Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School "Mohawks"

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Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School
Served as home for M-D and M-D-R High Schools, now home to Fieldcrest High School

MDR Inscription on Building

Cornerstone from building

The History of Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School
The towns of Minonk (population 2,168), Dana (population 171), and Rutland (population 354) all at one time had their own high schools. You can read about each town and its individual high school on this site as each high school has its own page. 
It was Dana who first was annexed to the Minonk school system. This occurred in 1949 when Dana, like many small schools of that particular year, was enticed to consolidate by the State of Illinois. This consolidation was called the Minonk-Dana school district. This joint effort lasted for six years when it was joined by Rutland in 1955. The school district was renamed the Minonk-Dana-Rutland school district, enjoying 37 years of education until 1992, when the nearby towns of Toluca and Wenona looked to consolidate their schools with Minonk-Dana-Rutland. The effort was successful and was renamed the Fieldcrest School District. 
The Fieldcrest High School building is located in Minonk and was home to Minonk, Minonk-Dana, and Minonk-Dana-Rutland High Schools before Fieldcrest came into existance. An excellent web site to read about the schools and towns of Minonk-Dana-Rutland is available at the following two addresses: http://www.fieldcrest.k12.il.us/alumni/index.htm, and http://www.minonktalk.com.
Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School Quick Facts
Year Minonk-Dana HS formed:                1949
Year Minonk-Dana-Rutland HS formed:   1955 
Year Fieldcrest HS formed:                      1992
M-D & M-D-R School nickname:               the "Mohawks"
School colors:                                           Black & Orange
School Fight Song:                                   "Cheer, Cheer for MDR High"
                                                           (Notre Dame University Fight Song Tune)
                                                                           (Click "play" button below, slide bar half way across bottom)  
                                  Cheer Cheer for MDR High
                                  Sound out your cheers clear up to the sky
                                  Raise your voices, let them trill
                                  MDR High sure fills the bill...lah, lah, lah
                                  We've got a team that's goin' to town
                                  Long as we cheer they won't let us down.
                                  Fight team, fight, and show them that we're
                                  Onward to victory!
                                  MDR Mohwarks
                                  Rah Rah Rah!!
                                              (Thank you to Lois Freberg)  

Both the boys and girls teams at Minonk-Dana-Rutland enjoyed many successful seasons. The boys brought home IHSA hardware (www.ihsa.org) in the sports of football, basketball, track, and cross-country, while the Lady Mohawks won trophies in basketball, volleyball, as well as competing in softball and track. The boys competed in baseball also. The school also showed some good sportsmanship in the 1957-58 school year, winning the Mid State Conference Sportsmanship Award. If you have additional information regarding the M-D-R HS athletic program, you can contact us via e-mail at eganann@sbcglobal.net.
The Minonk-Dana-Rutland Mohawks have a long history of hard hitting, successful football teams. The Mohawks played in the IHSA playoffs a total of four times.  There were also some very successful Mid State Conference teams as well. Their best records are listed below:
As Minonk-Dana
1948-49     2- 6- 1                                                               Coach Elmer Hampton
1949-50     5- 5        Conference 3rd Place Finish (4-2)     Coach Elmer Hampton
1950-51     3- 4- 1                                                               Coach Jack Pierce 
1951-52     3- 5                                                                   Coach Jack Pierce
1952-53     2- 7                                                                   Coach Jack Pierce
1953-54     3- 6                                                                   Coach Leo Huffman
1954-55     6- 2- 1    Conference 3rd Place Finish (4-2-1)  Coach Leo Hoffman
As Minonk-Dana-Rutland
1955-56     1- 7- 1                                                                Coach Virgil Staples
1956-57     2- 4- 1                                                                Coach Virgil Staples
1957-58     2- 6                                                                    Coach Virgil Staples
1958-59     3- 5                                                                    Coach Jim Lee
1959-60     0- 7- 1                                                                Coach Jim Lee
1960-61     3- 4                                                                    Coach Jim Lee
