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Abindgon High School Building 2013

Early Abingdon High School Building

The History of Abingdon High School
Abingdon (population 3,612) is located in upper west central Illinois in the southwest corner of Knox County. Abingdon is about 12 miles southwest of Galesburg. Illinois Route 41 is the main roadway leading to Abingdon. County Highway 23 also passes though Abingdon.The Burlington Northern Railroad travels though the east side of town.
According to Wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Abingdon,_Illinois) the area in which Abingdon is situated was first settled in 1828. The town of Abingdon was incorporated in 1857,
A book titled "Pictorial Abingdon, A History of Abingdon, Illinois" was located on the internet at the web address of http://archive.org/details/pictorialabingdo00shoo . The book was published in 1897. The following is a summary of what the book states about Abingdon and its high school.
Abingdon was originally platted in 1836 by J.D. Swarts. A village called South Abingdon was was platted in 1849 by a man named Frederick Snyders. The towns were established in very close proximity and flourished from the beginning. In 1857 the two towns were joined together and were incorporated as the city of Abingdon. The town's name comes from the name of J.D. Swarts' hometown of the same name in Maryland.
The Abingdon Fire Department owns a record of its own from those early days. This book states "the old running team of the fire department was a world champion one, winning the state championship three successive times. Their record of the 300 yard run and place a man to the top the 30 foot ladder is 43 3/4 seconds and has never been beaten." 
The Abingdon Academy was established in 1853 by a man named P.H. Murphy. In 1855 the school began offering college courses. This school lasted until 1877 when it closed. The building in which it was locate sat vacant for many years until another attempt was made at bulding a college that was called the Normal School, however this school soon faded as well. In 1894 Hedding College purchased this building and it became the Normal and Music Hall.
Hedding Collegiate Seminary was established in 1855. In 1857 it became known as the Hedding Seminary and Central Illinois Female College. The school changed its name to Hedding College in 1875. The school is named after a Methodist Bishop, Elizah Hedding. Hedding College fourished until it was ultimately closed in 1927. The grounds became the home of Roosevelt Military Academy School for a brief period of time. The Hedding College buildings were razed in 1947. Today the school grounds are home to Abingdon Hedding Elementary School.   .  
North Abingdon High School was a brick building built in 1868. We know that over the years other school buildings have been built and have served as Abingdon High School. Abingdon High School served the community on a solo basis for 145 years. In 2013 voters approved a plan to consolidate their educational efforts with the nearby community of Avon and Avon High School. The newly formed Abingdon-Avon High School District will be in effect for the 2013-14 school year. Abingdon-Avon High School will find its home in Abingdon..  
Links that have assisted in research for this page:
Great American Heroes

One amazing fact about Abingdon High School was sent to us by Erich Murphy. Abingdon and Abingdon High School are home to TWO United States Congressional Medal of Honor recipients!

Abingdon HS Robert Dunlap - 1938 Basketball Photo
Submitted by Jeffrey Shumaker

"Robert Dunlap graduated from Abingdon High School, as did a cousin, James Bond Stockdale. USMC Capt. Robert Dunlap, Congressional Medal of Honor winner in WWII, earned this most prestigious award for his efforts on Iwo Jima. Stockdale earned the Congressional Medal of Honor after being held prisoner at Hoa Lo Prison during the Vietnam War.

Interesting that such a small school would have two CMH winners. Dunlap was a star athlete at Abingdon before becoming an athlete at Monmouth College. Stockdale also went to Monmouth College before transferring to the Naval Academy."

To read more about these truly great men please visit these pages:

Abingdon High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                     1868
Year closed:                       2013
Consoidated to:                  Abingdon-Avon High School
Abingdon HS mascot:        "Commandos"
Abingdon HS team colors:  Red & Green
Abingdon HS fight song:     "On Commandos"
                                         University of Wisconsin Fight Song Tune
                                                       Lyrics submitted by Derek Stebbins
                                         On Commandos, on Commandos,
                                         Show them how we stand!
                                         Always ready, Always ready,
                                         We're known throughout the land!
                                                   RAH! RAH! RAH!
                                         On Commandos, on Commandos,
                                         Fight for victory!
                                         Never will we falter,
                                         In this land of liberty!
                    (Shouted) Yeah Red, Yeah Green.
                                 Yeah, Abingdon, some team!
The Abingdon High School Commandos had some incredible successes in athletics during the course of their existence. State Championships, numerous Sectional, Regional and District Championships, and numerous individual state-finals medalists showed the many great abilities possessed by Commando athletes.
Below are the accomplishments as recorded on the IHSA website. (www.ihsa.org). We are looking for the Abingdon High School fight song lyrics and tune as well. If you have any further information you wish to see added regarding athletics or other extra-curricular activities please write to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.
Illinois high school sports trivia question:  What team won the first IHSA State Championship in girls bowling? Well, of course, it was Abingdon High School!! In fact the Abingdon High School bowling program was a force to be reckoned with from the very beginning and for several years to follow. The credentials summed up, by the numbers, are as follows:
3   - IHSA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS!! (All won in a one-class system!)
2   - IHSA State Finals SECOND Place finishes!
2   - IHSA State Finals THIRD Place finishes!
5   - IHSA Tournament Sectional Titles Won!
7   - IHSA Individual Medals Won!
8   - IHSA Tournament District Titles Won!
12 - Placed in the top-ten in IHSA Finals competition 12 times!
14 - Qualifed for IHSA Finals 14 seasons!
The Abingdon High School girls bowling program carried the torch for small schools throughout Illinois for many years. Coach Margaret Atkins is one of the most decorated coaches in the history of Illinois High School girls bowling competition. She led the Lady Commando bowlers to the IHSA State Finals in 11 of the first 12 years the competition was held. Coach Randy Owens assumed control in 1983-84 season and led the Commandos to three more top-ten finishes.

