Malden High School "Musketeers"

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Malden High School
Malden, Illinois

The History of the Malden High School Musketeers
Malden (population 350) sits quietly in a country setting appproximately 6 miles northeast of Princeton in the east-central portion of Bureau County. County Road 1900 Avenue N and County Road 2550 Street E are the main roadways that take you to and from Malden.  Both roads connect to U.S. Route 34 located just 1.5 miles to the west. The Burlington Northern & Santa Fe Railroad passes through town as well.  The railroad was instrumental part of the town's early growth. 
The residents have done an excellent job maintaining the life in their community. The high school was probably established in the late 1800s, however an exact date is still being sought. The high school was quite successful in Malden until the end of the 1982-83 school year when it was deactivated. 
The high school students of Malden now attend Princeton High School.  The Malden residents still support their own grade school for grades K - 8.  Those students are now educated in the former high school building.
To view photos of a Malden HS students as located by Roberta VanBriesen check out:
Malden Musketeer Quick Facts
Year School Established:           Probably late 1800s
Year High School Deactivated:  1983
School Nickname:                       Musketeers
School Colors:                             Purple & Gold
High School Building:                  Now Used for Grade School K - 8 
School Newspaper:                     Malden "Outlook"
School Fight Song:                      "Onward Malden"
                                                         Sung to University of Wisconsin Fight Song Tune
                                                         Submitted by Dale Fiste (Class of 1958)
                                                         Onward Malden, Onward Malden
                                                         Step up to that line!
                                                         Put the ball right through the basket,
                                                         Scores count up each time!
                                                         RAH! RAH! RAH!
                                                         Onward Malden, Onward Malden
                                                         Fight on for your fame!
                                                         Fight fellows, FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!
                                                         We'll win this game!
The Malden Musketeers were a force to be reckoned with in Bureau County during their "hey day".  The team competed in the Little 8 conference offering basketball, football, and track for boys.  Later the school also offered basketball, volleyball, and track for girls.  The school had several great seasons in each sport. The boys brought home a District Championship in basketball. Below are listed the best successes of Malden High School according to the IHSA web site.
The post season scores listed below were found on a website titled "Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores". As you can see, the going got rough for many years. However the 1929 District Champs did the hometown folks proud! Though District scores are not available, the Musketeers played Moline HS in the first round of the Sectional before losing by 2 points! The teams of 1969 and 1970 also advanced to the championship game of the District Tourney before losing.
1928-29    N.R.A.    District Champions                          Coach's name unavailable
                                   Lost to Moline 22 - 20
                                   in first round of Sectional
                                   Moline lost by 3 in the 2nd Rd
                                   to Freeport HS. Freeport would
                                   finish 3rd in the IHSA Tourney.
1933-34                   Princeton District Tourney
                                   Lost to Mineral 25-20 in 1st Rd.
1934-35                  Princeton District Tourney
                                  Beat Mineral 29-22
                                  Lost to LaSalle Peru 48-9 in 2nd Rd.
                                  LaSalle-Peru won District title.
1935-36                  Post season results not available.
1936-37                  Princeton Regional Tourney
                                 Lost to Sheffield 23-22
                                 Sheffield lost in 2nd Rd.
1937-38                 Post season results not available.
1938-39                 Princeton Regional Tourney
                                Lost to Spring Valley Hall 24-20
                                Hall lost in semi-final.
1939-40 through 1943-44  post season scores not available.
1944-45                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Manlius 34-26
                                Manlius lost in championship game.
1945-46                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Tiskilwa 66-18
                                Tiskilwa lost in championship game.
1946-47                 Post season results not available.
1947-48                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Bureau Township 50-27
                                Bureau Township lost in semi-final
1948-49                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Wyanet 54-29
                                Wyanet lost in semi-final.
1949-50                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Tampico 49-35
                                Tampico won District title.
1950-51                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Manlius 67-42
                                Manlius won District title.
1951-52                Tiskilwa District Tourney
                               Lost to Manlius 43-24
                               Manlius lost in title game.
1952-53 through 1957-58 scores not available.
1958-59                 LaMoille District Tourney
                                Lost to Manlius 677-58
                                Manlius lost in semi-final
1959-60                 Ohio District Tourney
                                Lost to Tiskilwa 70-54
                                Tiskilwa lost in semi-final
1960-61                Scores not available
1961-62                Manlius District Tourney
                               Lost to Tiskilwa 78-57
                               Tiskilwa lost in semi-final
1962-63                Ohio District Tourney
                               Lost to Tiskilwa 50-33
                               Tiskilwa lost in title game.
1963-64 through 1966-67 scores not available.
1967-68                DePue District Tourney
                               Lost to Tonica 63-35
1968-69                Manlius District Tourney
                               Beat LaMoille
                               Beat Manlius 62-60
                               Lost title game to Tiskilwa 62-40
1969-70               DePue District Tourney
                              Beat DePue 93-61
                              Beat Manlius 76-63
                              Lost title game to Tiskilwa 74-50
1970-71              Manlius District Tourney
                             Beat Lostant 63-56
                             Lost to Manlius 65-64
                             Manlius lost title game
1971-72             Walnut Regional Tourney
                             Beat Ohio 47-42
                             Lost to Sterling Newman 83-51
                             Newman lost in title game
1972-73 through 1978-79 postseason scores not available.
1979-80    18 - 5                                                                   Coach Lloyd Johnson
1980-81    17 - 6                                                                   Coach Lloyd Johnson
1978-79 through closing of HS postseason scores not available. 
Coach Dean Riley started his coaching career at Malden High School in the 1960-61 school year before moving on to Ottawa High School the following year. He would go on to win 300+ games in his career. Coach Lloyd Johnson left Malden to coach at Ohio High School and later Dixon High and Junior High Schools.

Malden HS State Track Champ Paul Hensel

Malden had one athlete excel in track and field as far as the state meet is concerned.  Paul Hensel brought home two medals in consecutive year, including a state championship.  He did this before the two class system, which makes his accomplishment brilliant.
1928   Paul Hensel     440 Yard Dash         5th Place
1929   Paul Hensel     440 Yard Dash         STATE CHAMPION!!
The Musketeers had some nice success in boys football as well.  Tom Sikorski found the best of the grid iron seasons that the Malden boys enjoyed.
1958  4-4                                                                                  Coach Chet Massino
1959  6-2-1  3rd place Little 8 Conference                        Coach Chet Massino
1960  8-1-1  2nd place Little 8 Conference                     Coach  Tom Gher
1965              Last ootball team in school history             Coach Jim Leffleman
                  Last win in school history 21-6 over Tampico.
*Gerald Smith (Class of 1924) - Executive Secretary of the Illinois State Junior College Board
*John Payne (Class of 1926) - Professor at Columbia University, New York City.
It is a fact Malden offered girls athletics during its high school's existence.  We are in need of a Malden High School enthusiast to provide that information to us.  We are also seeking any other information including a photo of the early school building.  If you can provide this information please complete a school submission form or guest commentary form and submit it. You can provide information to us at the e-mail address of .  You can also write to us at the address listed below:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva Ave.
Chicago, Il.  60631

Malden Grade School
Gym Entrance - Home of the Musketeers