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IN THE BEGINNING - Where Closed High Schools Consolidated To
CLOSED HSs I-72 to I-80
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Every school on the Illinois High School Glory Days site had a beginning and ending point. The following list is to show all the Chicago schools on our site and what became of them after they closed.
With the help of folks such as Julie Satzik at the Archdiocese of Chicago's Cardinal Bernadin Archives Center, archivist Richard Seidel of the Chicago Public Schools system, educator George Fornero, historian Robert Pruter, and the 1953 dissertation about the history of secondary schools in the Archdiocese of Chicago by Sr. Mary Innocenta Montay, this list been compiled to give a sense of history of what high schools served the city of Chicago since the first school was open in 1844. Each of these schools was located inside the current city limits of Chicago, even though schools such as Englewood, Lake, and South Chicago began in suburbs that were annexed into the city by the year 1910.
Inside the city limits
(NOTE: the following schools can be found on the Former Chicago Archdiocese Schools page unless the school name is underlined.)
Acad. of Our Lady of Mt. Carmel        closed                                     closed
Acad. of Sacred Heart                        closed                                     closed
Acad. of St. Joseph                            closed                                     closed
Acad. of Holy Cross                            closed                                     closed
Acad. of Imm. Conception                   closed                                     closed
Blessed Agnes                                   closed                                     closed
DePaul High School                             closed                                     sent students to Immaculata
Holy Name                                           closed                                     closed
Holy Rosary                                        closed                                     closed
Immaculate Conception                       closed                                     closed
Lady of the Lake                                closed                                     closed
Loretto Acad. (Adams St.)                 closed                                     closed
Maria                                                  closed                                    closed
Mt. Carmel Academy                           closed                                      closed
Nativity of Our Lord                            closed                                     closed
Notre Dame Academy                         closed                                     closed
Our Lady of Lourdes (Ashland Ave.)  closed                                     closed
Our Lady of Lourdes (Keeler St.)       closed                                      closed
Our Lady of Mercy                              closed                                      closed
Our Lady of Victory                             closed                                      closed
Providence of God                              closed                                      closed
Queen of Angels                                 closed                                      closed
Sacred Heart                                      closed                                      closed
Sacred Heart of Jesus                        St. Joseph                                St. Joseph
St. Adalbert                                        closed                                      closed
St. Agnes Academy                           closed                                      closed
St. Agnes HS                                      closed                                      closed
St. Albertus                                         closed                                      closed
St. Alphonsus                                     closed                                      closed
St. Aloysius for Boys                          closed                                      closed
St. Aloysius for Girls                           closed                                      closed
St. Ambrose                                         closed                                      closed
St. Andrew                                          closed                                      closed
St. Angela                                            closed                                     closed
St. Anthony of Padua                          closed                                      closed
St. Boniface                                        closed                                     closed
St. Bridget                                           closed                                      closed
St. Catherine Academy                       changed name                         St. Catherine HS
St. Catherine HS                                 changed name                         Siena
St. Clement                                         closed                                      closed
St. Columbanus                                  closed                                       closed
St. Columbkille                                    closed                                      closed
St. Feliticas                                        closed                                       closed
St. Finbarr                                          closed                                       closed
St. Florian                                          closed                                       closed
St. Francis of Assist                          closed                                       closed
St. Francis Xavier                              closed                                       closed
St. George                                         closed                                      closed
St. Gregory                                        closed                                       closed
St. Henry                                           closed                                       closed
St. Ita                                                 St. James, St. Pat's (SE),          Mercy
                                                          St. Gabriel, pt of St. Elizabeth
St. James                                           St. Ita, St. Gabriel,                    Mercy 
                                                          St. Pat's (SE), pt of St. Elizabeth
St. John Cantius                                closed                                      closed
St. Josaphat                                      closed                                      closed
St. Joseph & St. Anne                       closed                                      closed
St. Joseph                                         closed                                      closed
St. Killian                                           closed                                       closed
St. Leo for Girls                                closed                                      closed
St. Martin                                           closed                                      closed
St. Mary of the Lake                         closed                                      closed
St. Mary Seminary                            closed                                      closed
St. Matthew/Matthias                       closed                                      closed
St. Michael Archangel                      closed                                      closed
St. Paul Select                                  closed                                      closed
St. Paul Commercial                          closed                                      closed
St. Philip Evening HS                        closed                                       closed
St. Philomena                                   closed                                      closed
St. Stanislaus                                   closed                                      closed
St. Sylvester                                    closed                                      closed
St. Viator Commercial                      closed                                      sent students to Alvernia
St. Vincent Academy                       name change                          DePaul HS
A. of Our Lady/Longwood              closed                                     closed
Academy of St. James                    closed                                     closed
Alvernia                                           closed                                     closed
Angel Guardian                               closed                                     closed
Aquinas                                           became all-girls only              Aquinas Dominican
Aquinas Catholic                             closed                                     closed
Aquinas Dominican                         Visitation                                Aquinas Catholic
Armour Academy                            Lewis Institute                        IL Institute of Tech.