Six Lady Commandos earned a total of seven IHSA Individual Medals! The top finish of any Abingdon High School bowler was Amy Weathers, who finished in 2nd Place in the 1986-87 tournament. Jill Eaton won medals in two separate tournaments earning her this special distinction.               
In a sport where there is only one class, Abingdon's accomplishment is even more incredible. The competition was many times larger in enrollment than the AHS kds. Below are the results we located on the IHSA website. If you have further information please contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.  
1972-73       IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!              Coach Margaret Atkins
                   District Champions
                   State Finals Results
                   1.) ABINGDON    1584
                   2.) Schaumburg   1581
                   3.) Elgin
                   4.) Rockford East
1973-74       District Champions!                         Coach Margaret Atkins
                   Qualified for State Finals
1974-75       IHSA FINALS THIRD PLACE!!          Coach Margaret Atkins 
                  District Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.)  Dixon                        9749
                  2.)  Arl. Hts Forest View   9520
                  3.)  ABINGDON               9394
                  4.)  Chicago Lane Tech     9176
1975-76       IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!             Coach Margaret Atkins
                   District Champions
                   State Finals Results
                   1.) ABINGDON                 9490
                   2.) Arl. Hts. Forest View    9381
                   3.) Rockford East              9357
                   4.) Aurora West                9239
1976-77       IHSA FINALS SECOND PLACE!!      Coach Margaret Atkins
                  District Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Arl Hts Forest View      9785
                  2.) ABINGDON                 9781
                  3.) Evergreen Park            9647
                  4.) Oak Lawn Richards      9424
1977-78       District Champions!                        Coach Margaret Atkins
                   Qualified for State Finals
1978-79       IHSA STATE CHAMPIONS!!            Coach Margaret Atkins
                   District Champions
                   State Finals Results
                   1.) ABINGDON                9905
                   2.) Dixon                         9847
                   3.) Dekalb                       9665
                   4.) Evergreen Park           9500
1979-80       IHSA FINALS THIRD PLACE!!         Coach Margaret Atkins
                   District Champions
                   State Finals Results
                   1.) Oly. Fields Rich Central  10136
                   2.) Dixon                              9913
                   3.) ABINGDON                     9706
                        Individual Medalist:  Denise Epperson - 6th Place
                   4.) Chillicothe IVC                 9476
1980-81       IHSA FINALS SECOND PLACE!!      Coach Margaret Atkins
                  District Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Dekalb                         10067
                  2.) ABINGDON                  10010
                       Individual Medalist:  Jill Eaton - 12th Place
                  3.) Evergreen Park               9861
                  4.) Dixon                             9750
1981-82       District Champions!                         Coach Margaret Atkins
                   Qualified for State Finals
1982-83      IHSA Finals Seventh Place!!            Coach Margaret Atkins
                  District Champions
                  Sectional Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Olympia Fields Rich Central
                  2.) Dixon
                  3.) Schaumburg
                  4.) Aurora West
                  5.) Sterling
                  6.) Morris
                  7.) ABINGDON
                       Individual Medalists:  Jill Eaton - 6th Place
                                                            Diane Hughes - 10th Place
1983-84      IHSA Finals Seventh Place!!            Coach Randy Owen
                  District Champions
                  Sectional Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Olympia Fields Rich Central
                  2.) Rock Island
                  3.) Burbank Reavis
                  4.) Sterling
                  5.) Buffalo Grove
                  6.) Palatine
                  7.) ABINGDON
1986-87      IHSA Finals Seventh Place!!            Coach Randy Owen
                  District Champions
                  Sectional Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Roselle Lake Park
                  2.) Sterling
                  3.) Morris
                  4.) Lockport
                  5.) Rock Island
                  6.) Hoffman Estates
                  7.) ABINGDON
                       Individual Medalist:  Amy Weathers - 2ND PLACE!
1987-88      IHSA Finals Eighth Place!!               Coach Randy Owen
                  District Champions
                  Sectional Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Bensenville Fenton
                  2.) Olympia Fields Rich Central
                  3.) Burbank Reavis
                  4.) Lockport
                  5.) Lansing T.F. South
                  6.) Sterling
                  7.) Elk Gorve
                  8.) ABINGDON
1988-89      IHSA Finals Fifth Place!!                  Coach Tom Lytle
                  District Champions
                  Sectional Champions
                  State Finals Results
                  1.) Bensenville Fenton
                  2.) Burbank Reavis
                  3.) Aurora West
                  4.) Dixon
                  5.) ABINGDON
                       Individual Medalists:  Karla Cecil - 7th Place
                                                            Debbie Weathers - 12th Place

