Chesterfield High School closed in the spring of 1947 (for 1947-48 school year). The district paid the tuition for students to go to other high schools.  About half of the students went to Medora,High School, the remainder attended Carlinville.  For the 1948-49 school year, all students went to Carlinville as the two districts officially consolidated.
Chesterfield High School team uniform colors were maroon and white. I double-checked this with other students, The school mascot was the " C-hawk" (Sea Hawk). The school fight song:was sung to the Notre Dame University Fight Song tune.
Thanks for keeping the memory of Chesterfield High "out there."  It was a small school, 32 students, the town had only 225 residents."  
The Chesterfield High School building was used in as Chesterfield Grade School in the Carlinville Consolidated District from 1946 to 1979 and then it was torn down shortly thereafter.

Chesterfield HS Student Body 1924
Submitted by Lowell Getz

The photo above was submitted by Lowell Getz. Lowell's mother, Evelyn Dowland, is located in the top row, the third person from the right. The first person on the right in the top row is Lucile Wheeler. In the second row from the top Theodore Duckles is 8th from the left and Myron Eldred is third from the right. The photo was taken on October 03, 1924.
Chesterfield High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                      late 1800s
Year closed:                       1947
Consolidated to:                  Carlinville HS
School nickname:               "C=Hawks"
School colors:                    Maroon & White
School Fight Song:             "Cheers, Cheers for Old Chesterfield"
                                                         Notre Dame University Fight Song Tune
School Motto:                     "Onward and Upward"
Chesterfield High School definately offered boys basketball and boys track.  CHS boys probably also competed in baseball.  The Chesterfield kids nearly pulled off a truly unbelievable accomplishment for a school their size.  They finished 2nd in the State Track Meet "B" division in 1924!!  Speedster Bill Knoop ran times in the 100 and 50 yard dashes that rivaled that of the "A" meet.  The complete rundown of the nearly magical year is written about below. 
Boys Track & Field
Chesterfield High School thinclads came home from the State Track Meet in 1924 with PLENTY to brag about.  The town of Chesterfield must have been bristling with pride at the state meet runner-up finish the boys earned.  Three athletes earned individual medals and a fourth joined them to earn a 3rd place relay finish.  The combined points brought the team within 4 points of State Champion Girard.  This incredible accomplishment is listed below. 
A note of interest is that if Chesterfield would have been combined with its future high school Carlinville (who finished 4th with 15 points) in 1924 the team would have won the State "B" Championship going away with 31 points! 
1923-24     Team Finished 2ND in State "B" Track Meet 
                 Individual Medalists
                 Bill Knoop                      50 Yard Dash                 STATE CHAMPION!! 
                 Bill Knoop                    100 Yard Dash                 STATE CHAMPION!! 
                 Howard Dams              120 Yard High Hurdles     2ND Place
                 Emanuel Robinson       440 Yard Dash                 5TH Place
                                                        880 Yard Relay               3RD Place
                Overall Team Standings - 1924 "B" Meet
                1.)  Girard                        -  20
                2.)  CHESTERFIELD H.S. -  16
                      White Hall                  - 16
                4.)  Carlinville                    - 15
                5.)  Gridley                       - 13
                      Hinsdale                     - 13
                7.)  Wheaton                    - 12
                      Bridgeport                  - 12
                9.)  Hoopeston                  -  9
              10.)  Abingdon                    -  8
                     Chicago Pullman         -   8
Boys Basketball
The Chesterfield High boys basketball team brought home two District Championship plaques.  Unfortunately the team records and coaches names are not available. We are hopeful for more information regarding the other great teams in Chesterfield High School history.  Conference champs and great records are being sought.  The years of the District titlists are listed below. Some scxores of the IHSA tournament involving Chesterfield were located on a website titled "Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores".
1921-22      Alton District Tournament
                   Madison 14, Chesterfield 12
                   Madison lost in semi-finals
1922-23       District Champions                          Coach Roy McCullom
                   Macoupin County Champions
                   District scores not available
                   Centralia Sectional Tournament
                   Lost to Greenville 1st Round
                   Greenville won Sectional
1923-24       Macoupin County Champions         Coach Roy McCullom
1924-25       Macoupin County Champions         Coach Roy McCullom
1928-29       Macoupin County Champions         Coach Ralph Turner
Polly Eldred provided this bit of information on the Chesterfield basketball teams of the early / mid 1920s:
"The Chesterfield High School basketball team won the Macoupin County Championship three consecutive years - 1923,1924,1925. It was when the rules had the teams jump-center after each score and Chesterfield had a 6'4" guy named Olin Gahr who always got the jump and who the others just fed under the basket to score again."
1929-30       District Champions                          Coach Ralph Turner
                   Beat Hillsboro 15 - 9 in title game 
                   Macoupin County Champions
                   Salem Sectional Tournament
                   Lost to Madison 12-8 in 1st Rd.
                   Madison lost in semi-final
1930-31       Macoupin County Champions         Coach Ralph Turner
                  Lost to Hillsboro in title game of
                  District Tournament 32 - 24
1933-34      Greenfield District Tournament
                   Beat Kane 47-16
                   Beat Carrollton 20-10
                   Lost to Jerseyville 26-13
                   Jerseyville won District Tournament
1934-35      Jerseyville District Tournament
                   Beat Hettick 20-18
                   Beat Shipman 31-19
                   Lost in Semi-Final to Jerseyville
                   Jerseyville lost title to Greenville 
1935-36      Jerseyville District Tournament
                   Beat Bunker Hill 23-8
                   Lost to Grafton 20-18
                   Grafton won District Tournament
1936-37      Wood River Regional Tournament
                   Lost to 26-16
                   Alton lost in semi-final
1937-38      Greenfield District Tournament
                   Lost to Hettick 28-19
1938-39 though 1943-44 District scores not available.
1944-45      Brighton District Tournament
                   Lost to Shipman 40-13
                   Shipman lost in semi-final
1945-46      scores not available
1946-47      Brighton District Tournament
                   Lost to Medora 53-41 (last game in Chesterfield HS history)
                   Medora lost in semi-final

