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Blue Mound - Boody High School
Blue Mound, Illinois

Rear View of Blue Mound-Boody HS

The History of Blue Mound High School
Blue Mound (population 1,129) is located on Illinois Route 48 fifteen miles southwest of Decatur. This places the city in the southwest corner of Macon County.  The Norfolk & Western Railroad cuts right through the center of town.
The origin of the town and its school system is not known by this writer. A guess would be that the high school in Blue Mound, like thousands of other Illinois towns, was established in the late 1800s, early 1900s.  The High School existed and was quite successful for several decades. 
A consolidation effort with nearby Macon High School became a reality in 1994 with the creation of Meridian High School. The high school for the new district was located in Macon.  The Blue Mound High School building is now used as the Intermediate School for the Meridian School System.
The Boody school building, once used as a grade school for the Blue Mound-Boody School District, still stands and is pictured on the Boody East Park Baptist High School page. It is now used as a private residence.
Blue Mound High School Quick Facts
Year opened:                 probably late 1800s
Year closed:                  1994
Cosolidated to:               Macon Meridian School District
School Bldg. today:        Meridian Middle School
School nickname:           the "Knights"
School colors:                Blue & White
Fight Song:                    "When the Knights Go Charging In"
                                                 Sung to When the Saints Go Marching In:
School Song:                 "On Blue Mounders"
                                                  Sung to On Wisconsin         

Blue Mound - Boody HS Gymnasium
Dick McDonald Gymnasium

Blue Mound - Boody Football & Track Field

There was an abundance of trophies and titles won at Blue Mound.  The Knights had excellent success in many sports.  They excelled especially in basketball.  The school also offered track, cross country, and volleyball.  The successes listed on the IHSA web site ( are listed below.   
Boys Basketball
The Blue Mound Knights have an extensive basketball history with seasons recorded on the IHSA web site dating back to the 1925-26 season.  The Knights earned eight Regional titles and 5 District titles!  In addition they produced two 30 game-winning seasons and twenty 20-game winning seasons!  The best seasons for the Knights follow below.
The school's gymnasium, pictured above, was named the Dick McDonald Gymnasium in honor of their Hall of Fame coach who led the Blue Mound-Boody kids for 19 years.  See coach's credentials below!  
1926-27     31 - 3    (great record)             Coach G. Gauman
1943-44     39 - 12  District Champions     Coach Ben Wabuch
1950-51     20 - 9    District Champions     Coach Howard Brown
1951-52     23 - 5    (good record)                Coach Howard Brown
1953-54     21 - 6    (good record)                Coach Howard Brown
1954-55     20 - 6    (good record)                Coach Bob Miller
1955-56     25 - 4    District Champions     Coach Bob Miller
1958-59     24 - 3    (great record)                Coach Bob Miller
1959-60     28 - 2    Regional Champions  Coach Bob Miller  
1962-63     20 - 7    (good record)                Coach Bob Miller
1963-64     24 - 3    (great record)                Coach Bob Miller
1964-65     25 - 3    District Champions      Coach Bob Miller
1965-66     21 - 8    DIstrict Champions      Coach Dick McDonald
1969-70     23 - 4    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald
1973-74     21 - 6    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald
1974-75     24 - 2    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald
1976-77     27 - 1    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald 
1977-78     26 - 1    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald
1982-83     20 - 9    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald 
1983-84     26 - 2    Regional Champions   Coach Dick McDonald
One of the best players to step foot onto the Blue Mound hardwood was a player by the name of Terry Coffman, who played during the Bob Miller era. Coffman scored a school record 54 points in a December 13, 1960 game against Mt. Auburn. Terry's incredible feat was actually accomplished in the Blue Mound Grade School gym as the "new" gym near the high school was not completed until later in 1961.
Another nice player for Blue Mound was Dave Pistorius who brings these credentials:
* Named all-conference for the Meridian Conference.
* Led the Meridian in scoring at 27.0 ppg.
* Led Blue Mound to a record of 24-2 in 1974-75  
*Bill Younger - 1980 Decatur Herald & Review All-Area team with 19.9 points per game average.
Boys Cross Country
The Knights could hoof it too.  Blue Mound X-Country boys qualified for the State Meet during three seasons, winning two District titles.
1973-74        Qualified for State Meet
1977-78        District Champions / Qualified for State Meet
1978-79        District Champions / Qualified for State Meet
Individual Placer at State Meet
1977    Mike Jackson         15th Place
1978                                   21st Place
Girls Volleyball
The Lady Knights had great success of their own qualifying for the Volleyball Sweet Sixteen on three occassions.  We are looking for the team records and coaches names if possible.
1980-81   25 - 2       IHSA Class 'A' Sweet 16!!                   Coach Barb Baker
                              (JV went 14 - 3 this year)

Blue Mound High School Volleyball Team 1980-81
Submitted by Melissa (Fox) Wright

                              Athens Invit. Tourney Champs
                              Macon County Tourney Champs
                              District Champions
                              Beat Decatur St. Teresa (15-3, 15-13)
                              Beat Warrensburg (15-4, 15-3)
                              Sectional Champions
                              Beat Shelbyville (15-12, 15-10)
                              Beat Vandalia (9-15, 15-11, 15-6)
                              Super Sectional Finalist
                              Lost to Tolono Unity (13-15, 15-6, 3-15)
                              Tolono Unity finished in 3rd Place
1982-83   33 - 2     IHSA Class 'A' Sweet 16 Finalist!!         Coach Barb Baker
                            (JV went 16 - 2 this year)