The Commandos enjoyed MANY good seasons on the hardwood court!  In the early days AHS faired very well in the state tourney. The boys of 1912-13 placed in the final 6 of the IHSA State Tourney (the tourney had a different format at that time). This was followed in 1930 by an Elite 8 appearance. Both of these seasons occured in a one-class basketball tournament system!
In all the boys won 2 District Tournaments, 14 Regional Tournaments, 2 Sectional Tournaments, and qualified for the IHSA State Finals on two occassions. Many great seasons were listed on the IHSA website, however we are missing the season records and coaches names of most of the AHS basketball seasons. The postseason information listed from the IHSA tournament was located on a website titled "Illinois Postseason Basketball Scores." Though most of the season records and coaches names are missing, it does appear that Coach Tim Pearison had some excellent teams between 1985-86 and 1995-96.
If you have any further information regarding the boys basketball program at Abingdon High School please contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.  
1912-13               Final 6 Finalists!!                    Coach Webster Barclay Rose
                          District Champions!
                          Lost in 1st Round at State
                          Peoria Manual 47, Abingdon 20
                          Peoria Manual lost in title game
1913-14 through 1921-22 scores unavailable.
1922-23              Galesburg District Tourney
                         1st Rd. - Lost to Kewanee 26-20
                         Kewanee lost in 2nd Rd.
1923-24 through 1928-29 scores unavailable.
1929-30   14 - 5   Elite 8 Finalists!!                      Coach Raymond Johnson
                          District Champions!
                          (District Scores Unavailable)
                          Sectional Champions!!
                          Beat Macomb Western 32-23
                          Beat Freeport 23-22
                          Beat Rock Island 23-16
                          Elite 8 Finalist
                          Lost to Bloomington HS 20-19
                          Bloomington lost in title game
1930-31 through 1932-33 scores unavailable.
1933-34              Galesburg District Tourney
                         1st Rd. - no score given
                          2nd Rd. - Beat Gilson Hawcreek 34-14
                          Lost in 3rd Rd. - no score given
1934-35              Galesburg District Tourney
                         1st Rd. - Beat Wataga 51-9
                         2nd Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 34-15
                         Galesburg won District title.
1935-36            Galesburg Regional Tourney - 2nd Place!
                         1st Rd. - Beat Prairie City 29-13
                         2nd Rd. - Beat Altona 22-21
                         Title Game - Lost to Galesburg 34-19
1936-37            Galesburg Regional Tourney
                         1st Rd. - Beat Maquon 32-20
                         2nd Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 26-11
                         Galesburg won District title.
1937-38 scores unavailable.

Abingdon High School Basketball Team 1937-38
Submitted by Jeffrey Shumaker

1938-39            Galesburg Regional Tourney - 2nd Place!!
                         1st Rd. - Beat Williamsfield 37-9
                         2nd Rd. - Beat Victoria 19-17
                         Title Game - Lost to Galesburg 39-20
1939-40            IHSA  Regional Champions!!             Coach Mills
                         1st Rd Beat Williamsfield 47-22
                         Semi-final Beat Lafayette 32-27
                         Title Game Beat Galesburg 29-25
                         Moline Sectional Tourney Qualifier
                         1st Rd. - Rock Island 39, AHS 34
                         Rock Island lost to Moline in title game.
See Team Roster listed in photo below.

Abingdon High School Cheers 1940
Submitted by Jeff Shumaker

Galesburg Regional 1940 Bracket
Submitted by Jeff Shumaker

Galesburg Regional Tourney Rosters 1940
Submitted by Jeff Shumaker (Left click on photo for larger view)

1940-41 scores unavailable.
1941-42             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Beat Galesburg Corpus Christi 33-32
                        2nd Rd. - Lost to Knoxville 39-21
1942-43             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 45-22
                         Galesburg won Regional title.
1943-44 scores unavailable
1944-45             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Lost to Corpus Christi 38-36
                        Corpus Christi lost in semi-final.
1945-46             Galesburg District Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Beat Williamsfield 41-34
                        2nd Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 73-26
                        Galesburg won Regional title.
1946-47             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Lost to Oneida 74-23
                        Oneida lost in title game to Galesburg
1947-48             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Beat Wataga 51-49 (O/T)
                        2nd Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 62-30
                        Galesburg won District title.
1948-49             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Beat Wataga 51-28
                        2nd Rd. - Lost to Princeville 47-43
                        ROVA beat Princeville for the title.
1949-50             Galesburg Regional Tourney - 2nd Place!!
                        1st Rd. - Beat Williamsfield 43-33
                        2nd Rd. - Beat Galesburg Corpus Christi 53-41
                        Title Game - Lost to ROVA 54-50
1950-51           IHSA  Regional Champions!!             Head Coach Eldon Gearhart 
                         Beat Williamsfield 76-53                    Asst. Coach Don Viar
                         Beat Galesburg Corpus Christi 53-47
                         Beat Knoxville 46-35
                         Sectional Tourney Qualifier
                         1st Rd. - Beat Sherrard 52-30
                         Lost title game to Macomb Western 65-62