Chesterfield High School Class of 1942
Submitted by John Gavelek ('left click' on photo for larger view)

Above Photo:
Top Row: Wendell Dams (or Dawson), Rita Weise Gavelek, Mary Weise Schmidt, Meade Woods
Middle Row: Frances Hewitt Wiles, Keith Whittaker, Mary Sawtell, Charles Yahr, Eleanor Sarginson
Bottom Row: Mrs Zella Cundall  ?, Prof J Harley Hazes, Mrs Imogene Skinner ?

Chesterfield HS Class of 1931
Photo Submitted by Ray Parker (left click on photo for larger view)

Chesterfield HS Class of 1934
Photo Submitted by Ray Parker (left click on photo for larger view)

Chesterfield Grade School Photo Grades 5 & 6 1924
Photo Submitted by Ray Parker (left click on photo for larger view)

Seeking More Information
If you have ANY more information regarding the great history of Chesterfield and its educational past please take the time to share it with us. We are especially hopeful to share a photo of the old High School building.  Photos and information can be e-mailed to us at  You can also write to us at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.   60631

Chesterfield HS Class of 1926 Graduate List
Submitted by Lowell Getz (left click on photo for larger view)

Chestervield HS Graduation Program 1926
Submitted by Lowell Getz (left click on photo for larger view)

Eveland Dowell, Class of 1926, Chesterfield HS
Submitted by Lowell Getz (left click on photo for larger view)

Chesterfield HS Class of 1926 at 40th Reunion 1966
Photo submitted by Lowell Getz

Front row, from left: Myron Eldred, Lucile Wheeler, Evelyn Dowland, Ralph Barr
Back row, from left:
Theodore Duckles, (unknown), Elmo Pointer