Calumet                                           name change                         Prospectives
Cardinal Stritch                               closed                                     closed
Cathedral                                        closed                                     closed
Chicago Central                              split into three schools            N. Division, W. Division, S. Division
Cooley                                            name change                         Near North
Corpus Christi                                 became all-boys only             Hales Franciscan
Creiger                                           Best Practice                          Best Practice
DePaul Uni. Academy                    closed                                     closed
DePaul Uni. Loop                           closed                                     students went to Marquette Institute 
Englewood                                     closed                                     closed
English High & Man. Train.             Crane                                     Crane
Forrestville                                     King                                        King
Good Counsel                                closed                                     closed
Harrison                                         closed                                      closed
Harvard School                             St. George                              Harvard-St. George
Heart of Mary                                closed                                     closed
Hibbard                                          Roosevelt                               Roosevelt
Holy Family Academy                    closed                                     closed
Immaculata                                     closed                                     closed
Jefferson                                       name change                          Schurz
Kinzie                                             name change                          Kennedy
Lake                                               name change                          Tilden Tech
Little Flower                                   closed                                      closed
Lewis Institute                                Armour Academy                     IL Institute of Tech
Loretto (Englewood)                      Loretto (Woodlawn)                  Loretto (Woodlawn)
Loretto (Woodlawn)                        Mercy                                      Unity
Lourdes                                          closed                                     closed
Lucy Flower Technical                  closed                                     closed
Madonna                                        closed                                     closed
Manual Training                             South Side Academy               University of Chicago HS
Marquette Institute                         closed                                      closed
McKinley                                        closed                                     closed
Medill                                              closed                                     closed
Mendel Catholic                             Willibrord, Unity Catholic        St. Martin de Porres
Mercy                                            Loretto (Woodlawn)                 Unity
Mercy Mission                       closed                                      closed
Metropolitan                                  closed                                      closed
Morgan Park MA                           name changed                        Morgan Park Academy
North Division                               name changed                        Waller
Northwest Division                       name changed                        Tuley
Oxford School                              closed                                      closed
Parker                                           name changed                        Robeson
Providence                                   St. Mel                                    Providence-St. Mel
Pullman Tech                                closed                                      closed
Quigley North                               Quigley South                         Quigley Prep
Quigley Prep                                closed                                      closed
Quigley South                              Quigley North                          Quigley Prep
Rugby School                              closed                                     closed
Sacred Heart (18th St.)               closed                                      closed
Sacred Heart (May St.)               closed                                      closed
St. Agatha                                   closed                                     closed
St. Augustine                              closed                                      closed
St. Barbara                                  closed                                      closed
St. Casimir                                   name changed                         Maria
St. Constance                             name changed                         Cardinal Stritch
St. Cyril                                        name changed                         Mount Carmel
St. Dominic                                  closed                                       closed
St. Elizabeth                                closed                                       closed
St. Joseph                                   closed                                       closed
St, Louis Academy                      closed                                       closed
St. Mel                                         Providence                               Providence-St. Mel
St. Martin de Porres                    closed                                       closed
St. Mary                                       closed                                      closed
St. Mary of Perpetual Help           closed                                      closed
St. Mary of the Lake                     closed                                     closed
St. Michael (SE)                            closed                                       closed
St. Michael Central                        closed                                       closed
St. Patrick's for Girls (West)         closed                                      closed
St. Patrick's for Girls (SE)             St. Gabriel, St. Ita, St. James,   Mercy
                                                      & pt of St. Elizabeth
St. Paul                                         closed                                       closed
Sts. Peter & Paul                          closed                                       closed
St. Philip                                       closed                                       closed
St. Pius V Commerical                 closed                                      closed
St. Procopius                               closed                                       closed
St. Sebastian                               closed                                       closed
St. Stanislaus Kostka                  closed                                      closed
St. Thomas the Apostle              Unity                                         Unity Catholic
St. Xavier Academy                    name change                           Mother McAuley
Siena                                          closed                                       closed
South Division                             name change                           Phillips
South Side Academy                  Manual Training                       Chicago University HS
Tuley                                           name change                            Clemente
Unity                                            St. Thomas the Apostle             Unity Catholic
Unity Catholic                              Willibrord, Mendel Catholic       St. Martin dePorres
Visitation                                      Aquinas                                     Aquinas Catholic
Waller                                          name change                            Lincoln Park
Washburne Technical                 closed                                        closed
Weber                                         closed                                        closed
Westcott                                      name change                            Simeon
West Division                              name change                            McKinley
Willibrord                                     Unity Catholic, Mendel Cath.    St. Martin de Porres
YLS/Sacred Heart                       name change                            Woodlands Academy
Andover                                 closed                                        closed
Beleke's Academy                  closed                                        closed
Dyhenfurth Academy              closed                                       closed
Berkeley                                 closed                                        closed
Brown                                     closed                                       closed
Curtis                                      name change                            Fenger
Cutler                                     closed                                        closed
Hoyne                                    closed                                        closed
Princeton-Yale U. Academy   closed                                        closed
Skinner                                   closed                                        closed
South Side Academy             Manual                                      University HS
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