Abingdon HS Regional Champs 1950-51
Submitted by Jerry Stanners

Members of the 1950-51 squad in the photo above, from left to right:
Frank VanderWert, Norm Reneau (hidden behind Frank), Jim MacMillan, Gene Nelson, Jack Way, Coach Gearhart, Moe Lawson, Jerry Stanners, Ray Wallis, Lewis Ratliff, Carroll Shiplett, mgr., Frank Unger, mgr., Jim Bulkeley
Cheerleaders, L to R:  Betty Onion, Phyllis Boyd, Barb Hunt, Ethel Plasters, Willa Dean Rood
1951-52             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Lost to Galesburg Corpus Christi 54-47
                          Corpus Christi lost in semi-final.
1952-53             Galesburg Regional Tourney - 2nd Place!!
                          Beat Galva 58-51
                          Beat Galesburg Corpus Christi 61-60
                          Title Game - Lost to Galesburg 83-52
1953-54             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Beat Avon 47-43
                          2nd Rd. - Lost to ROVA 73-67
                          ROVA lost in title game.
1954-55             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Beat ROVA 64-55
                          2nd Rd. - Lost to Cambridge 63-55
                          Cambridge lost in title game.
1955-56             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Beat ROVA 92-75
                          2nd Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 75-64
                          Galesburg won Regional title.
1956-57             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Lost to Cambridge 71-66
                          Cambridge lost in semi-final round.
1957-58             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Beat Avon 78-54
                          2nd Rd. - Lost to Galva 73-70
                          Galva lost title game to Galesburg.
1958-59             Galesburg Regional Tourney
                          1st Rd. - Beat Galesburg Corpus Christi 66-47
                          2nd Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 77-51
                          Galesburg won Regional title.
1959-60 scores unavailable
1960-61              Galesburg Regional Tourney - 2nd Place!!
                           1st. Rd. - Beat Cambridge 78-50
                           2nd Rd. - Beat Knoxville 75-73
                           Title Game - Lost to Galesburg 74-53
1961-62              Macomb Regional Tourney
                           1st. Rd. Lost to Biggsville Union 61-56
                            Union lost in semi-final to Galesburg.
1962-63              Bushnell Regional Tourney - 2nd Place!!
                            1st. Rd. - Beat Knoxville 83-58
                            2nd Rd. - Beat Monmouth 68-60
                            Title Game - Lost to Galesburg 80-60
1963-64               Galesburg Regional Tourney
                            1st. Rd. - Lost to Macomb Western 57-54
                            Macomb Western lost in 2nd round.
1964-65 and 1965-66 - post season scores unavailable.
1966-67               Galesburg Regional Tourney
                            1st Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 80-50
                            Galesburg won Regional title.
1967-68               Macomb Regional Tourney
  .                         1st. Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 97-35
                            Galesburg won Regional title.
1968-69               Bushnell Regional Tourney
                            1st Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 110-55
                            Galesburg won Regional title.
1969-70               Galesburg Regional Tourney
                            1st Rd. - Lost to Knoxville 71-49
                            Knoxville lost title game to Galesburg.
1970-71               Macomb Regional Tourney
                            1st Rd. - Lost to Galesburg 74-67
                            Galesburg lost to Macomb in title game.
1971-72              Knoxville Regional Champions!!    (Coaches name unavailable) 
                           1st Rd. - Beat ROVA 56-41
                           2nd Rd. - Beat Monmouth 54-52
                           Title Game - Beat Alexis 71-59
                           Bushnell Sectional Tourney
                           1st. Rd. - Lost to Farmington 56-53
                           Farmington won Sectional title.
                           Farmington lost to Thomson in Sweet 16
1972-73              IHSA Regional Champions!!                 (Coaches name unavailable)
                           (scores unavailable)
                           Bushnell Sectional Tourney
                           1st Rd. - Lost to Orion 72-64
                           Orion lost title game to BPC
1973-74  10-14  IHSA Class 'A' Regional Tourney          Coach Larry Little
                          Lost to Monmouth Yorkwood 71-55
1974-75  17-8    IHSA Class 'A' Regional Tourney          Coach Paul Sandborg
                          Lost to ROVA 74-69
1975-76          Postseason scores and record needed.   Coach Paul Sandborg
1976-77    6-18  IHSA Class 'A' Regional Tourney          Coach Paul Sandborg
                          Lost to Monmouth 51-46
1977-78    2-20  IHSA Class 'A' Regional Tourney          Coach Gary Carlton
                          Lost to Monmouth  70-53
1978-79  15-9    IHSA Class 'A' Regional Tourney          Coach Gary Carlton
                          Lost to Monmouth Yorkwood 63-61 