1961-62     4- 5                                                                    Coach Jim Lee
1962-63     8- 0- 1    Conference Champions (5-0-1)       Coach Jim Lee
1963-64     5- 1- 3    Conference Champions (4-0-2)       Coach John Mowery
1964-65     4- 5                                                                   Coach John Mowery 
1965-66     6- 3        Conference Champions (6-1)          Coach John Mowery
1966-67     7- 2        Conference Champions (7-0)          Coach John Mowery
1967-68     7- 1- 1    Conference Champions (7-0)          Coach John Mowery
1968-69     6 - 3                                                                  Coaches Hesselberth, Jochums, & Mohar     
1969-70     6- 2- 1    Conference Champions (6-0-1)       Coach Jack Marcoline
1970-71     2- 6- 1                                                               Coach Jack Marcoline
1971-72     5- 4                                                                   Coach Jack Marcoline
1972-73     5- 4                                                                   Coach Jack Marcoline
1973-74     0- 8- 1                                                               Coach Mike Cazalet
1974-75     2- 7                                                                   Coach Mike Cazalet
1975-76     4- 5                                                                   Coach Mike Cazalet
1976-77     5- 4                                                                   Coach Mike Cazalet
1977-78     8- 2        IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier      Coach Mike Cazalet
                                Conference Co-Champs (6-1)
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              1st Rd Lost to Argenta-Oreana 14-3
                              Argenta lost in Quarter-final round 
1978-79     9- 1        IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier       Coach Mike Cazalet
                                Conference Champions (7-0)
                                Undefeated Regular Season!
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Lost to Stronghurst Southern 25-22 (O/T)
                              Southern lost in semi-final round
1979-80     6- 3                                                                    Coach Pat Cooper
1980-81     5- 4                                                                    Coach Pat Cooper
1981-82     7- 2                                                                    Coach Jim Innis
1982-83     4- 5                                                                    Coach Jim Innis
1983-84     8- 2        IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier       Coach Jim Innis
                               Conference Co-Champs (6-1)
                              Sweet 16 Finalist
                              Lost to Bradford 23-14
                              Bradford lost in Quarter-final round
1984-85     6- 3                                                                    Coach Jim Innis
1985-86     1- 8                                                                    Coach Marty Miller
1986-87     3- 6                                                                    Coach Bill Siefert
1987-88     4- 5                                                                    Coach Bill Siefert
1988-89     0- 9                                                                    Coach Bill Siefert
1989-90     3- 6                                                                    Coach Bill Seifert
1990-91     3- 6                                                                    Coach Bill Seifert 

1991-92     6- 4) IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier            Coach Bill Siefert
                               Top 32 Teams in Class 1A
                               1st Rd Lost to Deer Creek-Mackinaw 16-8
                               DC-M lost in Sweet 16 round.                          
A couple of M-D-R receivers made their mark as being two of the best at their position during their playing years. Glen Klendworth set a school record in 1978 with 15 receiving touchdowns that season. Another player, Jeff Meyer, set a school record with 13 receptions in a game against Dee-Mack in 1975.
The M-D-R Lady Mohawk netters were not to be outdone. The girls enjoyed many great seasons winning five Regional titles and two Sectional titles which qualified them for the State's Class 1A Sweet 16! This occurred during back to back seasons! The best of the Minonk-Dana-Rutland volleyball seasons are listed below.
1979-80      9- 9                                                                Coach Carol McCullen
1983-84    16- 6      Conference Co-Champs                 Coach Judy Maddux
1984-85    18- 5      Team Placed 2nd in Conf.                 Coach Jaynet Smith
1985-86    23- 6      Regional/Sectional Champs           Coach Jaynet Smith
                              IHSA Class A Sweet 16!
                              Mid State Conf. Champs (7-0)
1986-87    25- 4      Regional/Sectional Champs           Coach Jaynet Smith
                              IHSA Class A Sweet 16!!