Blue Mound High School Volleyball Team 1982-83
Submitted by Melissa (Fox) Wright

                              District Champions
                              Sectional Champions
                              Sweet 16 Finalists!
1983-84    28 - 5      IHSA Class 'A' Sweet 16 Finalists!!          Coach Barb Baker
                              2nd Place Central Illinois Invite Tourn.
                              Macon County Tourney Champs
                              Regional Champions
                              Beat Illiopolis (15-3, 15-0)
                              Beat Cerro Gordo (15-9, 15-2)
                              Warrensburg (15-3, 15-1)
                              Sectional Champions
                              Beat Arcola (15-6, 15-11)
                              Beat Tolono Unity (15-8, 15-13)
                              Sweet 16 Finalists!
                              Lost to Shelbyville (7-15, 10-15)
                              Shelbyville would finish in 4th place.
Boys Track & Field 
The boys track team had several athletes bring home State Meet medals.  The Knight thinclads even won a District title as a team during the 1975-76 season.  The medal winners are listed below.
1931-32   Dean Trainer        Javeline             3rd Place
1976-77                             2 Mile Relay          3rd Place
1976-77   Mark Houser        Triple Jump        6th Place
1977-78   Mike Jackson     880 Yard Run       STATE CHAMPION!!
               David Scales       880 Yard Run     5th Place
1978-79   Mike Jackson     880 Yard Run      STATE CHAMPION!!
              Mike Jackson     330 Yard L. H.      4th Place
1980-81   Steve Williams     Triple Jump      5th Place 
Girls Track & Field  
One Lady Knight brought home some IHSA hardware as well.   
1976-77   Rachel Tucker    Discus       4th Place
1977-78   Rachel Tucker    Discus       6th Place
Great Coaches
Two basketball coaches at Blue Mound High School enjoyed a great many seasons of success on the hardwood.
Coach Bob Miller  -          Boys Basketball   1954-55  -  1964-65
                                        231 Wins - 63 losses
                                        Also Coached at Mattoon H.S.
                                        1 - Regional Championship
                                        2 - District Championships
                                        7 - 20+ game-winning seasons (11 years)
                                        Career Record of 300 wins - 143 losses
Coach Dick McDonald  -  Boys Basketball   1965-66  - 1983-84 
                                        373 Wins - 193 losses  (#172 ALL-TIME in IHSA History)
                                        7 - Regional Championships
                                        1 - District Championship
                                        8 - 20+ game-winning seasons (19 years) 
Administrators and Faculty
Gordon Eckols -  From 1960 to 1990 taught at Blue Mound High School and served as building principal from 1963 to 1990.
From Bob Marshall (Class of 1956):
"I just discovered the "Knights"website.  My family attended Blue Mound schools beginning with my parents in the early 20s.  I was last of five children to have been graduated in 1956 from Blue Mound Community Unit District 10.  I had attended country schools my first four years consolidating into Blue Mound, Stonington, Mount Aurburn, Niantic-Harristown and Boody when I was in the fifth grade.  My first three years were at my local rural school, Salem, in Christian County, one-half mile south of my rural family home.
My parents attended high school in the building in which I attended grade school.  This building burned after I left sometime in the late 50s early 60s.
My brother-in-law, Dr. Albert J. Kuhn, was one of the basketball team members that holds the record for most high school games played.  He attended 1940-44 and went on to becoming academic vice president at Ohio State. 
John W. Robinson was high school principal and superintendent when I attended and I believe former coach, industrial arts and history teacher Howard Brown. Robinson, later to become Macon County Superintendent.  This should be verified before dissimenation as should the rest of my information as memory often does not correctly reflect reality!
The basketball team during my tenure, 1952-56 also had enviable records coached by Brown and Miller. My classmates that played on these teams were Tom Little, Ron Tucker, Jimmy Powell, "Pokey" Logue and Merle Holt.  One of Miller's teams played Decatur High School (Super Sectional?) in the state finals losing only by a very few points in a game that I remember as being so close that each team traded the lead back and forth and it was only that the clock ran out that determined the winner, quite an achievement by such a small school against a much larger one, typical of midwestern basketball. 
Hope you get more information as consolidation has more or less made The Knights non-existent.  I would think pictures and records would be available of these early teams and their achievements.  I also understand extreme rebuilding is going to replace the old Blue Mound high school facility, according to a story in the Decatur Herald in June."
More Information Needed
We are looking to fill in the question marks regarding the team records, coaches names, and other great accomplishments at Blue Mound High School.  We especially seek photos of the high school building and great teams.  If you have any information you would like to share regarding Blue Mound High School please complete a School Submission Form or a Guest Commentary Form.  You may also e-mail us at or write us at:
Illinois HS Glory Days
6439 N. Neva St.
Chicago, Il.   60631

Boody School, Former Boody High School?
Now a Private Residence

Boody School Side View

Boody School Gymnasium