1979-80  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1980-81  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.
1981-82  Postseason scores, record, and coach's name needed.          
1982-83           IHSA  Regional Champions!!                (Coaches name unavailable)
                        (scores unavailable)
                        Bushnell Sectional Tourney
                        1st Rd. - Beat Peoria Heights 37-32
                        Title Game - Lost to ROVA 58-51
                        ROVA lost to Freeport Aquin in Sweet 16
1985-86  20 - 6                                                                Coach Tim Pearison
1986-87    7 - 18                                                              Coach Tim Pearison
1987-88  13 - 13                                                              Coach Tim Pearison
1988-89  14 - 11                                                              Coach Tim Pearison 
1989-90    8 - 16                                                              Coach Tim Pearison
1990-91  13 - 13                                                              Coach Tim Pearison
1991-92  21 - 6   IHSA  Regional Champions!!            Coach Tim Pearison
                           (postseason scores unavailable)
                           IHSA Sectional Qualifier
                           (scores needed)
1992-93  22 - 4                                                                Coach Tim Pearison
1993-94  15 - 9                                                                Coach Tim Pearison
1994-95  19 - 9   IHSA Regional Champions!!             Coach Tim Pearison
                           (postseason scores unavailable)
                           IHSA Sectional Qualifier
                           (scores needed)
1995-96  22 - 6   IHSA Regional Champions!!             Coach Tim Pearison
                           (postseason scores unavailable)
                           IHSA Sectional Qualifier
                           (scores needed)
*On January 18, 1996 in a game against Bushnell-Prairie City, the Commandos' Kris Stoneking made 13 three-point baskets. This ranks as #2 all-time in IHSA history for three-point baskets made in a game!
1996-97  Record and postseason scores unavailable.
1997-98  24 - 3   IHSA Regional Champions!!             Coach Jim O'Flaherty
                           (Regional scores unavailable)
                            Sectional Tourney
                            Lost to Farmington 63-42
                            Farmington won Sectional.
                            Farmington placed 3rd in State
1998-99  27 - 5   IHSA Regional Champions!!             Coach Jim Youngman
                           (Regional scores unavailable)
                           Sectional Tourney
                           Beat Wethersfield 82-69
                           Lost to title game to Farmington 60-48
                           Farmington lost in Elite 8 Round
1999-00  23 - 3                                                                 Coach Jim Youngman
2000-01  25 - 3                                                                 Coach Jim Youngman
2001-02  20 - 7                                                                 Coach Mark Sandstrom
2002-03  24 - 6    IHSA Sweet 16 Finalists!!                 Coach Mark Sandstrom
                            Regional & Sectional Champions!!
                            (Regional Scores Unavailable)
                            Sectional Tourney
                            1st Rd. - Beat Rockridge 53-49
                            Title Game - Beat Yorkwood 56-45
                            Super-Sectional Game
                            Lost to Mt. Carroll 59-48
                            Mt. Carroll lost state title game.
2003-04  21 - 7   IHSA Regional Champions!!             Coach Mark Sandstrom 
                            Regional scores needed
                            Sectional Tourney
                            Lost to Rock Island Alleman 60-35
                            Alleman beat Farmington for title.
                            Alleman lost to QND in Elite 8 Round.
2004-05  19 - 8                                                                Coach Mark Sandstrom 
2005-06    7 - 19                                                              Coach Mark Sandstrom
2006-07  23 - 6     IHSA Regional Champions!!           Coach Mark Sandstrom
                            (Regional scores unavailable)
                            Sectional Tourney
                            Beat Warsaw 44-42
                            Lost title game to Farmington 57-38
                            Farmington placed 4th in state tourney.
2007-08  19 - 9                                                                Coach Mark Sandstrom  
2008-09 - 2010-11 records and postseason scores unavailable.
2011-12  18 - 12   IHSA Sweet 16 Finalists!                 Coach Jeremy Anderson
                             (Season Record Needed)
                             Class 1A Regional Champions
                             Semi-final Beat ROWVA 45-29
                             Title Game Beat Wethersfield 46-38                   
                             IHSA Sectional Tourney Runner-Up
                            Semi-final Beat Mendon Unity 70-68
                            Title Game Lost to Brimfield 53-40 
                             Brimfield entered game undefeated and ranked #1 in state. 
                             Brimfield lost in Elite 8 Rd to Tourney Runner-Up Carrollton

Abingdon Commandos 'Sweet 16' 2011-12
Submitted by David Crose

**Regarding the 2011-12 basketball team from fan David Crose:
"The Commandos lost 3 times this year to the undefeated Brimfield team, lost to a 3A team and played several 2A teams. They beat 3rd ranked in 2A Monmouth-Roseville. The tallest player on Abingdon was 6'1"."
2012-13  14 - 14    School's final season.                       Coach Kent Jones
The "Boys of Fall" represented Abingdon High School very well over the years. In the 93 seasons listed from 1916-17 through 2012-13  the AHS football program had an overall record of 427 wins, 329 losses, and 23 ties. Included were three perfect undefeated/untied seasons, five more seasons in which the team was undefeated but tied a game or two, and eight seasons with one loss. The Commandos made the IHSA playoffs on 12 occassions, advancing to the second round twice.
Coaches Ray Johnson (1926-36), Don Viar (1945-59), Leon O'Neil (1969-93), and Dennis Larson (1995-2009) each had lengthy stays at the helm of the football program. Dennis Larson led the Commandos to seven consecutive playoff appearances (1996-2002). The Abingdon High School football season records are listed below as provided on the IHSA website (www.ihsa.org). Please contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net if you have any further information to add to this section.,
1916-17  3 - 1 - 1                                                               Coach Ira Wrigley
1917-18  record not available
1918-19  2 - 1                                                                    Coach Myles Robinison
1919-20  0 - 4                                                                    Coach Millard Vandermeek
1920-21  1 - 5                                                                    Coach John Steketee
1921-22  4 - 3                                                                    Coach Ray Murphy
1922-23  5 - 4                                                                    Coach John Gillespie
1923-24  6 - 1 - 1                                                               Coach Charles Anderson
1924-25  6 - 0 - 1        Undefeated Season!                       Coach George Anderson
1925-26  5 - 3                                                                    Coach George Anderson
1926-27  5 - 0 - 2        Undefeated Season!                       Coach Ray Johnson
1927-28  3 - 4 - 1                                                               Coach Ray Johnson
1928-29  8 - 0             Undefeated/Untied Season!!          Coach Ray Johnson
1929-30  2 - 3 - 2                                                               Coach Ray Johnson
1930-31  6 - 0 - 1         Undefeated Season!                      Coach Ray Johnson
1931-32  4 - 2 - 1                                                               Coach Ray Johnson
1932-33  5 - 2                                                                    Coach Ray Johnson
1933-34  3 - 3 - 1                                                               Coach Ray Johnson
1934-35  2 - 5 - 1                                                               Coach Ray Johnson
1935-36  5 - 2 - 1                                                               Coach Ray Johnson
1936-37  4 - 3                                                                    Coach Ray Johnson
1937-38  5 - 2                                                                    Coach Culver Mills
1938-39  4 - 5                                                                    Coach Culver Mills
1939-40  2 - 5                                                                    Coach Culver Mills
1940-41  1 - 6                                                                    Coach Culver Mills
1941-42                                                                             Coach Morris
1942-43  6 - 1                                                                    Coach Lester
1943-44  2 - 6                                                                    Coach Lester
1944-45  6 - 2                                                                    Coach Hams
1945-46  1 - 6                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1946-47  1 - 6 - 1                                                               Coach Don Viar
1947-48  2 - 5 - 1                                                               Coach Don Viar
1948-49  8 - 0             Undefeated/Untied Season!!       Coach Don Viar
                                   Little Six Conference Champs!