                              Conference Champions (7-0)
1987-88    17- 7- 2 Conference Champs (7-0)                 Coach Jaynet Smith
1988-89    19-14     Regional Champs                             Coach unknown
                              Conference Co-Champs (6-1)
1990-91    23- 7       Regional Champs                            Coach unknown
                              Conference Co-Champs (12-2) 
1991-92    26- 6       Regional Champs                            Coach unknown
                              Conference 2nd Place (12-2)
Mid State Conference Overall Record as MDRHS:
                              68 - 30    .694 Winning %
The Minonk-Dana boys brought home one Regional title. One Regional title was also won by the Minonk-Dana-Rutland boys basketball team. Those years (record and coach's names unavailable) and two other good M-D-R basketball season are listed below.
As Minonk Dana
1949-50  17 - 12   Wenona Regional Runner-up!            Coach's name needed
                           1st Rd Beat Granville Hopkins 53-47
                           Semi-final Beat Henry 54-50
                           Title game lost to Wenona 53-46
1950-51  25 - 4    Wenona Regional Champions!            Coach's name needed
                          2nd Place in Mid State Conference (10-2)
                          Wenona Regional Scores
                         1st Rd Beat Cornell 63-41
                          Semi-final Beat Henry 51-49
                          Title game Toluca 66-38
                          Ottawa Sectional Tourney
                          Semi-final lost to DePue 59-53
                          DePue lost in title game
1951-52  16 - 12  Granville Regional Tourney                    Coach name needed
                          1st Rd Beat Toluca 62-30 
                          Semi-final lost to Henry 47-44
                          Henry lost in title game
1952-53              Henry Regional Tourney                        Coach's name & reocrd needed
                          1st Rd Beat Wenona 59-55
                          Semi-final lost to Varna Mid-County 61-46
                          Mid-County won Regional title
1953-54              Granville Regional Tourney                    Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd lost to Henry 54-46
                          Henry lost in semi-final
1954-55              Henry Regional Tourney                        Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd lost to Tonica 78-57
                          Tonica won Regional title
1955-56              Granville Regional Tourney                    Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd Beat Streator Woodland 76-50
                          Semi-final lost to Mid-County 59-50
                          Mid-County won Regional title 
As Minonk-Dana-Rutland
In the fall of 1956 Rutland HS joind the Minonk-Dana School District to form the Minonk-Dana-Rutland School District.
1956-57  16 - 10  Streator Regional Tourney                     Coach Jack Murphy
                          Conference 2nd Place (10-2)
                          Streator Regional Scores
                          1st Rd Beat Sparland 65-60
                          Semi-final lost to Streator Woodland 73-56
                          Woodland won Regional title  
1957-58  20 - 6    Henry Regional Tourney                        Coach Jack Murphy
                          Woodland County Champs             
                          Mid-State Conf. Co-Champs
                          Henry Regional Score
                          Semi-final lost to Woodland 55-47
                          Woodland lost in title game
1958-59  20 - 8    Granville Regional Tourney                    Coach Jack Murphy
                          Conference Co-Champs (9-3)
                          Granville Regional Scores
                          1st Rd Beat Cornell 51-45
                          Semi-final lost to Granville Hopkins 72-63
                          Hopkins lost in title game
1959-60              Wenona Regional Tourney                     Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd Beat Tonica 72-47
                          Semi-final lost to Mid-County 66-61
                          Mid-County lost in title game
1960-61              Woodland Regional Tourney                   Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd Beat Mid-County 57-55
                          Semi-final lost to Wodland 64-46
                          Woodland lost in title game
1961-62              Henry Regional Tourney                          Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd Lost to Henry 60-44
                          Henry lost in title game
1962-63              Granville Regional Tourney                     Coach's name & record needed
                          Conference Sportsmanship Award
                          Granville Regional Score