Abingdon HS Commandos, 1948 Undefeated Champions
Submitted by Billy Spurgeon

Abingdon HS 1948 Team Article Continued
Submitted by Billy Spurgeon (left click on photo for larger view)

Abingdon HS Football Article of 1948 Champions
Submitted by Billy Spurgeon (left click on photo for larger view)

Abingdon Newspaper Article from 1966
Submitted by Billy Spurgeon (left click on photo for larger view)

1949-50  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1950-51  7 - 1                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1951-52  2 - 6                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1952-53  6 - 2 - 1                                                               Coach Don Viar
1953-54  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1954-55  8 - 0             Undefeated/Untied Season!!       Coach Don Viar
1955-56  7 - 1                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1956-57  5 - 4                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1957-58  4 - 3 - 1                                                               Coach Don Viar
1958-59  8 - 0 - 1         Undefeated Season!                      Coach Don Viar
1959-60  5 - 2                                                                    Coach Don Viar
1960-61  7 - 0 - 1         Undefeated Season!                      Coach Wallis
1961-62  5 - 2 - 1                                                               Coach Wallis
1962-63  3 - 5                                                                    Coach Robert Kniss
1963-64                                                                             Coach Robert Kniss
1964-65  1 - 7                                                                    Coach Cooper
1965-66  4 - 4                                                                    Coach Cooper
1966-67  4 - 4                                                                    Coach Cooper
1967-68  3 - 4 - 1                                                               (Coach's name needed)
1968-69                                                                            (Coach's name needed)
1969-70  0 - 8                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1970-71  3 - 5                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1971-72  5 - 3 - 1                                                               Coach Leon O'Neil
1972-73  7 - 1                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1973-74  5 - 4 - 1                                                               Coach Leon O'Neil
1974-75  2 - 7                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1975-76  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1976-77  5 - 4                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1977-78  4 - 5                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1978-79  8 - 1                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1979-80  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1980-81  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1981-82  2 - 7                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1982-83  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1983-84  7 - 2                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1984-85  5 - 4                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1985-86  8 - 2         IHSA Class 2A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Leon O'Neil
                             1st Rd. - Lost to Princeville 26-19
                             Princeville lost in quarter-final round.
1986-87  5 - 4                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1987-88  6 - 4         IHSA Class 2A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Leon O'Neil
                             1st Rd. - Lost to ROWVA 7-6
                             ROWVA lost in quarter-final round.
1988-89  7 - 3         IHSA Class 2A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Leon O;Neil
                             1st Rd. - Lost to Prophetstown 40-10
                             Prophetstown lost in 2nd round.
1989-90  5 - 4                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1990-91  4 - 5                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1991-92  4 - 5                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1992-93  4 - 5                                                                    Coach Leon O'Neil
1993-94  6 - 4         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Leon O'Neil
                             1st. Rd. - Lost to Avon 35-16
                             Avon lost in 2nd round.
1994-95  5 - 4                                                                    Coach Richard Lewis
1995-96  1 - 8                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
1996-97  7 - 3         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Lost to Monmouth Warren 46-14
                             Warren lost in quarter-final round.
*Beat Bushnell-Prairie City 69-44 on October 11, 1996. The 113 points combined by both teams ranks as the 20th highest scoring game in IHSA history!
1997-98  7 - 3         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Lost to Monmouth Warren 34-18
                             Warren lost in second round.
1998-99  7 - 3         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Lost to Lexington 35-13
                             Lexington lost in semi-final round.
1999-00  6 - 4         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Lost to Carrollton 34 - 0
                             Carrollton lost in second round.
2000-01  9 - 2         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Beat to Virginia 50-22
                             2nd Rd. - Lost to Cambridge 29-16
                             Cambridge lost in qarter-final round.
2001-02  8 - 3         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Beat Colfax Ridgeview 22-0
                             2nd Rd. - Lost to Monmouth Warren 28-18
                             Warren lost in semi-final round.
2002-03  5 - 5         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Dennis Larson
                             1st.Rd.- Lost to Stronghurst Southern 38-0
                             Southern lost in quarter-final round.
2003-04  3 - 6                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2004-05  2 - 7                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2005-06  3 - 6                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2006-07  2 - 7                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2007-08  1 - 8                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2008-09  2 - 7                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2009-10  3 - 6                                                                    Coach Dennis Larson
2010-11  4 - 5                                                                    Coach Rick Quinn
2011-12  6 - 4         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Rick Quinn
                             1st Rd. - Lost to Gibson City 31-8
                             Gibson City lost in 2nd Rd.
2012-13  6 - 4         IHSA Class 1A Playoff Qualifier!         Coach Rick Quinn
                             1st Rd. - Lost to Lena-Winslow 34-19
                             Lena-Winslow lost in quarter-final round.
Final Season as Abingdon High School "Commandos'.

The AHS Lady Commandos had some excellent seasons on the hardwood court. The girls won a total of SIX IHSA Regional titles and made it to the championship of the Sectional (Sweet 16!) on one occasion. Coaches names and season records are needed for these and other Abingdon High School girls basketball seasons. Please send any information to us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net.
1984-85               Regional Champions!!                       Coach's name needed
1990-91               Regional Champions!!                       Coach's name needed
1991-92               Regional Champions!!                       Coach's name needed
1996-97               Regional Champions!!                       Coach's name needed
2002-03  12 - 14                                                               Coach Roger Thurman
2004-05               Regional Champions!!                       Coach Roger Thurman
                          (Regional scores unavailable)
                          Sectional Tourney
                          Beat Wethersfield 44-37
                          Title Game - Lost to Alleman 52-23
                          Alleman won IHSA Class A Tourney
2011-12               Regional Champions!!                       Coach Roger Thurman
                           Beat Biggsville West Central 46-29
                           Beat Lewistown 60-45 (title game)
                           Sectional Tourney
                           Lost to Illini Bluffs 59-40
                           Illini Bluffs finished in 3rd Place at Finals
Girls softball at Abingdon High won FOUR Regional titles and made it to the Sweet 16 on three occassions. In the 2011-12 season the team lost to Payson-Seymour by a score of 3 - 2 in the Sectional title game. Payson-Seymour would go on to appear in the IHSA Championship game and place second.  Season records and coaches names are needed for these and every other season for the Abingdon High School softball program.
1997-98               Sweet 16 Finalists!                       Coach's name & record needed.
                          Regional Champions
                          Title Game - Beat Farmington 1-0
                          Sectional Tourney
                          Beat Hamilton 4 - 1
                          Title Game - Lost to Macomb 4-1
                          Macomb lost in quarter-final round.
1998-99  27 - 3                                                          Coach Jim Youngman
                        Lost Reg. Title Game to Macomb 2-1
                        Macomb lost in quarter-final round.
1999-00  29 - 5                                                          Coach Jim Youngman
2000-01  25 - 5     Sweet 16 Finalists!                     Coach Jim Youngman
                           Regional Champions!
                           Title Game-Beat Farmington 2-1
                           Sectional Tourney
                           Beat Macomb 3-0
                           Lost to Quincy Notre Dame 2-1
                           QND lost in quarter-final rd  
2001-02               Regional Champions!                  Coach's name & record needed.
                           Sectional Tourney
                           Lost to Farmington 6-1
                           Farmington lost in quarter-final rd.
2011-12               Sweet 16 Finalists!                       Coach Lynn Jones
                           Regional Champions!
                           Sectional Tourney
                           Won first game.
                           Lost title game to Payson-Seymour 3-2
                           Payson-Seymour lost in state title game.     