                          1st Rd lost to Cornell 46-45 (O/T) 
                          Cornell lost in semi-final round
1963-64              Wenona Regional Tourney                      Coach's name & record needed
                          1st Rd Lost to Wenona 75-51
                          Wenona lost in title game
1964-65 Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed
1965-66 Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed
1966-67               Conference Co-Champs (13-1)         Coach Jack Jochums 
                          Postseason scores & record needed
1967-68               Wenona District Tourney                    Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd Lost to Metamora 66-65
                           Metamora lost in semi-final round
1968-69               Wenona District Tourney                    Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd Lost to Toluca 102-47
                           Toluca won District title
1969-70               Wenona District Tourney                    Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd Lost to Mid-County 94-53
                           Mid-County lost in title game
1970-71               Wenona District Tourney                    Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd Lost to Mid-County 76-63
                           Mid-County lost in semi-final round
1971-72               Streator Class 'A' Regional Tourney     Coach's name & record needed
                           1st Rd lost to Lostant 71-70
                           Lostant lost in title game
1972-73 through 1979-80 Postseason scores, records, and coaches' names needed    
1980-81     13-  9  Postseason scores needed                  Coach Tim Meiss
1981-82     16-  8  Conference 3rd Place (10-4)                Coach Doug Atkins 
                           Postseason scores needed
1982-83 through 1985-86 Postseason scores, records, and coaches' names needed     
1986-87     18-  8  Regional Champions                         Coach Doug Atkins
                           Conference 3rd Place (10-4)
                           Regional scores unavaialble
                           Stanford Sectional Tourney
                           Semi-final lost to Clinton 66-56
                           Clinton won Sectional title
                           Clinton lost in Sweet 16 round
1987-88 Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed
1988-89 Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed
1989-90     15-  9  Conference 2nd Place (9-5)                 Coach's name needed
                           Postseason scores needed
1990-91 Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed
*1991-92  14-  9  Conference 3rd Place (10-4)                Coach's name needed
*Final Season as M-D-R HS. The school became known as Minonk Fieldcrest in the Fall of 1992.
The Minonk-Dana-Rutland Lady Mohawks faired well in basketball too. Four Regional titles and many good records were accomplished in the 1980s. Coach Judy McNamara led the M-D-R girls to some of their best seasons in school history.
1974-75       1- 4     1st Season                                     Coach's name unavailable
1978-79     11- 5     Regional Champions                    Coach Donna Blair
1979-80     19- 2     Conference Champs (10-0)          Coach Donna Blair
1980-81     22- 2     Regional Champions                    Coach Judy McNamara
                              Conference Champs (12-0) 
1981-82     17- 6     (good record)                                  Coach Judy McNamara
1983-84     16- 7     (good record)                                  Coach Judy McNamara
1984-85     14- 7     Regional Champions                    Coach Judy McNamara
1985-86     22- 4     Regional Champions                    Coach Judy McNamara
                              Conference Co-Champs (13-1) 
1991-92     19- 6     Conference Champs (11-1)
3-Time All-Conference Player:
*Darla Reese - 1984, '85, '86
MDR Conference Record Overall:
116 - 42         .716 Winning % !!
The M-D and M-D-R boys had some real nice seasons in baseball as well. There were some excellent successes in the conference venue.
As Minonk-Dana
1949-50     5- 3    Conference 2nd Place (4-1)     
1954-55     7- 2    Conference Co-Champs (5-1)         Coach Leo Huffman
1955-56     4- 2    Conference 2nd Place (4-2)
As Minonk-Dana-Rutland
1956-57     5- 0    Conference Champs (5-0)               Coach Virgil Staples
1960-61     5- 5    Conference Champs (5-1)               Coach George Zarcoff
1961-62     5- 1    Conference Champs (5-1)               Coach Jim Brown
1972-73   10- 3     Conference Tourney 2nd Place        Coach unknown
3-Time All-Conference Player:
*Chad Cusac - 1988, '89, '90   
Two Minonk-Dana-Rutland boys won medals at the IHSA State Track Meet. Their accomplishments are listed below. Also listed are the better conference finshes for the MDR Mohawk thinclads.
As Minonk-Dana
1952-53     Team Finished 3rd in Conference Meet 
1953-54     Team Finished 3rd in Conference Meet
1954-55     Team Finished 3rd in Conference Meet
As Minonk-Dana-Rutland 
1961-62    Team Finished 2nd at Conference Meet
1962-63    Team Won Conference Championship           Coach Jim Lee
1963-64    Team Finished 2nd at Conference Meet
1964-65    Team Finished 2nd at Conference Meet       
1976-77    John Riley            2 Mile Run    5th Place at State Finals
1977-78    Team Finished 2nd at Conference Meet  
1978-79    Glen Klendworth  Long Jump   7th Place at State Finals
3-Time Conference Champion:
*Rick Hakes - Pole Vault - 1975, '76, and "77.
Judy McNamara headed up the girls softball program at Minonk-Dana-Rutland and some real nice seasons. in fact, she has continued her career at Minonk Fieldcrest and has built an excellent softball program over the years. The best seasons enjoyed by the Minonk-Dana-Rutland softball teams are listed below.
1982-83     8-  7                                                  Coach Judy McNamara
1984-85     7-  8    Conference Champs (4-0)  Coach Judy McNamara 
1987-88   12-  8    Conference 3rd Place (6-4)   Coach Judy McNamara
1989-90   12-12    Conference 3rd Place (8-3)   Coach Judy McNamara 
1990-91   15-  9    Conference 3rd Place (7-5)   Coach Judy McNamara
The Minonk-Dana-Rutland Mohawks had one great year in Cross-Country. They won their District and Sectional and eventually placed 8th in the Class A Meet!! One individual placed in the top 10 that year. This magical season is listed below.
1976-77     District/Sectional Champions
                Team Placed 8th in the State Meet  
                      1976-77 Meet Results
                      1.)  Lebanon                        -    96
                      2.)  Winnebago                    -  139
                      3.)  Farmington                    -  153
                      4.)  Plano                            -  157
                      5.)  Aurora Marmion             -  212
                      6.)  Fairfield                         -  223
                      7.)  Elmwood                       -  231              
                      8.)  Minonk-Dana-Rutland  -  235
                      9.)  St. Anne                       -  236
                    10.)  Chatham/Glenwood        -  255
Individual Medalist  
1976-77    John Riley      7th Place
Athletics were not the only ticket to success at Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School. The kids were involved in several other activites. Including in these activities were highly successful scholastic bowl and music programs. In fact, the Band of the 1979 and 1981 school years won the IHSA Class "C" State Championships!!
Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School also had some excellent academic success.  The Scholastic Bowl team won three Mid State Conference titles!
1980    Scholastic Bowl Conference Champs
1982    Scholastic Bowl Conference Champs
1983    Scholastic Bowl Conference Champs
The Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School Band was a great one indeed, winning the IHSA Class "C" State Music Championship with 600 points each in 1979 and 1981.
1979      IHSA CLASS "C" STATE CHAMPIONS!!       Director's name needed
1981      IHSA CLASS "C" STATE CHAMPIONS!!       Director's name needed
*Duane "Moose" Woltzen (Class of 1951) - Player on the 1951 Regional basketball champs, coached college ball at Lakeland College in Wisconsin.  Minonk School gymnasium named in his honor.
*Coach Jack Murphy - Basketball coach of the late 1950s, member of Illinois High School Basketball Coaches Association Hall of Fame for accumulating over 500 victories at various schools.
*Coach John Mowery - head football coach from 1963 - 1968. Overall record 25-6-4 with FOUR conference championships.  Record is needed for the 1964 team. 
*Coach John Marcoline - From Dick Shelby: "Coach Marcoline would have a trick play for each game and used it only if we had to. I do not remember one not being successful whenever we would use them.  He was a very good and only because of him did we win the conference (1969). We were not the most talented team but we had the best coach!" 
*Coach Tim Meiss - Basketball coach at M-D-R in the late 1970s and early 1980s, has a career record of 451-271 though the 2004-05 season and currently coaches at Eureka High School.
Need More Information
We are seeking more information on Minonk-Dana-Rutland High School and its many great accomplishments. We are especially are seeking a photo of some of the great teams in school history. You can e-mail these items to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net. You may also write to us at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.  60631