AHS Softball & Baseball Regional Champions 2011-12
Submitted by David Crose

The AHS Lady Commando netters won a total of TWO DISTRICT and THREE REGIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS through the years. We are in need of season records of these teams as well as coaches names. If you have this or any other information regarding the volleyball program at Abingdon High School please contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net .
1974-75                   District Champions!
1981-82                   District Champions!
1984-85                   Regional Champions!
1985-86                   Regional Champions!
1996-97   20 - 9 - 2   Regional Champions!                 Coach Cindy Paulus
1998-99   20 - 12                                                         Coach Cindy Paulus
1999-00   17 - 16 - 1                                                    Coach Cindy Paulus
2000-01   14 - 18 - 3                                                    Coach Cindy Paulus
2001-02     5 - 26 - 1                                                    Coach Cindy Paulus
2002-03   12 - 19 - 5                                                    Coach Cindy Paulus
2003-04   16 - 15 - 3                                                    Coach Cindy Paulus
The Abingdon High School thinclads of the boys track team earned a total of 13 medals at the IHSA State Track Meet. In 1925 in fact, Chet Wilmoth earned a GOLD MEDAL in 880 Yard Run at the Class 'B' event! Five second place medals were earned as well, including one by Chet Wilmoth in the same event in 1924. In addition to the individual medals won, the AHS boys won District titles in two consecutive years in the early 1950s.  
1905-06         Robert Marshall  Pole Vault                       2nd Place
1921-22B       Leland Cline       1-Mile Run                      3rd Place
1922-23B       Leland Cline       440 Yard Dash                 3rd Place
                     Lee Shelton        220 Yard Low Hurdles     4th Place
                     Harold Wright     880 Yard Run                   8th Place
1923-24B       Lee Shelton        220 Yard Low Hurdles     2nd Place
                     Chet Wilmoth      880 Yard Run                  2nd Place
1924-25B       Chet Wilmoth      880 Yard Run                   STATE CHAMPION!!
1949-50         Team won District Championship!
1950-51         Team won District Championship!
1975-76A       Steve Baker         440 Yard Dash                 5th Place
1978-79A       Mike Simmert      Triple Jump                    7th Place
1980-81A       Relay Team         4 X 200 Meter                  7th Place
1983-84A       Dana Epperson    110 Meter High Hurdles   2nd Place
1987-88A       Dave Pringle        110 Meter High Hurdles  2nd Place  
A total of five medals were won by four different athletes for the girls track program. In 1977-78 Janet Turner brought home the program's only STATE CHAMPION medal by winning the Long Jump going 18' 4-1/2"! Cathy Martin won two medals for AHS in the 1982-83 state track meet.
1977-78    Janet Turner  IHSA Individual Medalist - Long Jump  STATE CHAMPION!
1982-83    Cathy Martin  IHSA Individual Medalist - Shot Put       3rd Place!
                                                                                Discus          5th Place!
1984-85    Karen Austin  IHSA Individual Medalist - 3200M Run    4th Place!
1992-93    Carla Brown   IHSA Individual Medalist - High Jump    2nd Place!
Records for the boys baseball program were only available for 1985-86 through 2011-12. During this era the Commandos had four 20-win seasons and earned a Regional title in the 2011-12 season. One player, Gary Cameron, still has the 3rd highest batting average for a season in IHSA history which he accomplished in the 1990-91 season.  
1985-86     11 - 15                                               Coach Tim Pearison
1987-88     10 - 12                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1988-89       6 - 13                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1989-90       6 - 11                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1990-91     10 - 15                                               Coach Larry Wherley
*The Commandos' Gary Cameron had 47 hits in 74 at bats this season (1991). His batting average of .635 ranks #3 all-time in IHSA history!
1991-92     11 - 11                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1992-93     11 - 7                                                 Coach Larry Wherley
1993-94       9 - 10                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1994-95     14 - 9                                                 Coach Patrick Hise
1995-96     18 - 2                                                 Coach Patrick Hise
1996-97       7 - 16                                               Coach Patrick Hise
1997-98       5 - 16                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1998-99     12 - 12                                               Coach Larry Wherley
1999-00       5 - 24                                               Coach Larry Wherley
2000-01     11 - 15                                               Coach Larry Wherley
2001-02     10 - 12                                               Coach Larry Wherley
2002-03     11 - 14                                               Coach Larry Wherley
2003-04       9 - 17                                               Coach Larry Wherley
2004-05       9 - 19                                               Coach Larry Wherley
2005-06     17 - 16                                               Coach Joe Nichols 
2006-07     18 - 16                                               Coach Joe Nichols
2007-08     16 - 17                                               Coach Joe Nichols
2008-09     22 - 10                                               Coach Joe Nichols
2009-10     20 - 15                                               Coach Joe Nichols
2010-11     21 - 10                                               Coach Joe Nichols
2011-12     25 - 12  IHSA Sweet 16 Finalist!     Coach Joe Nichols
                               IHSA Regional Champions
                               Semi-final Beat Princeville 11-1 (6 innings)
                               Title Game Beat Biggsville West Central 7-2
                               IHSA Sectional Tourney Runner-Up
                               Semi-final Beat Wethersfield 10-1
                               Title Game lost to Tremont 7-4

Abingdon HS Baseball Sweet 16 - 2011-12
Submitted by David Crose

2012-13                  (School's final season)        Coach Jeremy Pickrel

The golf program was led by one linkster who earned a medal at the IHSA State golf tournament in 1986. Todd Werder brought home a 7th Place finish! Please contact us if you have further information on the AHS boys golf program.
1986-87A       Individual Medalist - Todd Werder   7th Place 
The Lady Commandos had two players earn individual medals at IHSA state finals play. Jill Werder, in fact, earned a top ten finish in each of her four years playing at Abingdon High making her the most decorated medalist in AHS history!  Jill's top finish was THIRD PLACE in the 1985-86 season. Jill was joined at State in her senior season (1987-88) by Kristin Milligan who finished just one spot behind Jill in seventh place.  
1984-85        Jill Werder         IHSA Individual Medalist - 8th Place!
1985-86        Jill Werder         IHSA Individual Medalist - 3rd Place!
1986-87        Jill Werder         IHSA Individual Medalist - 6th Place!
1987-88        Jill Werder         IHSA Individual Medalist - 6th Place!
                   Kristin Milligan   IHSA Individual Medalist - 7th Place!
We are certain athletics were not the only form of extra-curricular activities offered at Abingdon High. A team from AHS placed eighth at Music Sweepstakes State Meet competition in the 1973-74 school year. We are confident that choir, band, and other musical opportunities were a part of campus life at AHS.
It is likely that many other clubs such as Future Farmers of America and National Honor Society were a part of the AHS experience. Please contact us if you have information regarding these activities.
Abingdon High School placed 8th in the Class B state meet competition in Music Sweepstakes in the 1973-74 school year. If you have any information on this or any other year at Abingdon High please contact us via e-mail at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net
1973-74     Class B Competition   Team Placed 8th in State!
                 Team Results
                 1.)  Harvard
                 2.)  Eureka
                 3.)  Sandwich
                 4.)  Stockton
                 5.)  Herscher
                 6.)  Nashville
                 7.)  Clifton Central
                 8.)  ABINGDON
The 2011-2012 school year was a great year for Commando sports. Many lifelong residents say that 2011-2012 was one of the most successful boys/girls sports years in Abingdon High School history. The football team made the playoffs for the first time in 9 years, the girls basketball team won a Regional title, the boys basketball team won a Regional title and made the Sweet 16, the girls softball team won a Regional title and made the Sweet 16 and the boys baseball team won the only Regional Baseball title in Abingdon's baseball history and made the Sweet 16!
...to this page regarding Abingdon High School please contact us at ihsgdwebsite@comcast.net. We are happy to add photos and any other information you feel made Abingdon High School a special place to attend and experience. You may also send items to us at the following address:
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